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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 16th day of Eating, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 122 > Articles > The Definitive Petpet's Guide to Surviving the Neoschool Year

The Definitive Petpet's Guide to Surviving the Neoschool Year

by laurenzoren

IN THE MIND OF A PETPET - With the anticipated arrival of Neoschools, petpets around Neopia are becoming increasingly worried. If pets start spending their days behind the closed doors of a Neoschool, what's a petpet to do all day? Anxious petpets are abuzz as they sign petitions, make phone calls, and organize protests and sit-ins try to convince the Neopets Team to forget about Neoschools -- but it seems to be of no use. Between the escalating demand for school supplies in Neopia Central and the hoards of Neopets thirsting for knowledge, the imminent arrival of schools simply can not be stopped!

After spending hours racking my own brain and interviewing a multitude of other petpets, I have uncovered countless worries that seem to be haunting petpet minds far and wide. Many petpets fret that pets will make new friends and no longer have time for their little pals; others worry that their pet friend will be lonely at school all day without their beloved petpet! Some petpets dread the boredom of long days without a friend to play with, and yet others can not stand the thought of being left at home with their pet's baby brothers and sisters! And of course, there remains that unmentionable fear -- the terror of all terrors -- the worry that pets will become so preoccupied with the rigors of school that we petpets will no longer get the love, care and attention we need to thrive!

But fear not, petpets of Neopia! Though I am but a steadfast green pet rock, I come bearing hope! Like you, I have spent many long hours worrying, but I have finally reached the light : we, too, can make the best out of Neoschools! That's right -- no longer must the first day of school be dreaded like getting a Neezles Jab, because there are actually innumerable wonderful ways that we can spend our pet-free days. Don't get me wrong -- I'll miss my Techo more than Filamen miss Maraqua, but that doesn't mean that I can't make the most of my new-found freedom!

Now I know what you're thinking -- this Rock is crazy! How does he expect me to get by without my pet for a whole day, much less every day? But read on, ye doubting petpets, for beyond this sentence lies the Definitive Petpet's Guide to Surviving the Neoschool Year!!

I know, petpetpets are hard to come by, and to be honest, the word "petpetpet" is a little daunting in itself. But you would be surprised what good company these little critters can be! My personal favorites are the hairy little bug known as Mootix and the fast, cheery petpetpet called Cooty. These faithful little friends are so dependent on you that they actually live on your body! Sounds gross, yes, but never again will you have to worry about being lonely! They love playing games, reading stories, sneaking up on baby pets -- basically, doing everything you love to do!! And really, it is not as hard to find a petpetpet as people think. If you're small like I am, all you need do is head down to Meridell Acres Farm on a rainy day and wriggle around between the thick crops until a petpetpet crawls under you to keep dry -- and next thing you know, you have a new friend!

What do you mean, you don't have a paintbrush -- you don't need one! Surely you know that the petpet puddle is THE place to see and be seen! Not only is it full of colorful petpets for you to meet and greet, but it gives you a chance to mingle with the elite petpets of Neopia who can afford such luxuries as petpet paintbrushes! Just imagine how many friends you will make after a morning mingling at the puddle: you'll practically be the most popular petpet in Neopia, even if you're still just a plain ol' color like me! Who needs their own Plushie Petpet Paint Brush when they are already friends with a plushie Meowclops and a pair of plushie Noils? I know I don't!

Nothing will have you interacting with other petpets faster than a job at your favorite Neopian business! Whether it's shelving keyrings at the Toy Shop where petpets come to browse their favorite trinkets, or painting nails at the grooming parlor where glamorous petpets come to gossip and giggle, you're sure to meet tons of new petpets while earning a few Neopoints at the same time! And if worse comes to worst, you can always take a trip over to the Faerieland Employment Agency, where some nice Faeries are sure to keep you busy hunting down items for a healthy reward. Not so good with the Shop Wiz? How about taste-testing -- I've heard that the bakery is always looking for little critters like us to test bite-sized portions of their delicacies…!

Now, you know as well as I do that there's something hiding on the other side of that globe! But now that our Neopets will be spending their time learning Chemistry and studying the Neopedia, it is up to us to discover new terrain! We shall map uncharted territories, cross vast seas, meet exotic creatures, and finally uncover one of the greatest mysteries of Neopia! Be brave, petpets -- remember, fear nothing but the great Turmaculus and heed nothing but your own heart (well, and maybe your pet. But he's at school, remember?)

Nothing makes those long days go by like hours spend collecting rare neggs, practicing your favorite game, reading mystery books, solving jigsaw puzzles… sound lonely? I bet you won't think so after you get the new high score on Meerca Chase and have been named Most Brilliant Petpet in Neopia! Just imagine that shiny statue in your trophy case -- imagine how proud your pet will be! Or you could become a chat fiend and spend your days chatting away on the Neo Boards, meeting and greeting without a care in the world! In fact, I even have a Babaa friend who has recently become a stock market guru (don't tell anyone, but sometimes even Nigel needs a little help from us petpets!)

So you see, we really have nothing to worry about! Sure, we will all miss our pet friends, but let's face it -- we'll be reaping the benefits of our free time, and best of all, we won't even have to do homework! So bring a friend, head on down to the puddle, and start mingling -- I'll see you there!

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