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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 17th day of Swimming, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 123 > Articles > Choosing a Petpet That Fits Your Neopet’s Personality

Choosing a Petpet That Fits Your Neopet’s Personality

by l3estest

THE PETPET SHOP- Ever wondered about choosing the perfect Petpet for your Neopet? What if your Neopet doesn’t like it? Well, you won’t have to stress about this problem anymore, help is on the way!

Okay, we have to start here because SOME people give their shy JubJub a Reptillior, their lazy Skeith a Meekins, their angelic Faerie Ixi a Sludgy, those people are people that need help choosing the right petpet.

First off, what is your pet’s personality? Let’s say you have a WILD Neopet... hyper all the way, jumps on couches and breaks them, kills all the plants in the yard by accidentally stepping on them, messes up the whole house trying to do its imitation on Judge Hog, ect. The perfect Petpet for him/her would be a Pinklet. Why? Because then your Neopet would have a buddy to plan his/her evil schemes with. But if you don’t want a terrorized house, below are some other choices that *might* not be so painful… (Puppyblews, Buzzers, Pfishes, Sproings, Slorgs, Melton, or Uggatrips.)

There’s also timid Neopians, one of the most common personalities in Neopia… a shy Neopet hides behind your legs when meeting new people, talks in a tiny voice that barely anyone can hear, walks around Neopia Central constantly afraid that someone would kidnap him/her, or get scared every time you show them a picture of Adam, you have a shy Neopet... Shy Neopets = quiet and quiet = Icklesaurs! To me, Icklesaurs are the MOST adorable Petpet! I LOVE ‘EM! Anyway, if you get your timid pet a playmate like an Icklesaur, they’ll have a companion for life. Icklesaurs are also shy yet they are extremely loyal! Your pet can stroll around Neopia with its little friend by his/her side so he/her will be scared along with the Icklesaur! Icklesaurs are pretty pricey though, so here are some shy-fitting petpets that may not be AS expensive. (Warfs, Babaas, Whoots, Splykes, Baby Blus, Melvies, and Feepits.)

Now, if you have a vain or beauty conscious Neopet, someone that brushes their fur/mane every ten seconds, washes their body ten times a day, buys all sorts of make up or beauty products, is vegetarian, or hates her little brother just because he keeps stealing Usukis from her. *cough* __Melodyz__*cough* You have a vain and selfish Neopet. If you have a stuck-up Neopet like that, you don’t want to give her a Spyder of any kind… or else they’ll bug you to no end… Here is a Petpet that she/or he will enjoy and cherish. An Angelpuss. Yes, Angelpi love to look good, they love to be groomed, they are simply adorable, AND they’re fun. Your self-conceited Neopet would probably LOVE an Angelpuss. Just in case she/he doesn’t (which is basically impossible), here are some that is also strongly recommended. (Pepitos, Onas, Primellas, Flouds, Harrises, Miamice, Boweens, Faellies, Feloreenas, Snowbunnies, and Peos.)

Unlucky enough, on a bad day you went to the pound and adopted a lazy Neopet, who sits around all day on the couch, naps every minute he/she could, eats all the cakes in your refrigerator, kills every petpetpet it steps on, you have yourself a lazy Neopian. (And I suggest you don’t give it any petpetpets…) What better petpet for a lazy Neopet then a Rock? A Pet Rock is an ultimate petpet for a stubborn Neopet because, well, you don’t have to take it out to exercise! Heck, you don’t even have to feed it! It just sits there, loyal as ever, sitting there, just not moving... sitting… *snores* If somehow your Neopet doesn’t like its Rock (or even know if it exists) here are more choices. (Snorkles, Phnards, Slugawoos, Airaxes, Ownows, Khnums, and Ganuthors.)

Foolishness is also another common personality, which is why I’m writing about it. Well, not necessary foolish, but forgetful, simple-minded, or dull. It gets confused with Aishas and Wockies, he/she forgets things every few seconds, it doesn’t get jokes until two days later, or if she thinks Adam is good looking (joking…), you got yourself a dense pet. One petpet I strongly suggest for a blockheaded Neopet is an N-4 Information Retrieval Bot. Why such a smart petpet with such a simple-minded Neopet? Well, part of the reason is, if your pet is seriously simple-minded, the N-4 Information Retrieval Bot could help him/her do schoolwork, homework, and stuff like that. At least then Mrs. Owen won’t scold your poor Neopet! If that isn’t the best choice for you, here are more good companions. (Spardels, Pinklets, Neotraks, Bowlas, Frillabons, Cubetts, and Horuses)

Okay, okay. I know a lot of Neopians have these types of pets, tough and mean pets. Battledome masters, beats up little weak newbies or nerds, bullies other Neopets at Neoschool, and causes trouble around the neighborhood, you’ve adopted a rude and strong Neopet. Strong pets are very good at the Battledome, so the petpet that I choose for it needs to be good in the Battledome, too! The petpet breed I choose is... Drackonacks! Yes, these are tough little Petpets that is bullying type of breed. Imagine all the wonders your Neopet can do with this little guy! If you’re not satisfied with this choice, here are some more... (Sutekhs, Spyders, Cobralls, Tigermice, Gruslens, Niptors, Reptilliors, Magtiles, and Ownows.)

Okay, last but certainly not least, we have our evil scheme planners, who is extremely obsessed with Dr. Sloth, hates heroes whatsoever, plans a revenge plan every time he/she is defeated, there, you have the evil Neopet. Well, what petpet would want an owner that’s wicked? Plenty, you will find out. One perfect example is the... Tenna. Yes, Tenna, the Petpet you can throw and always come back to you. Why is Tenna a good choice, you may ask. Well, Tennas (in my opinion) looks like a smaller version of Dr. Sloth, and without the body. Every time your Neopet looks at your Tenna, its mind wonders to the great Dr. Sloth, which shows its little mind confidence that Dr. Sloth has, to not give up. And hopefully they won’t. If you don’t like the Tenna, here are more vile-petpets you can give. (Spyders, Tigermice, Pinklets, Flightning Bugs, N-4 Information Retrieval Bots, Psimouses, Drackonacks, and Horuses)

Skimming over my article, you probably noticed that I didn’t add anything about the color of the Neopet. Well, colors are pretty easy. Basically, Faerie Neopets tend to like Faerie Petpets or a kind of petpet that matches their colorings, same with mystery island, baby Neopets will probably like Petpets that are more cute and cuddly, ect. The reason I’m not going to do another article about it is because, well, what if you have a Faerie Neopet that loves to battle, a Mutant Neopet that is vain, a Halloween Neopet that is shy, ect. I can’t help you with that! So, let's just say that it’s the personality that matters...

I hope you learned something through my article... at least now you won’t have such a hard time choosing the right petpet for your Neopet! Hopefully, I also gave you a list of personalities to give to your Neopet. Now, about those jokes about Adam... please don’t hurt me...

Author’s Note: Thanks to the members of the NTWF for helping me review this article. Special thanks to 6_moonlight_6, for helping me proofread it! Comments and suggestions will be loved and cherished. As for rude notes, they go in the dump (meaning x3Sunnyx3’s room ^_^)

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