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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 13th day of Swimming, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 110 > Continuing Series > The Wings of a Faerie: Part Four

The Wings of a Faerie: Part Four

by laurensama

After a while, Nadriella slowed down, finally out of breath. The air Faerie wiped her eyes dry and looked down at her companion, who had never left her side.

     “Celalith what are we to do?” Nadriella hugged her blue furred friend. The Gelert laid her head on the Faerie’s shoulder and sighed.

     ”I don’t know Nadriella, but at least we’ll be together, right?” Celalith added hopefully. Nadriella nodded and straightened up, looking around the hallway.

     “Well, perhaps we should go and get our things out of the room, Celalith, and start heading for… well… I’m sure, but we’ll figure it out,” She smiled at her friend. Her companion looked around the walls with a confused face.

     “Sounds good… but how do we get back to the room?” Celalith asked. Nadriella opened her mouth to answer, but realized that she did not know where she was either. The halls were completely unfamiliar to either of them, and they had no idea which door they had entered in, or which door to leave in.

     “I don’t know, I’ve never been in this part of the academy,” Nadriella said, voicing what both were thinking.

     “That is because this is not part of the academy,” explained a softy voice behind them. The pair jumped as a pair of purple eyes peered down upon the saddened pair. “The academy and palace are connected, but no one really ventures through the halls long enough to find these passages…”

     “Queen Fyora!” Nadriella yelped, quickly brushing the tears off her face and launching into a respectful curtsey. Fyora quickly shook her head.

     “Please, you really do not need to show such formalities, Nadriella,” Fyora answered. The Faerie and Gelert looked at each other and then the queen, nodding simultaneously.

     Fyora gave a great sigh and focused her purple eyes upon the two once again.

     “I have heard about the council’s decision…” Fyora said in a what would be casual manner. The effect of these words was instant; Nadriella looked down at the floor in sadness while Celalith‘s fur stood on end as she growled at a wall.

     “It’s not your fault, Queen Fyora,” Nadriella answered, looking down at the floor so that the queen could now see the tears welling up in her eyes once again. “I mean, the council’s job is to decide what’s best for each Faerie because they are both wise and powerful… so I really have no place to defy them…”

     “Those who have both power and age can still be as foolish as those who have neither of the two… such as the council is,” Fyora interrupted. Something in her voice lingered when she said those words, a sort of anger and power that Nadriella never heard in anyone’s voice before.

     “The council did not decide upon your skills or experience, they did it because many feel you carry the awful burden very much similar to our wingless sisters,” Fyora explained.

     Of course, Nadriella thought. How could she have thought that even having magic or the skills necessary to pass the test would, or could, mask her awful shriveling wings on her back…

     Celalith turned from the Queen of the faeries to her own Faerie Between the two was an awful understanding, but Celalith didn’t understand…

     “Wa-wait,” Celalith interjected, holding up her paws. “They rejected Nadriella because of her wings? I don’t get it! What a really dumb thing to do!”

     “They don’t want me, Celalith,” Nadriella said. Her voice was that of forced control and calm, giving it even more the impression that she was burning and bursting with rage and anger. “They feel that those without proper wings are unsightly and bad luck. That I shouldn’t be around pets or faeries because my appearance would bring them awful cursed life…”

     But she could no longer continue, for the sadness was too much and she began to cry. Celalith’s eyes bulged as she ran to her Faerie, pressing her face into Nadriella’s hand in an attempt to console her. Fyora watched the display, her eyes sharing all the pain of the air Faerie’s, but a kind of cold distance as well.

     “You make it sound as if the world is over, my dear Nadriella,” Fyora said. Nadriella’s cries ceased as she looked up, no longer caring if she looked weak or improper in front of the queen before her.

     “S-sound? It really should sound as if my life is over! After all I’m not a true Faerie and no one will accept me anywhere! I don’t see what about my life isn’t over and decided!” She cried angrily, displaying a bitterness she never felt before.

     “Though I do hate to say this… well perhaps I don’t really, both of those statements of yours were incorrect,” The Faerie queen said in a matter-of-factly tone. Nadriella and Celalith stared at their queen, confused once again. Fyora gave a bit of a superior chuckle, her smile becoming broad and open.

     “Though most of our old-fashioned sisters feel that those whose wings are not as big or beautiful as the others, I feel that it is not your wings nor power that determine anything, but your persistence and strength of heart,” The Faerie Queen smiled down at the small air Faerie, who continued to stare in mild confusion at her.

     “Therefore, I, Fyora, Queen of Faeries which dwell on Neopia as well as regions beyond overturn the councils decision and hereby decree that your role, Nadriella, Faerie of the element air, are to become aid to the high council of faeries…that is of course if you wish to,” Fyora asked with a grin. The Faerie and Gelert started in utter disbelief. A position such as this was only acquired after years of service as a quest Faerie, followed by a long stint as an assistant to a guardian Faerie and even then, you were lucky if you were even thought of being able to handle such a job.

     “Queen Fyora, this job… it’s far more than I deserve, and you never saw how I can perform or…” Fyora put up a delicate hand, quickly ending Nadriella’s stuttering.

     “Really Nadriella, it’s improper to argue with the decision of your superiors. I thought you of all faeries should know that,” She added with a look of laughter in her violet eyes. “And to answer your belief that you are not powerful enough let me tell you this then. Faeries are rarely bound to pets for the simple reason that the link between both is so emotionally draining that some cannot take it. The bond dissolves if the two cannot accept each other, leaving both in a less than desirable state.

     ”But you maintained this bond, even as young as you are! Only those of extreme purity of heart, courage, and a certain magical ability can maintain the link between Neopet and Faerie,” Fyora explained. These words were inspiring to Nadriella, but sparked something within Celalith’s mind…

     “You!” she said, pointing at the queen. Fyora turned and looked at the Gelert, an expression of mild surprise on her delicate face.

     “Hey, you were the Faerie lady who told me to go to Nadriella!” Celalith said, slowly gaining a startlingly realization. Fyora smiled and shrugged.

     “Naturally,” she said simply.

     “You?” asked Nadriella. “But, how could you? You need the Faerie to be present when they are bound to a pet and I know I certainly wasn’t present at any sort of ceremony in which…” Once again Fyora held up her hand, silencing Nadriella’s verbal thoughts.

     “You were not, that much I admit. However, the day that I was your teacher, upon your desk you let a hair. It may not seem like something extremely importantly to you, but only something belonging to the Faerie needs to be present during the ceremony. Of course, the ceremony itself is amazingly simply, so it was not that difficult to have Celalith bound to you,” Fyora looked at each of the pair in turn as she explained this, beaming with pride and warmth.

     “But, why would you give me such an honor? At the time I could barley cast a spell, no one liked me, and I wasn’t even a real Faerie” The air Faerie looked away form Fyora as she laid a hand on Celalith’s fur.

     ”Nadriella, you didn’t understand at the time, and it appears you still do not. A Faerie is not determined by their rank, element, power, or even if they have wings or not. Faeries are made or broken by the strength of their hearts and wills. I have heard tales of many Grey Faeries who had their wings removed by dark ones, and suffered for hundred of years in ways far worse than you care to hear. But their hearts remained pure, and they gained new wings and new names despite the trials and hardships because they were strong! Not because they had wings or anything of the sort!”

     ”Few faeries, if any, understand such things. They believe that a Faerie must be beautiful and have wings, and because they fall victim to these false beliefs some loose their power later on as their hearts becoming impure and false.” Fyora explain pointedly. Celalith rose a confused eyebrow and stared impudently at the queen.

     “What does that hafta do with Nadriella?” Celalith snorted, growing weary of the Queen’s cryptic messages.

     ”Nadriella was one of those, whom I spoke of, believing that a Faerie was made from the outside and not the inside. Because of that her power began to wane and loose its strength. If you notice, you wings may have begun to droop and sag even more, compliments of your attitude that you are not a true Faerie,” Fyora finished, quietly pointing to Nadriella’s wings. As she began to think about it more and more, it was making sense, like a jigsaw puzzle that finally started to come into place.

     “S-so… you gave me Celalith so that I would have someone to talk to…and someone to believe in me so that I would realize that I really am a Faerie?” Nadriella speculated aloud, slowly putting the remaining pieces together. The purple Faerie gave a mysterious smile and nodded.

     ”Correct. I believe your magic has greatly improved with Celalith around as well. One day, your wings will begin to feed off the magic which is now growing greatly inside you. Who knows, perhaps one day they will become full and beautiful and you may be able to fly,” Fyora nodded. Nadriella smiled, but it wasn’t necessary to have the ability to flit and fly among the clouds. Thought she would like to be a normal Faerie and have joined her sisters who were now most likely celebrating in their dorms about their assignments, a life without Celalith by her side would have been a lonely one indeed. She would no sooner fly among the clouds if it meant that her best friend, the one who saved her from a life she dare not think about had to stay upon the ground alone.

     “Now, if you’ll come with me, Nadriella, the elemental council has some matters upon which to discuss and we will need you there to record the minutes if you would be so kind,” Fyora inclined her head in politeness and started to march down the hall. Nadriella and Celalith looked at each other, their expression indiscernible to the other. Suddenly, however, the Faerie and Gelert broke into identical smiles as they gazed at each other.

     “Well Nadriella, upset that you didn’t make quest Faerie status now?” the Gelert asked in tone of mock concern, nestling close to the Faerie as the two began to catch up with Fyora.

     “Not at all,” she said, resting her arm on Celalith’s head. Though many would look upon the pair as an awful sight in Faerie eyes, unworthy of being around any civilized pet or Faerie, the two had each other for all eternity.

     For all that mattered to her was not her power nor her appearance, but her friend who helped her through both the thick and thin.

     And in the end, that is what made Nadriella a Faerie

The End

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