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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 22nd day of Swimming, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 116 > Short Stories > A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed

A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed

by one_two_three456

The first time I saw her, I couldn't care less about her. She was just an ugly, plain green Tuskaninny. I mean, the first time she even walked in the class, she tripped over a desk! Everybody suddenly realized that she was new to the school, and they started laughing at her. She looked so funny as she struggled to lift herself from the ground; I guess she couldn't do it herself because the teacher had to come and help her. That triggered a hooting from the class, and I felt free to join them. Just then, the teacher looked up at the class.

     "Class, please mind your manners. This is Khoralle and she's new to this school! Please make her feel welcome and comfortable in this class. You all remember when you were new to school, don't you? All…" the teacher started.

     "All afraid and alone, we know!" groaned the whole class, as they had heard this speech a dozen times before. Just then, Khoralle sat down in the oversized black chair that everybody had abandoned in the beginning of the year.

     "Now, my group of petite Neopets," the teacher teased her class jokingly, "We need someone to show Khoralle around the school! It is a rather large school, and we can't expect her to learn her way around just by herself! Now we just need a volunteer." She flashed the class her 'Somebody Had Better Volunteer or Else' smile and was a little disappointed and angry when she saw that nobody raised their paw.

     "All right then, I'm just going to have to choose myself. Hmmm…" she said ominously as she browsed the class with her challenging eyes, as she was a Kyrii. "Ah, yes," she finally said as her eyes locked onto mine. "Brounee, I expect you to show Khoralle around the school for the following week."

     I felt a sigh of relief all around me and a look of sarcastic sorrow from my friends. I knew that they were happy that they weren't chosen to show the klutzy Tuskaninny around. I sank low into my chair. At that moment, Khoralle tapped me on the shoulder from behind me and smiled, showing her gigantic, pointy teeth. That made me sink even lower.

     Recess came quick, and before I knew it, I was standing with Khoralle in the hallway. She must've thought I was her best friend or something because she tried to link arms with me. I made a fast reaction and pulled my arm away from her arm, which was a mere flipper.

     I sighed impatiently before I said, "Here's the girl's bathroom. That's basically all you need to know; we'll be going to the gym this afternoon for playtime, so you don't need to be shown all the way around there. Let's go outside so that you can get familiar with the playground."

     She followed me outside with a huge grin on her face. I hate to say it, but her constant shine of happiness was bringing down my rainbow. In other words, I felt sort of annoyed when she was feeling like she was on Cloud Number Nine.

     I showed her all around the school playground and then onto the gravel and grass field. There was really nothing at all to show her, but she seemed like she was really interested. And what's more, the grin was stuck on her face like duct tape was holding it in place. I don't know why that annoyed me, but it just did.

     "Brounee!" I heard a voice shout behind me. "I looked back and saw Teriannah (a pink Meerca), Purblee (a beautiful striped Acara), Spiralical (a plain, yet beautifully groomed red Kau) and Mixissy (an attractive cloud Poogle) run towards me." I was surprised to see them, and instantly started to head their way. Of course, Khoralle followed. I rolled my eyes at my friends and looked her way. They all giggled.

     "So Brounee!" said Mixissy mischievously. The other girls and I caught on. "I hear that you have to do that project? Remember? We forgot to monitor, uh, pine needles! You know how winter rolls around and trees lose their leaves and… needles!"

     Khoralle interrupted as she waddled into the big circle of girls. "You forgot something! Pine trees don't lose their needles! Only the kind of trees with leaves do!"

     Mixissy widened her eyes with surprise. "Oh? Well then, why don't we just play a game of tag? That's the tradition for us popular girls," she said with a little bit of arrogance in her voice, although this time we didn't mind it.

     "Tag! You're it," exclaimed Teriannah as we all ran away from Khoralle. She quickly put a huge grin on her face again and tried to waddle towards us, but she fell again during her attempt.

     "You guys have to play without me… I can't run. Or fly," she mentioned as she looked my way, me being a Faerie Shoyru.

     "Great, this is even better," I heard Purblee mumble to Teriannah and Spiralical with a smirk on her face.

     "Sit over there," Spiralical said as she pointed towards a bench that was up the hill. Khoralle obviously looked disappointed in herself and sat down on the bench by herself, following the marks in the bench. When she looked away, us five girls got together in a circle and started talking about Khoralle.

     "She's so ugly and fat…" Purblee said with an air of disgust. All of us nodded in agreement.

     "Who would want to be with her?" Mixissy said jokingly. The others laughed and I did too, but not as loud.

     "Well, anyway, did you guys read the newest edition of The Neopian Times? I loved the comic strips. They had totally awesome graphics," I said, hoping to change the subject.

"Yeah, I know!" agreed Purblee and Mixissy in unison.

     "They just keep on getting better and better every time…" praised Teriannah. Finally, Khoralle was totally forgotten about and The Neopian Times became our subject for the time. But where was Khoralle?

     We walked back inside after recess was over and found Khoralle sitting at her desk. We barely even took a glance at her and started to talk about what we wanted for our birthdays, when the husky, green Tuskaninny walked up and tapped me and Purblee on the shoulder at the same time.

     "Hi!" she greeted us with a bouncy and cheerful grin. "I'm having a party, and I want you guys to come! I could only invite five friends, so you guys seemed like the perfect Neopets!"

     I opened the invitation with caution and pulled out the card. You're Invited! It said. I read on… Khoralle is having a party in NeoMania this Saturday afternoon! We'll have all day passes and ride on every single ride! Please RSVP at ____

     "You're having a party in NeoMania!?" I exclaimed. NeoMania was only the biggest, most thrilling adventure park in all of Neopia!

     "Yup! Do you guys want to come?" she asked.

     "Yes!" we all said at the same time. This time, we all wore a grin on our faces that were stuck on like duct tape, and nothing could take them off.

     When I got home, I asked my owner Twentiful if I could go to NeoMania on Saturday.

     "I haven't heard about this girl 'Khoralle' before," she said suspiciously.

     "Oh, that's because she's new," I said quickly.

     "But wouldn't you be rushing back home to tell me?" she said doubtfully. "Or do you just want to go to her party because it's in NeoMania?"

     I hesitated before talking, and then I answered back. I told her the whole story about how it all got started, and she listened with great interest. When I was done, she didn't seem surprised and flopped down on our furry sofa. I was the only one who was surprised at her reaction and questioned her.

     "Aren't you going to tell me what to do?"

     "No, you're old enough to figure it out yourself. Tell me if you're still going to go by tomorrow; until then try to decide what's right," she replied and turned on the CD player. She pressed the play button on the remote control and M*YNCI started playing.

     I collapsed onto the red bean bag chair next to me and set my head down through the whole CD, thinking about what Twentiful had said. It made total sense to me, and it got me thinking. I didn't consider her as a friend, but then again, she considered me as a friend. I think that it would really disappoint her if I didn't go, so I told my owner. She agreed with me and gave me the Neopoints needed to purchase an all day pass. I immediately phoned Purblee and asked her if she was going.

     "Hi, Purblee! You know Khoralle's party? Are you going?" I asked, rushing for an answer.

     "Yeah, I'm going. She would probably be sad if we didn't go, and NeoMania ROCKS!" she exclaimed.

     "That was exactly what I was thinking! Did you tell her already?"

     "Yes, and she seemed super happy. Like she always does…" said Purblee.

     I giggled and said, "Mixissy is acting like Khoralle is her ultimate enemy!"

     Purblee laughed before she said, "Okay, well, I've got to go. Doubllel (which is Purblee's owner) is having a party at our house. She's inviting all of her Neofriends over here, and they're going to bring their Neopets. It's going to be really crowded in here!"

     "Okay then. Bye Purblee, have fun!" I said.

     "Oh, yeah, thanks…" she said sarcastically as we both hung up. ***

     The next day was only a half day at school. This gave us only a meager recess to talk and play, but yet we were so grateful that there was only half as much schoolwork to do. School was boring as ever; first we had a math test which lasted for a whole hour, and then the teacher started droning on about how important punctuation was.

     I didn't really listen to her speech because I already knew about punctuation, so instead I drew what I thought NeoMania was going to look like. I drew a huge neon sign that said the words 'NeoMania', and the whole theme park was painted electric. The roller coaster was HUGE! It was 500 feet tall, it had 17 loop-the-loops, and there were lots of places where the roller coaster climbed up a hill and then flew down it. The whole ride lasted, in total, five minutes! Next to it was the food court, where a peach Chia was handing out free mini doughnuts, and he let us have 70 packs each! Yes, that would be the perfect trip to NeoMania… we'd just have to see.

     When the recess bell finally rang, Spiralical lifted a new shiny red ball which was perfect for playing with. She quickly put it underneath her arm and headed for the playground. When we got outside, she arranged us into a sort-of pentagonal shape, and she started to bounce it. She passed it to Mixissy; Mixissy passed it to Spiralical; Spiralical to me; me to Purblee; Purblee to Teriannah, and so on. When Purblee passed it to Teriannah, she threw it up too high in the air and Teriannah couldn't catch it. So Teriannah chased after the ball, but instead found Khoralle.

     Khoralle picked up the red ball and asked Teriannah, "Can I play?"

     Just then, Spiralical ran to Teriannah and Khoralle. We followed her to see what would happen.

     "Don't touch my ball, you freak!" screeched Spiralical. We could see the tears in Khoralle's eyes as she handed the ball back to Spiralical. Spiralical dusted the ball off and turned away, muttering something to Mixissy.

     "It's okay, Khoralle…" apologized Purblee.

     "Yeah, she's just being mean," mumbled Teriannah.

     "I'm sorry if you guys don't like me… I could just go away. Forget my party," Khoralle said, obviously pained.

     "No! We'd love to go to your party… Spiralical was just being mean. I'm sure she'll apologize soon," I comforted.

     "No, that's okay," she said quietly as she walked away, hanging her head and dragging her feet.

     "C'mon, we've got to do something about this," I said to the two of them. They nodded in agreement and marched with me to Spiralical and Mixissy.

     "Why did you do that?" I demanded.

     "What? She touched my ball… who knows, maybe there's spit on it," retorted Spiralical.

     "But that was MEAN! You should go and apologize… she even considered not having a party in NeoMania because of that!" screamed Purblee.

     "So? Who wants to go to her stupid party, anyway?" said Spiralical in a stuck-up voice.

     "Whatever. You're really mean, Spiralical. It's either you start acting nicer, or you're going to lose us," Teriannah said, looking for support.

     "Yeah!" me and Purblee said in unison. Suddenly, Mixissy stood on our side and agreed with us too. Spiralical's jaw dropped open and her eyes were wide as saucers.

     "Fine…" she said after a moment. "I'll go say sorry."

     She marched over to Khoralle who was all the way across the field, tapped her on the shoulder, and muttered an apology to her. We expected Khoralle's eyes to light up, but instead, they stayed the same and she barely even looked up. We heard her mutter an acceptance of the apology, and then she trudged away. Spiralical turned away and walked towards us, looking satisfied.

     "There, I said sorry. Now, who wants to play tag?" she said. We all forgot what she said and ran towards Khoralle.

     "You want to play ball?" I asked her. Her eyes lit up and that cheered us all up dramatically, but then she hung her head again and muttered,

     "No thanks."

     I looked at Spiralical with a look of 'It's Your Turn'. She recognized that look and walked up to Khoralle.

     "Look, I'm sorry. I never meant it… I'm just being really mean. I'm so sorry, could you forgive me?" Spiralical said, this time actually meaning it. "Let's go play ball. Come on, you can't say sad forever!"

     Khoralle looked up and a smile slowly stretched across her face. "Sure" she said.

     "Yea!" we cheered. Spiralical passed it to Khoralle, and this went on for the rest of the recess. When the bell rang for us to come in, Spiralical linked arms with Khoralle.

     "Friends forever!" said Spiralical.

     Khoralle looked a little surprised and said, "Yeah, friends forever." Then we all linked arms and marched up the stairs to our class room.

The End

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