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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 15th day of Swimming, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 116 > Articles > Can't Afford It? Improvise!

Can't Afford It? Improvise!

by cebu_that_meows

Hidden Tower- There are many expensive things in Neopia, especially in the Hidden Tower. These items can cost anywhere from 100,000 to 12 million Neopoints! Many people dream of owning these items, but it can take a while to save up to buy them, especially if you have around the same amount of Neopoints as I do... *cough*poor!*cough*. So that is why nice, sweet little me decided to make a guide so you can make these items yourself using a few easily purchased and inexpensive materials! I’ll include tips for making your own paintbrushes, and hidden tower items too. Let’s begin!

Even though invisible paintbrushes are relatively cheap (roughly 40k), some people, like me for instance, are tightwads. So I have decided to include not one -- but TWO tips for you! Aren't I nice?

Okay, this first tip only works if you have a Kacheek. Buy a Kacheek Inviso-Cloth and put it on your Kacheek. He will now be invisible. Next, you have to find a way to keep the cloth on him so it will look like he is painted invisible (kind of an oxymoron, isn't it?). This job would be a lot easier if tape, glue, or staples existed in Neopia *cough*. So find a piece of string, bunch up part of the cloth, and tie the string around it. What's that you say? There's no string in Neopia? Well, then you can... ummm... hey, figure it out yourself! I can't do everything for you!

The other way to make it look like you have an invisible pet requires no effort, and no materials that do not yet exist in Neopia *coughs again*. This one doesn't even require a pet! Simply go out to Neopia Central, and turn to your side and converse with the air. If anyone asks, or looks at you like you are nuttier than Adam on a normal webcam day, explain that you are talking to your invisible Zafara, and he is mad at you and won't talk back. Also, if you have other pets, I’d let them on in your little charade, or they might get confused and start wondering if they secretly have a brother or sister and will be looking behind their backs where ever they go and will be all paranoid and won’t even sleep because they will be up late at night wondering, thinking...

*Cough* Okay... moving on...

If you are a true plushie collector, there is one plushie you have to have: the Jelly Chia. This is very very expensive, costing 1.5 million Neopoints! But I have a way where you will only have to spend about 2,500 Neopoints. To do this, simply buy some (around four or five) things made out of jelly. Squish them all together until they are one big sticky pile. Mold the pile in the shape of the Jelly Chia, and then paint it with Sparkly Blue Paint. It will look just the authentic Jelly Chia Plushie, only sparkly! Which in some ways is even better, right?

My next tip is for painting your pet fire. Fire is a very hot color these days (get it? Hot? Huh? Get it?) But the price for a "Fire, Fire, Your Pants On Fire Paint Brush" is pretty steep (around 200,000 NP!) A way to get nearly the same effect as the paint brush is to walk up to the nearest passing Scorchio and ask him to breathe on you. As everyone knows, Scorchios breathe out fire. This should scorch your pet, and leave behind burn marks for that sizzling effect, and your pet MAY look like it is painted fire. If not, I’d suggest going to the hospital. Very very soon!

Another popular color is Faerie. But since the Faerie Paint Brush was recently retired from the Hidden Tower, the price for it has nearly doubled! So for this one, go to someone’s shop and buy a Bottled Light Faerie. Take it home, and keep the Faerie hostage. Act completely insane and scary. Say that you will only release her if she makes your pet Faerie. Prove that you are crazy by eating Dung Jelly and running around the livingroom of your NeoHome chasing your “tail”. If she refuses, hold up a Light Faerie Pen and break it, while laughing manically.

If that still doesn’t work, or you don’t want to be in danger of being arrested by the Chia police for Faerie abuse, you can simply make wings for your pet. Buy some Usuki Pens, and draw large, Faerie like wings inside a Plain Yellow Notebook. Cut them out using Quiggle Scissors, and tape them to your pet. Oh, yeah, there’s no tape. Okay, then glue the win- oh, no glue either. Who the heck is writing this article!? Fire them! They should never work in Neopia again! They should be chased by a pack of wild Moehogs! Wait... ummm... scratch that...

And here is yet another tip for a paint brush, this time the starry one. Everyone loves the starry paint brush! But they DO cost around 120,000 Neopoints, so here’s how you can make one: Buy an ordinary blue paint brush and a few novas. Stick the novas on the paintbrush, and the stickiness of the paint should keep them there. Paint your pet, and it will look exactly like you used a Starry Paint Brush, only lumpier! And the “stars” might glow a little bit.

Here’s one that I know a lot of my friends are obsessing over: the White Weewoo! This one also has two ways that you can do it. The first one is to buy about fifty cartons of Kau Kau Farm Milk and a gigantic bowl from Osiris’s Pottery. Pour all the milk into the bowl, and then put in your Weewoo. Demand that he stay in the bowl for at least a few hours. By the time you take him out, his feathers should have absorbed the color! The only negative effect of this is that after a few days, your Weewoo will start to go sour.

Your other White Weewoo option requires a trip to the Gallery of Evil. I would recommend leaving your pet at home for this! Take the petpet to the Gallery of Evil. Escort him through the whole thing, and have him see all of the Neopets/creatures in there. Twice. This will scare him so much he will completely lose the color in his feathers and turn white with fright! (Hey, that rhymes!) The only negative effect from now on is that your Weewoo will always be scared and paranoid, and he may start sleeping with a rainbow gun under his pillow!

Well, that’s it for me! Thanks for reading this article about a crazy weirdo babbling about nothing! Hope to see you again!

*Author’s note- Please, please don’t try any of these! All of these tips are completely made up, and should not, in any way, be experimented with! Also, if you have any questions/comments, feel free to Neomail me! I would like to dedicate the White Weewoo tips to all my friends at The Neopian Times Writer’s Forum! Thanks again!*

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