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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 16th day of Eating, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 122 > Continuing Series > Gelert's Pride: Part Two

Gelert's Pride: Part Two

by softcouch

The duo didn't even have enough money to ride a Uni. Unfortunately, neither of them had any friends to take them to their new home, so the two had to walk. Luckily, Merridell is really close to Neopia so it was not a tremendous amount of walking. Finally after what had seemed hours, Ashley, MysticDream, and Diamond arrived at their new home.

     Ashley glanced down at the paper, which she had written the address of their new home on. "Well, this looks like our new home, honey." She patted her Gelert's head sweetly. "204390 Chia Close, Neopia Central." It was a house made out of sticks, straw, and mud, but it still was a place to live. "Do you have the key, Mystic?" Mystic reached into a pocket of her luggage and pulled out a blunt bronze key. Ashley placed the key into the keyhole and pushed open the door. It was a fairly nice home; two bedrooms, a kitchen, living room, two bathrooms, and even a smallish backyard. "Okay, Mystic, you can choose your room. I'll go out to the game corner and try to scrape together some food for tonight. Tomorrow, I'll go see if I can get a part-time job at the Plushie Factory." And with that, she kissed Mystic and headed out the door. Mystic turned her head to see her Kadoatie jumping up to the windowsill.

     "I guess I have to start unpacking," Mystic said with a sigh of sadness. Just as she was about to unpack her bag, the doorbell rang. Who could that be? thought Mystic. She opened the door to see a sweet-looking, yellow female Gelert holding a homemade apple pie. "Hello, you've reached the Losers' Residence, how may I help you?" Mystic said sarcastically. The Gelert giggled and handed the pie to Mystic; she was obviously younger than Mystic.

     "What a silly last name!" the Gelert said.

     "What do you want already?" Mystic snarled.

     "I'm saying hello!" the Gelert smiled.

     "Well... who are you?"

     "My name's SunShine22454, but you can call me Sunshine. What would be your name?"

     "The name's MysticDream. But please, call me Mystic."

     "That's a pretty name!"


     "I couldn't help noticing that you're new here. I live just across the street!" Sunshine smiled. She raised her head and spotted Mystic's unpacked bags. "I see you're unpacking, do you want some help?"

     Mystic got a shocked expression on her face. "You want to help me? Well, yeah, sure, okay. I guess you could help." Mystic stepped aside from the door so that Sunshine get in. Wow, no one has helped me before with anything! Mystic thought, surprised at the Gelert. Not a second later, she heard a tremendous gasp from where Sunshine was. Mystic raced to the yellow Gelert, her heart pounding. "What's going on? Is everything okay?" Mystic asked, gasping for air.

     Sunshine giggled. "Of course everything's okay! I just saw your cute little Kadoatie!" She rubbed Diamond's tummy. "You know, I have a petpet, as well! My owner had to scrape together all her Neopoints, after all, we are only Newbies." Sunshine whistled and in bounced a chirpy little Anubis. He nuzzled SunShine's leg affectionately. "This is my Anubis, Aladdin."

     Mystic knelt on the floor and patted the cute petpet's furry head. "What about Diamond? Won't she be scared of Aladdin?" Mystic inquired, realizing that her petpet was a feline and Sunshine's was canine. "Well... there's only one way to find out!" SunShine smiled, and picked up Aladdin. She placed him on the floor in front of Diamond. The two looked at each other and then.... they became friends.

     "I got an idea!" Sunshine exclaimed. "Why don't I introduce my family, and you can introduce yours!"

     "That sounds like a good idea!" Mystic picked up Diamond, as Sunshine tied a piece of old, worn out string to the collar of Aladdin. Mystic locked the door behind them as they came out of the house, and went across the street. Sunshine swung open the door of her straw, sticks, and mud house.

     "Aqua, Zambie, Melody, I'm here! I want you to meet someone!" Sunshine called out. In a blink of an eye, three figures appeared. Two of them stepped forth; one was a female blue Peophin, and the other was a female yellow Acara. They both looked very sweet, just like Sunshine "Mystic, I want you to meet my family! The Peophin is my sister Aqua5862322 or Aqua. The yellow Acara is my sister Zambie0099 or Zambie."

     "Hello," Mystic said, shaking paw with paw and hoof.

     "I do have another sibling; Paris889985 or Paris. He's my only brother; a male red Eyrie. He's in the hospital right now and suffering from the NeoBlues. We don't have enough money to buy him a Tasty Pie, and he's getting weaker and weaker everyday." Zambie, Aqua, and Sunshine all got very sad and looked at the ground, their ears drooping. Just then Sunshine remembered something. "Oh yeah I almost forgot about someone else!" She glanced around the room. "Zam, do you know where Melody is?" Then came a giggling voice and out stepped a girl with honey-brown hair, and brown eyes. She patted Sunshine, Zambie, and Aqua on the heads.

     "Well, I see you've found yourself a new friend, eh Sunny?" The girl exclaimed.

     "Melody, this is MysticDream or just Mystic for short. Mystic, this is my owner, Melody."

     "Hi Mystic!" Melody said. "Do you have an owner?" Mystic shook her head up and down. "I'd like to meet her. Is she out?" Mystic's head shook up and down again. "Well, tell her to come over and visit when she has the chance!" Melody smiled.

     "C'mon Sunshine, let's go to my house," Mystic said tugging Sunshine's arm.

     When they arrived at Mystic's house, Ashley was home. "I see you're home, sweetie. Who's your new friend?" Ashley asked, noticing Sunshine

     "This is Sunshine, Ash. She lives across the street. Sunshine, this is my owner, Ashley, you can call her Ash if you want." Mystic casually told the chirpy yellow Gelert. Mystic turned her head to face her owner again. "Oh, and just for the records, Sunshine and I are just neighbors."

     "My owner Melody wants to meet you, Ash!" Sunshine said smiling.

     "Okay, I'll go there now," Ashley said as she headed for the door. Just then she stopped, turned around, and looked at Mystic. "Oh Mystic, I forgot to tell you there's some omelette in the fridge if you get hungry. Also the Tombola Man gave me some prunes. And when I was in 'Jelly World', I grabbed some Strawberry Jelly; I know you like strawberries!" She left the house and headed across the street.

     The two Gelerts sat in the living room irresolute for a couple of minutes before they finally spoke. "So, do you want to be friends, Mystic?" Sunshine inquired, holding out her paw. Mystic was about to grab it, when the wind of pride took her over.

     "No, I do not! Listen, the only reason I'm in this dump is because my owner was robbed! I used to have millions of Neopoints, butlers, a fancy castle, a heart shaped bed, everything!"

     Sunshine stepped back, shocked. "I'm so sorry, Mystic! I never realized you had such a pampered life! If you don't want to be friends, that's okay. But if you ever do, just come visit across the street!" Sunshine was not hurt at all. In fact, she remained her old, happy self.

     Ashley came home that night and found Mystic sitting at the table slowly gnawing as if in disgust at a piece of cheese omelette. "How do you like Sunshine, Mystic? I think she's awfully nice, and same with her owner."

     Mystic raised her head and looked at Ashley. "She's such a goody-goody," she said sarcastically while staring hard at her Omelette. Ashley sat down next to her pet, and put her arm over her shoulder.

     "Mystic, she's nice and is not spoiled like you." Mystic put down the Omelette and looked at the floor.

     "She asked me if I wanted to be friends! I can't believe her! Why would I want to be friends with a peasant?"

     "Mystic, Sunshine is not a peasant. And you can't even say that about her considering we are now broke. Think it over Mystic; you need to go to bed now." Mystic sighed and headed off to her bed of straw. She pulled a patched blanket over her, still thinking about her neighbor.

     She woke up to the sound of birds chirping. She yawned and looked out the window. There was Sunshine with a pack on her back. Mystic glanced over at the clock; it was 6 am! What was Sunshine doing at 6 am? Mystic thought. She stepped outside and put her hands on her hips. "And what exactly are you doing?" Sunshine stopped walking and turned to face the cloud Gelert.

     "Oh hi Mystic! I didn't know you woke up this early, too! I'm on my way to help out the Soup Faerie feed pets! And if she has extra soup, she always gives it to me! She's so nice!"

     Mystic rolled her eyes. "Yeah and…?"

     Sunshine walked up to Mystic and handed her a worn out backpack, much like her own. "I want you to come with me."

     Mystic snorted. "Yeah right, like I'm going to go to some place and get my paws dirty just to feed-"

     She was then interrupted by Ashley, who had overheard the conversation. "-and she'd love to Sunshine!"

     Mystic swung her head to look at her owner. "Are you crazy?! What has happened to you, Ash? You're not the person I used to know!"

     Ashley gave a stern look at her cloud Gelert. "Listen, we'll talk about this later! If you don't go, you can say goodbye to Diamond!" Without a moments' hesitation, Mystic quickly agreed and ran to her room and pulled out a couple of Neopoints. She waved goodbye to Ashley as she and Sunshine strolled down the street.

     Finally, the Gelerts had arrived at the Soup Kitchen. There was a long line going out from the building and all the way down the hill. Mystic could hardly believe that some people (and pets) woke up this early just to get fed for free!! Sunshine and Mystic ambled up to the top of the hill and into the kitchen. There stood the Soup Faerie feeding a young blue Zafara some soup. The Soup Faerie quickly saw the two incoming Gelerts and waved her hand to greet them. Sunshine waved back while Mystic just stood there sulking. Sunshine waltzed up to a coat rack where some aprons hung. She grabbed two and flung one over to Mystic. Mystic dragged over to the pot and began to feed the incoming pets.

     After what had seemed hours, the Soup Faerie dismissed the two and handed them each a big bowl full of steaming hot chicken soup. Sunshine waved to her Faerie friend as she and Mystic marched out of the building.

     "Now what?" Mystic asked Sunshine "Are we going to do anymore boring things?"

     Sunshine shook her head at Mystic. "No silly! This is the best part! This is the one day of the week I get to go shopping!" Mystic suddenly perked up at the sound of 'shopping'.

     "Did you say shopping? Now you're speaking my language! Where are we going to go? The Really Posh Palace? Eu De Gelert?"

     "Nope, none of those! We're going to… Bargain Mill Outlet!!" Mystic nearly fainted at the sound of those three 'horrible' words. "BARGAIN MILL OUTLET?!?! That's one of those el-cheapo stores! I'd never be caught DEAD there!! I'd rather eat my head than go into there! And think, what if somebody SEES me?!"

     "It isn't bad! Let's go!" Sunshine tugged Mystic into the 'cheap' store.

To be continued...

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