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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 13th day of Swimming, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 123 > New Series > The Return of the Terrible Two: Part One

The Return of the Terrible Two: Part One

by bqueen6430

The spring blossoms bloomed everywhere in the beautiful garden, surrounding the shy girl Cybunny and the handsome boy Lupe. The two of them made a fantastic pair, sitting together, laughing and talking in the sunshine. The world was absolutely perfect. Nothing else mattered. The Cybunny smiled, not wanting this bliss to ever end--

     But it did.

     "Tia!" Mrs. Owens shouted angrily. She took her ruler and rapped it so hard on Tia's desk that the ruler snapped in half.

     Tia flinched. "Sorry." As she slid down in her chair, the Blue Cybunny's face became ruby red.

     "It won't happen again," Mrs. Owens hissed menacingly. It was a command, not a request.

     "Right." Tia wished she had the ability to turn invisible. Glancing at her best friend, Holly, the Christmas Wocky was a mistake. Holly scribbled a note, and when Mrs. Owens had turned to the chalk board to write the difference between adjectives and adverbs, Holly folded the note into a paper airplane and threw it expertly across the room, as she had done so many times already. Air mail was the only way for the two friends to communicate during Mrs. Owens' class.

     Hastily, Tia unfolded the note. Holly's neat, easily readable cursive penmanship said: You were daydreaming about Nick again, weren't you! You've got to stop that! You're going to get detention soon!

     Tia rolled her eyes. Holly was always so practical and realistic. It was rather exasperating sometimes. Snatching a pen from inside her cluttered desk, Tia scrawled below Holly's handwriting: So what if I was? It's more interesting than this. What's an adverb anyway?

     As soon as Mrs. Owens spun around to write more notes on the board for the class to copy, Tia refolded the note and sailed it into Holly's open paws.

     Now it was Holly's turn to roll her eyes. She replied: Stop using that Wobbly Pen. I can hardly read your writing! And by the way, you'd know what an adverb was if you'd stop daydreaming.

     Catching this note as it flew her way, Tia opened it and scowled. Her frown deepened when Mrs. Owens asked them to compose a list of two hundred adverbs and two hundred adjectives. What was an adjective? As she raised her hand to ask, the paper airplane slid to the floor -- right at Mrs. Owens' feet.

     She grabbed it and, glaring at Tia, scanned the paper.



Later in detention, while she was writing a 300-word essay about passing notes in class, Tia's mind drifted back to the spring garden. Oh, if only it were real, she thought wistfully.

     Holly, also in detention, gave her friend a stern look, and went back to her essay.

     When the bell finally rang, the two of them scampered to their lockers, strategically avoiding Mrs. Owens.

     "Last bell, finally!" Tia hollered ecstatically. She lowered her voice when several classmates turned to stare.

     "Calm yourself," Holly said, stacking her books neatly and putting them one by one into her backpack.

     Tia grabbed her books and jammed them into her patched and frayed pack. "Mrs. Owens is such an old hag," she remarked. "I'd be surprised if she's not related to Edna, that hideous witch in the Haunted Woods."

     "I beg your pardon, Tia?"

     Tia whirled around and found herself facing Mrs. Owens. She suddenly became extremely pale.

     Detention. Again.

     "So what IS an adjective?" Tia asked Holly. The two of them where sprawled on Tia's bedroom floor, doing their homework together, as usual.

     "It's a word that describes a noun," Holly replied evenly. She was half finished with her list already.

     Tia was confused. "But what's a noun?"

     Holly sighed.

     "Hey, don't sigh!" Tia moaned. "I'm not completely hopeless."

     "Well, maybe not completely."

     "Holly!" Tia rapped her friend playfully on the head with her English textbook.

     "Well, you wouldn't be at all hopeless if you'd listen in class! Were you daydreaming about you and Nick again?"

     Tia blushed slightly and replied, "Yes. We were in a garden. It was beautiful. I just wish - IwishthatNickwouldaskmetothedance," she finished without pausing for breath.

     "Come again?" Holly questioned. "Could you repeat yourself, and in Neopian this time?"

     "I said I wish that Nick would ask me to the dance. You know, the dance coming up on Friday. I can't wait!"

     Holly raised her eyebrows. "Well, why not ask him yourself?"

     "No! I'd be SO embarrassed. He knows what an awful babysitting job I did with Tommy and Tamara."

     Tommy and Tamara, twin pets, were (or used to be), a Baby Gelert and also a Baby Usul, owned by Tia's neighbor, Christine. Tia had agreed to babysit them one Sunday and regretted it. Tommy and Tamara were an enormous handful, always getting into mischief. That day had ended with Tia accidentally adding Chia Flour to the cookies she made them - resulting in two twin Chias and one furious Christine.

     "Well, so what if he knows?" Holly responded, jolting Tia out of her reverie. "He did smile at you, yesterday in Simple Spelling, remember?"

     Tia flushed at the thought. Nick -- the good-looking Lupe from her class, the one that was plastered on every tiny piece of Tia's walls -- had actually smiled at her. She had treasured that moment. Beaming at her favorite poster in her bedroom, the one that featured her in a wedding gown and Nick in a tuxedo beside her, she said, "Maybe I could be Mrs. Nick Lupe for a night. If I ask him."

     Holly rolled her eyes at the Mrs. Nick Lupe poster. "Any normal pet would have Usukicon posters in their room, or maybe one of their favorite band, but not my friend. She's so obsessed with Nick that there are approximately fifty of him looking at me right now."

     "I'm not obsessed!" Tia said indignantly. Then, glancing around her room, she admitted, "Okay, I'm obsessed. But I can't ask him! It'd turn bright red, and I wouldn't be able to speak properly. I'd melt into the floor and then ask it to swallow me."

     "Fine, but don't moan about it to me when someone else asks him first."


To her total astonishment, the next day at Neoschool, Nick strolled over to her locker. Tia was so surprised that she dropped all her books, and stooped to pick them up. Mentally she scolded herself. That was exactly what she'd done at her last encounter with him.

     "H-hi," she stammered breathlessly.

     "What's up?" he said.

     "N-nothing," Tia stuttered. Say something! she ordered herself. Anything! Better yet, ask him to the dance! Ask him! Ask him! ASK!

     Tia didn't ask -- but Nick did.

     "Yo, Tia, how wouldja like to come to the dance with me this Friday?"

     Tia opened her mouth to answer, but all that came out was a squeak.

     Holly, who was busy gathering her books came to Tia's rescue by saying, "She'd be honored."

     Tia nodded vigorously. "Y-yes, I would," she managed to say.

     "Awesome!" Nick said, giving Tia an enthusiastic high 5.

     Tia rejoiced silently as he sauntered away.


"I'm going to the dance, with the coolest Lupe in school!" Tia sang gleefully to Holly on their way home after school.

"That's good news," Holly answered briskly, then muttered, "too bad he's all looks and no brains."

     Tia didn't hear her. She pictured herself and Nick dancing together, perfectly in sync. Tapping her foot and humming to the imaginary music caused Holly to stare at her. Then Tia thought of something.

     "But what will I wear?"

     "Something nice."


     Holly pondered the question. "Well, I'm going with Louis, that nice Kougra that sits in front of me in Early Neopian History." Holly's eyes became brighter and her voice had a dreamy quality, much unlike the practical, efficient way she usually spoke. "Louis is so smart, and he's funny, too. He's-" She caught herself. "I think I'll wear the red dress that I wore for the choir concert last year."

     Tia gazed out the window, lost in thought. Then, as if her mental light bulb had suddenly been flicked on, she had an idea. "There's a really great navy blue dress that has sparkly sequins at the Clothing Store in Neopia Central. I'd love to have it."

     "How much is it?"

     "Oh, not that much. It's only 15,000 NP," Tia said casually with an easy grin.

     "15,000 NP?!?!?" Holly exclaimed. Sensibly she said, "Tia, there's no way your owner is going to buy you a 15,000 NP dress."

     Tia's smile faded. "You're right. I do have 8000 NP saved up though, from helping out at Funshine Farm."

     Funshine Farm was the Day Care locally owned and operated by Tia and her owner. It had been established a few years ago for young pets whose owners worked in their shops and older siblings went to Neoschool all day. Because Tia's family was quite poor, Funshine Farm was their best source - and usually only source - of Neopoints.

     Holly glanced at her friend. "Okay, then you need 7000 NP more, in case you didn't know that because you where daydreaming in Basic Mathematics today. More to the point, how are you going to earn all that?"

     "Well… I could babysit again."

     "Babysit?" Holly repeated incredulously. "After the reputation you earned yourself around your neighborhood, I doubt anyone will ask you to babysit."

     Tia didn't retort, and she couldn't deny it. It was true. "Well… I'll think of something," she finished lamely.

To be continued....

AUTHOR'S NOTE: If you never read my first series, The Terrible Two, then you may want to, because this is the sequel. The first series, The Terrible Two, can be found under New Series in the 87th Issue of The Neopian Times, or, simply click here.

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