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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 14th day of Eating, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 112 > Short Stories > The Boredom of an Airax

The Boredom of an Airax

by vampyera

A bored Airax looked moodily out of the rain streaked window as thunder boomed overhead. With a depressive sigh, he rested his pointed head down upon the sill. Aerodactylis hated stormy days; they were boring and wet. And he hated water almost as much as his owner loved it. What was worse, there was no one but himself at home. Saphires at the Battledome, Silvermoon at the Magic Shop, Vampera doing whatever she does, and his Aquaria playing in the rain with the other Petpets. He could think of nothing to do but perch on a sofa's armrest and fall into a miserable stupor (which he did, by the way).

     As he felt his brain going numb, he heard something. Nah, must've been my imagination... or was it? I could've sworn it sounded like clicking, he mused, slowly turning his head around. Nothing. Just my luck. Why oh why do these days always have to be so dull? Why, I'd even- But something interrupted his musing. There was something crawling up the sofa, but he couldn't tell what it was. Yet.

     "Hey, who's there?"

     Silence. And then a long, skinny, hairy black leg pulled itself over the sofa cushion. Then another. Of course, the first thing that came to Aerodactylis's mind was Spyder. And he was deathly afraid of Spyders -- especially those awful hairy ones with huge pincers and poisonous fangs. And of course, that is what just crawled up on the sofa.

     "GWAAAAAAAAAA!" he screamed.

      Actually, it was a strange cross between a scream and a shriek, but I suppose you get the picture. He did an amazing leap with that shriek, nearly touching the ceiling. The Spyder just sat on the sofa, curing it's legs into an odd cross-legged position, calmly watching Aerodactylis with it's eight gleaming eyes. Aerodactylis was far from calm, though. He was scared out of his wits screaming bloody murder.

     The Spyder sighed (or at least what could pass for a sigh), and shot several threads of silk at the crazed Airax, twining the threads together with surprising skill and speed. With his wings tied to his sides, Aerodactylis plunged toward the hard wood (not to mention cold) floor. With a thud, he hit the floor; and became unconscious.

     When he awoke around ten minutes later, he raised his head and felt a a throbbing bump on the back of his head, and was lying on the sofa. Where am I... I hit the floor. But Why would I go and smash my head in the first place? he thought. And the more he thought, the more he remembered.

     Wait -- now I remember... a gigantic Spyder tried to eat me. I wonder where it went?

     Aerodactylis looked around on the sofa, but didn't see the Spyder. But that didn't mean it couldn't see him. Thinking this he went back to sleep, lulled by the pouring rain.


The Spyder was thinking to herself. She was used to dealing with Petpets much like this Airax. All of them the same, never realizing that she wanted to help them. But no, the brainless things always assume that she wants to eat 'em. So that meant she has to tread slowly and take her time. The Spyder crawled out from behind a small table and clung on a side of the sofa, making sure that when this Airax woke up he couldn't see her. Then she started talking very softly.

     "Hey you, Airax. Wake up."

     It didn't have much of an effect, so she tried again. But louder.

     "Wake up, Airax!"

     This worked like a charm. The Airax's eyes shot open and he looked around.

     "Who's there?" he asked, looking around.

     "A friend. What's your name, Petpet?"

     "Aerodactylis. Who are you?"

     "I will show you, if you promise not to go ballistic"

     "Okay. But what?-"

     But his breath caught in his throat when he saw the creepy Spyder crawl over the armrest.

     "I'm Rehsinup; but I'm sure you would rather call me Resi. Don't be afraid of me, okay? I'm not going to eat you."

     Aerodactylis couldn't believe his ears (do Airaxes even have ears?), and stared at the Spyder. Could this be someone's idea of a joke? Probably. A very sick joke that only someone with a malicious sense of humor would do. Why, he was so sure that someone was behind this that he didn't notice that the Spyder was still talking.

     "And so, I have been sent-"

     There! The grim thing even admitted that someone sent it. Probably a blue Krawk. A crazed blue Krawk that sent a Airax eating Spyder that talks to eat up a poor little Airax that just wanted to watch the rain while falling in a stupor. Life is so unfair.

     And as Aerodactylis was thinking to himself, the Spyder kept talking. Until they both stopped and stared at each other.

     "When will you eat me?"

     "I never even wanted to eat you! Didn't you hear a thing I said?!"

     "Ah... no. Not really. Why did you come?"

     "I was sent by the TGOFPWTHOWTAEB"

     "The what?!" "The Guild of Petpets That Want To Help Others When They Are Extremely Bored"

     "Oh. So you were sent to help me?"

     "Yes. I know what it's like being stuck in a boring house with nothing to do, so I came over to play."

     Aerodactylis was dazed by that. He had no idea that Spyders actually played, let alone get bored. So he asked, "What would you want to do? Play NeoQuest or something?"

     "No, I was thinking more along the lines of a board game like Invasion of Meridell."

     They played that for an hour (Resi being the Darigans), and then they played some NeoQuest. After that they played tag, then dumped toy buckets, then they went and "organized" Saphires' weapons, tried brewing a few potions in Silvermoon's room, and much, much more. After several hours, Resi said she had to leave.

     "But why? We're having so much fun!"

     "Sorry Dactylis, but I must go. Bye."

     And with that, she scurried out a crack in the wall and was gone. Aerodactylis sighed. Now he was going to be bored again. But then he heard the door open, and saw a large Electric Kougress walk in the house, water dripping off every hair. But when Saphires walked into her room, Aerodactylis realized too late what was coming...


The End

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