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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 17th day of Swimming, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 123 > Articles > A Neopian's Guide to Spoiled Pets

A Neopian's Guide to Spoiled Pets

by x0malice0x

PET CENTRAL - What's that? Oh, I think it's your pet Usul screaming for you to get her another tube of pink lipstick. "But that's the seventh tube this week!" you think. Oh, and what's that? It's your Uni demanding the finest gourmet food. But you don't have enough Neopoints! It's always tough to have spoiled pets, especially if you don't have more then about 200,000 Neopoints. If this is what your Neohome sounds like on a regular basis, this is the guide for you.

The first tip to the care of your pets is from the start, don't spoil them at all. With the help of my siblings and friends, I have tested to see which Neopets get spoiled and bored easily the quickest. Aishas and Usuls are up there, but the top suspect is a Uni. Believe it or not, when I was playing with both a male and female Uni, it only took three toys and they told me they were bored and I should buy something else. In most other species, including the Usul, MALES are the ones that spoil quicker, unless you give the female make-up early on. When you get a new pet, here are some rules to follow for the first few weeks. Some may seem cruel, but in reality, they are not. They are important to follow, so here they are:

    1. Only play with your pet one to three times a day.
    2. Only read your pet one book a day.
    3. Try not to feed your pet any gourmet foods, but if you must, do it only once a week. And please, don't feed your pet dessert before dinner. Actually, it's good not to serve dessert at all.
    4. Avoid all grooming items except plain old soap, which you should only use every three days or four days.
    5. Don't paint your pets until they are a week old.
    6. Don't give your pet a petpet until they are about a few weeks old and you know they are responsible.

This will keep your pets happy as well as not spoiled, because after a week of getting used to you not giving them too much, they will be very happy to get a treat once in a while. Uh-oh, but what if your pet is already spoiled? Here is how to tell:

    1. Whenever you play with your pet, it either demands more toys or complains all of the other pets have more toys than it.
    2. Whenever you feed your pet something like an omelette or jelly it snarls in disgust and demands [Insert 1 million Neopoint food item here].
    3. Hates your Neohome in Neopia and is always complaining that you should move to Faerieland.
    4. Whenever you read it a book, it says "More…. more….I need more books. Buy me more books!!!"
    5. Whenever you go shopping you always get dragged into Usukiland or the Toy Store and spend about 10,000 Neopoints.
    6. You have spent over 50,000 Neopoints on one pet alone.

If any of these apply to you or your pet, your pet is probably spoiled. To un-spoil your pet, it requires a series of steps. It's tough, but at least it's not tough financially. ;-)

Step 1: Be Assertive
If you don't want your pet to be spoiled, you must teach respect to your pet first. And to teach respect, you must be assertive. Sure, that super-expensive Ona is cute, but sometimes you have to learn to say no. Also, the next time your pet throws a temper tantrum in the middle of a stranger's shop because you won't buy the rainbow paint brush, consider punishing them. And let them know that. Say something that is assertive, but not necessarily mean. "Shut it or no dinner for you!!!" is wrong. Try, "Honey, now if you don't stop throwing a tantrum, I won't let you play with your favorite Faerie Snowglobe for a week." And if they push the limit, make sure you go through with the punishment.

Step 2: Toys Aren't Necessary
Don't spend a beautiful day inside playing with Usukis! Your pet can have fun other ways. Take your pet to another world such as Mystery Island or Meridell, or try playing games with your pet. Don't bother buying your pet 50,000 NP plushies when all they really need is one or two toys to last the rainy days with.

Step 3: The RIGHT Dinner
When you come home and meet your pets to feed them for dinner, you don't want them begging for some insanely high priced food, plus you don't want to have to go out to the store and buy it. So prepare for dinner early. The perfect meal is quite simple, really. All you need is some regular food, but nothing gourmet, unless your pet isn't spoiled and is part of the gourmet club, and nothing like berries, omelettes, or jelly. Also, dessert every night is definitely not a great idea, but don't be afraid to serve dessert say, once a week.

Step 4: A Healthy Home
So you've recently purchased your own Neohome, or you are just considering redecorating. Good idea, because a lot of your pet's attitude is reflected off where it lives. Give your pet a nice, cozy room, not made out of anything like gold or cloud, and get some nice furniture, but nothing too expensive. Also, make sure all of your pets have similar rooms if you have more than one. I mean, don't give one pet a plain old wood bedroom, and another a jelly bedroom. This can make one of your pets conceited and the others feel bad.

Step 5: You Greedy, Greedy Pet
So, your pet has forty plushies, thirteen Usukis, nineteen unread books, and twenty-nine grooming items. AHHH! Here's a tip: have a yard sale and sell them! Only keep about three of each, five at the most. Your pet doesn't need all that stuff, silly! Once they get used to having only a few things, they'll be delighted.

Step 6: Budget, Baby!
I know it sounds tough, but have a budget for each pet, and keep track of it. Say to yourself, I am going to only spend up to 2,000 Neopoints on each pet per week. Start at 2,000, and as your time on Neopets goes on you will find spending only 2,000 won't be a challenge anymore, so lower it to 1,000. Soon you will have saved even more Neopoints than you can think and your pets will definitely not be as spoiled.

Step 7: Repeat, Repeat, Repeat
Keep going through this process over and over and your pets will not only be incredibly humble, they will be incredibly giving, too. Remember that one time when you caught them trying to shoplift from the Health Food Shop? Well, next time it will be you catching them donating a lot of your Neopoints to the Money Tree.

I hope I have helped you, and good luck un-spoiling your pet! Please send me feedback on if me tips helped you or not, and how your pet is now. ;-)

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