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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 13th day of Swimming, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 125 > Short Stories > Three Pebbles

Three Pebbles

by saneeya1000

“Why you pathetic peasant!” Princess Lexanii yelled as she tossed the soup on the floor.

     “I-I-I’m sorry your highness,” the Wocky said quickly picking up the mess.

     “I asked for mushroom soup, and you give me chicken soup! Can’t you peasants do anything right!” Lexanii yelled, now more louder than ever, “Now go get what I asked for!”

     “Of course you highness,” the Wocky said bowing, then quickly rushing out of the room.

     Lexanii snorted with disgust, then turned toward her mirror, and fondly started combing her Ixi hair. It was then that she he noticed a piece of chicken broth had fallen on her comb.

     “Eww!” she said throwing the piece off her comb, “Silly peasants! They never get anything right! And they always complain every time you raise the taxes on them! Can’t they ever just shut up and work!”

     It was a fact, Lexanii hated peasants. After all the only reason they existed was to serve the royal family, and they were pretty lousy at it. They couldn’t read, write, or talk in any formal manner. Lexanii believed that they should be stricter on peasants.

     “Just whip them, every time they do something wrong! That way they’ll listen!” she always told herself.

     “Finally!” Lexanii grabbed the bowl from the Wocky when she returned, then snarled at her, “Now get out of here! You’re lucky I haven’t decided to fire you yet!”


That night, Lexanii was strolling around the village, as she usually did, was when a peasant Lenny was walking past her.

     “Hello your majesty! Nice, cool night we have, don’t we?” the Lenny said with a smile.

     “I don’t talk to peasants,” Lexanii replied coolly. “Now if you don’t mind, why don’t you get back to sewing, cooking, or whatever you peasants do, and leave me alone!”

     “Well, that wasn’t nice,” the Lenny said shocked.

     “Well I don’t have to be nice to peasants, it’s not like they’re special or anything,” Lexanii snarled back.

     “Oh really!” the Lenny said walking menacingly closer to Lexanii, growing bigger with every step.” Lexanii gave a yelp. The Lenny was being surrounded with purple smoke. Then the smoke started to clear, and in front of her stood a Dark Faerie.

     “You have to be one of the most horrible creatures I have come across! I’ve been watching you for some time, how you’ve been treating these poor peasants. And I’ve had enough. It’s time to teach to a lesson!” the Dark Faerie said menacingly.

     “W-What are you g-g-going to d-d-do?” Lexanii said stammering as she cowered in front of a tree.

     “Oh, you’ll see,” the Dark Faerie replied with a smile, then picked up three pebbles off the ground, and tapped each one with her finger, “Hand!”


     “Give me your hand!”

     Lexanii slowly rose out her hand, and the Dark Faerie dropped the pebbles in her hand.

     “Now listen up,” the Dark Faerie snapped, “You want to keep those pebbles. Because I’ve laid a curse on you. Every month for three months, you will suffer a different punishment. Each month you will take one of those pebbles and drop it in the castle fountain, and you will get some help, not much help of course, but enough to keep you well. Now I must get going.”

     “But wait! You can’t just lay a curse on me!” Lexanii snapped.

     “Oh can’t I?” The Dark Faerie raised her wand threateningly, which sent Lexanii back cowering.

     “June starts tomorrow. You will see how it really is to be a peasant!” With that, the Dark Faerie gave a small cackle, and disappeared into thin air.

     Lexanii stared fixedly at the spot in where the Faerie had been. Surely this couldn’t be happening. Maybe the Dark Faerie was just kidding, or maybe she was dreaming? Slowly Lexanii stared back towards the castle, three pebbles still clutched in her hand.


Next morning, Lexanii woke up, and went down to the dining hall, where she saw her father, King Ormond, and her mother, Queen Retina, sitting with worried expression on their faces.

     “Hello Mother and Father, what’s wrong?” Lexanii said taking a seat. “And where’s all the food?”

     “Oh that’s the problem, dear. All the food is gone, the crops are practically destroyed, the pantry is nearly empty, and we don’t know how all this could have happened,” Retina said with a sigh.

     “Oh, that’s terrible!”

     “Yes it is,” said Ormond nodding. “Well, we’ll just have to eat in small portions now. I’ve ordered food from other villages, but I’m sure it will take too long to deliver. I think this my have happened because of some petpets, maybe Mortogs.”

     “But there’s hardly any petpets here,” Lexanii said, thinking how this could have happened, then remembered the night before.

     No surely no, she thought, the Dark Faerie really had laid a curse! Now they were going to starve!

     And so the rest of the week passed, all Lexanii ate was small slices of bread, and cheese. No turkey dinners, no fried eggs, no of anything she liked. The castle fell into despair, food seemed to be disappearing little by little everyday. The order didn’t come, and Ormond would pace nervously back to and fro everyday, and Retina would knit to pass time. Only the peasants didn’t complain, they were used to starving.

     One day Lexanii was nibbling on a small piece of bread, did she remember the three pebbles the Dark Faerie had given her. They were supposed to help somehow if you threw them in the fountain. So Lexanii went to her drawer, where she had put them, and took out one. The she went to the garden, where the fountain stood, and threw the pebble in. At first nothing happened, then a bag flew out, and nearly missed Lexanii. Lexanii wandered over to the bag, and opened it, Inside where a couple loaves of bread, some cheese, and a few apples.

     “This is it!” Lexanii said miserably, but nonetheless she took it to the kitchen.

     After days of starving, June came to an end. And Lexanii dreaded what the next month would bring.

     “Horrible Faerie!” she said to herself as she went to bed the day before July 1st.


Lexanii walked cautiously into the dining room the next day, but was incredibly delighted to see fried eggs, large loaves of bread, and large bowl of fruit laid out on the table.

     “Yes we have food again!” Ormond said with a smile, “I don’t know how but it’s back!”

     “Hey, where’s the water jug?” Lexanii inquired as she started eating.

     “Yes, where is the water jug?” Retina asked, looking around the table, “Fiona!”

     A peasant Scorchio came walking up, “Yes your highness?”

     “Where’s the water jug?” Ormond demanded.

     “Well there is no water in the lake, so the well has dried up.” “What!”

     They all rushed to the window, where the saw the lake was practically dried up. Their only source of water was gone!

     “Oh this is bad! Now I’ll have to order water, this is ridiculous!” Ormond roared.

     Lexanii knew what to do now. She rushed to her room, took a pebble, then rushed to the empty fountain, and tossed it in. This time a barrel of water appeared. Lexanii sighed; hopefully this water would help them through the month. July was a bad time to have no water. The sun was scorching hot. Lexanii’s throat was dry every minute, but she could only have little water, as most of it was needed to water the crops. Also it was hard to take baths with just a bucket-full of water. And because of the drying crops, there wasn’t many fruit to make juices from. And when the order did come, most of the water had dried up already. Finally July ended, and Lexanii went to sleep, wondering how horrible the next month would be.


Lexanii woke up the next day, and found half the stuff in her room missing.

     “What’s going on!” she yelled as she went downstairs, and found several Grarrls moving furniture, and other items out of the castle.

     Retina came up to her crying, “Well, the good news is that the water mysteriously reappeared, the bad news is that the money in the castle bank was robbed. So we’re broke!


     “It’s true dear, we must sell some of our stuff to get money.”

     “Why not raise the taxes?”

     “We did, that’s why there are peasants outside protesting, but I’m afraid raising taxes won’t help much.”

     And sure enough Lexanii heard angry yells outside. And sure enough in a few moments, she was standing in front of the fountain, which was back to flowing cheerfully. She tossed the pebble in, and a bag of Neopoints appeared.

     “5000 Neopoints! Oh well, I guess it’ll have to do,” said Lexanii looking in.

     August was on the worst months, Lexanii had suffered yet. The peasants stopped complaining eventually, after all it was just another thing they were accustomed to. But several of the castle servants quit, because they weren’t getting paid enough. And also there was yet again a shortage of food and water, this time because they couldn’t afford it. Ormond kept borrowing money the other royal families, but even that wasn’t much of help. And the castle would grow filthier every day due to the lack of maids. Finally the last day of August came, the day Lexanii had been waiting for a long time. The curse would be broken!

     As she was climbing in bed that night, the Dark Faerie appeared out of nowhere.

     “Well, I see you’ve had fun,” she said with an evil grin.

     “What do you want this time? You’ve made us go without food, water, and money. Please just me alone,” Lexanii said in a scared voice.

     “Oh, I’ll be leaving, I just wanted to know if you’ve learned your lesson yet.”

     “I have.”


     “Yes, I honestly have, and I will never mistreat peasants again.”

     “You better stick to your word then,” the Dark Faerie said as she disappeared.

     The next day was a joyful day. Ormond was prancing around, happy to have the money back, and the taxes were lowered, which nearly made the peasants prance with around also. Lexanii saw the Wocky maid when she saw her scrubbing the floor when she woke up, and went up to her and handed her a bag of money..

     “B-b-but you highness.”

     “Keep it! And have a nice day,” said Lexanii running outside with a big sack.

     The peasants were surprised to see Lexanii running up to them, and then start handing them money, food, toys, and clothes out of her sack.

     “Take it! I don’t need it!” Lexanii said gleefully.

     And so the rest of the day passed with Lexanii spending time with the peasants, they weren’t all that bad, actually they were quite interesting. Lexanii even became friends with a few of them, which pleased the Dark Faerie, who was watching from a cloud up above.

     “I think I’ve done a pretty good job with that princess,” she said to herself thoughtfully.

The End

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