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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 16th day of Eating, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 112 > Articles > The Latest Conspiracy Theory

The Latest Conspiracy Theory

by kidz_stuff

MYSTERY ISLAND - Panic has spread across the world of Neopia due to the recent kidnappings that have taken place in Mystery island and the sudden activity in the Volcano that has long be a landmark for the island.

Many different rumours and accusations have started to spread around, it seems that some Neopians want to justify their fear by saying that such tyrants like Doctor Sloth or Lord Darigan are coming back to reek havoc on one of the most loved locations for tourists. Other Neopians seem to believe that a new villain is at large, one stronger and more powerful then any other ever faced.

After carefully considering all theories and looking at the evidence this reporter is convinced that it is not entirely the work of some super villain. Instead, I would like the put forth a claim that it is actually a species of pets that are behind this current event, along with the help of some other mysterious powers.

To prove this fact I started out to explore the scenes of all the different kidnappings. The evidence I found of foul play surprised me no end.

1) The Island Mystic (a Kyrii) was kidnapped.

2) The Island Faerie was kidnapped

3) Mystery Island Tour Guide was kidnapped (not a known species)

4) The Tombola Man (also unknown)

5) The Techo Master

This alone was no evidence to anything. Except that a large variety of species were being kidnapped. The only interesting piece of evidence collected from that was that there were two kidnappers; at least the footprints suggest that that is a correct statement. Also the direction the kidnappers headed was north from the training school.

Another interesting point was that a Kougra has taken over the Tiki Tak shop that was usually run by the Tombola Man.

Then I started to explore what species were left, and everything became a little clearer.

1) Techo Tropical Food shopkeeper (I honestly think he should take every protection or he won't survive much longer)

2) The Haiku Keeper who is a Kougra

3) Mumbo Pango's personal Chef (flotsam) and the great Mange Pango himself (If anyone manages to kidnap him they would have to be very, very strong)

4) Finally the Kougra who runs the Maraquan Refugee Petpets

I was shocked at my last location because I could have sworn I saw the Island Faerie in a fish bowl before the shopkeeper hurriedly stood in front of the bowls and asked in a sweet but firm voice that I could leave so he could take a break short break to restock.

At first I thought it mustn't be her, she would have had to shrink for that to be possible. The more I though about it though the more I realised that anything was plausible in this situation.

So pulling all these facts together it seems that Kougras are at the bottom of this issue, not one Kougra has been kidnapped, and one has seemed to take it upon himself to guard the Tiki Tak.

This confused me more though because why would a sweet Kougra ever want to hurt anyone. All I had ever been told about Kougras were that they were a sweet species, so I decided to research some articles about them. After looking into the Neodaq I found some interesting information about the Kougras personality.

- It is even believed by some that Kougras can bring their owners good luck. However, if angered Kougras have been known to be ferocious and tireless combatants.

This piece of information convinced me that two strong Kougras could indeed carry out these horrendous feets of kidnapping, even of the training master. The only problem with that conclusion was that firstly Kougras would not act so strangely on there own for no reason, and secondly the burn marks left in the training hall left me with questions.

I went back over the information I had so far and tried to make another link, and presto I found one while thinking about the Rock Pool incident.

What if it wasn't the Kougras fault that all this was happening? What if another power was controlling them? One power so evil that it would stop at nothing, even manipulating innocent Neopets into evil, but what power could be great enough to do this? Could the legend of the Volcano be at work, does Mango Pango have a sibling trapped with great power? It is possible but why the sudden emergence of its powers. No there had to be someone else, someone who could release the power of this strange creature and set all the Kougras against the other inhabitants of the island.

So what great power had recently been released into Neopia, that wasn't there before. The only two things new to Neopia was the Darigan Citadel that was no longer a threat and the whirlpool over Maraquan drying up.

I went to Maraquan looking for a link and while looking though the rubble I saw her, the most beautiful but deadly looking statue of a Faerie with a glowing lava red pendant around her neck. I stood in awe at the realism of it, I couldn't stop looking at her and the pendant, I felt mesmerised. Who was she? What happened to turn her to stone?

It took me an hour to leave her, the mysterious beauty was intoxicating, and it is now this reporter's belief that nothing evil is going on here.

I think all the worried Neopians should all come and look into the statues eyes, and you to will feel better about this whole incident. Thinking that something evil is going on is rubbish, I am sure all the inhabitants on Mystery Island just went for a holiday.

Now if you excuse me I must end this article because I want to go back to basking in the presence of that mysterious yet exhilarating statue.

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