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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 13th day of Swimming, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 110 > Articles > The Music of Neopia

The Music of Neopia

by yadoking

One very important, and often overlooked, part of the culture of Neopia lies in its varied and wonderful traditional music. From the Grog-Drinking songs of Krawk Island to the rock music of Tyrannia, Neopia has something for everyone; worlds upon worlds of sound for you to explore! You can’t, of course, take it all as a whole, so I’m going to present to you the music of each region, with some examples of lyrics, so that you can fully appreciate the diversity.


Meridell is known for its harp and chorus music that is often performed in King Skarl’s castle. This music is wonderful in its own right, very restrained and beautiful (though some may call it boring.) However, the richest music of Meridell lies in its traditional farming songs, sung by the peasants long at work in the fields. With down to earth lyrics, every listen is a real “Pick Your Own” treat… of the mind! One of the most famous of these farm songs is called “Today and To-Marrow.”

Ohhhhhh… I was working on the farm one day! Only work, no time to play… Till I saw the giant plant Among the others, which were scant Of its weight I haven’t a clue… The real question is, have you? Today, tomorrow, and yesterday too I’ll never forget when that Marrow grew!

Krawk Island

One word: Grog. One other word: drinking. One more word: Songs. That pretty much sums up the music in this Isle o’ Pirates. Songs are sung to pass the days and nights in the Golden Dubloon, mostly cheery, sometimes scary, but all together quite a good experience to hear. A good example of this is “Academy Learnin’”

Oh heidiheidiheidiheidihey! Good ol’ Cap’n Threelegs, No truer friend there be He’ll teach ya all ya need to know To ever go on sea He’s the one who learns me Endurance, level and speed And even defense and strength, you see Everythin’ yar need!

The Lost Desert

The Lost Desert is all about almost wordless chanting. Can’t blame them, it’s so hot there, I can hardly formulate words either… anyway, the music is sung by the Neopets in the streets of Sakhmet as well as in front of the Shrine, since Coltzan was one of the major composers of his time period and loves the chanting… one of his favourites is “Sparkling Gem.”

Sparklalalalaumuming! Chachachachachachaching! Gemjagemgagemjagem! Sparklemsparklemsparkylem! Dumdumdadadadadoon! Sparklinggemisthefullmoon!


Everyone knows about Tyrannian Rock Music. Tyrannia is one of the only places with regular music concerts, much to the delight of screaming fans of bands like “Chomby and the Fungusballs,” who use avant-garde (for Tyrannia, anyway) sound effects like fruits squishing against slabs of stone to make the beats of their songs. Their lyrics are pretty diverse, about the hardships that every Neopet faces, no matter where they live. This is a song they just released about the upcoming Neoschools!

NEOSCHOOL! The terror that word makes… NEOSCHOOL! Pencils, reports and most of all grades… NEOSCHOOL! No choice now, you gotta go… NEOSCHOOL! Remember to sit in the back row! YEAH!


Faerieland music is all about angelic-type choirs and such. Faeries all have great voices, and they have beautiful, poetic lyrics… this kind of music is by far the most popular amongst artsy-type Neopets. A good example of this is this song, by the Earth Faerie Liamora, called “Dewdrops.”

Dewdrops, they condense On my wings, they smell of spring The light shines on them, they reflect The sun’s wonderful rays of brightness Deeeeeewwwwdrops! Deeeeeewwwwdrops!

Terror Mountain

Terror Mountain, Happy Valley, and the Ice Caves. All equally important parts of Terror mountain, and all with equally distinct kinds of music. Happy Valley specializes in year-round holiday carols, like “the Jingly Snow!”

Jingly snow! Jingly snow! It’s cold and wonderful, above and below! Oh what fun, holiday cheer! The holiday is oh so near!

These carols are delightful during the month of Giving, but out of season they lose a bit of their… uh… appeal. Terror Mountain, on the other hand, has music that’s great and exciting, a lot of songs about mountain climbing, like this one called “On the Edge!”

Ooooon the edge! Slipping and sliding away! Goooot a grip! I’m right here to stay! Hooolding on! Heart’s beating really fast… Staaaanding here! Hope this feeling lasts!

The Ice Caves specialize in music boxes, of all shapes and sizes. The tinkling sounds really evoke images of icicles falling, very chilly and wonderful. Only the Faeries can make music boxes with lyrics, however, so no example here!

Mystery Island

Ahhh, Mystery Island. It has the music with by FAR the most complex rhythms, and they have invented MANY percussion instruments. A little known fact is that along with new fruit, they also come out with new instruments to play on Gadgadsbogen; some of which are made of the fruit themselves! Sadly, as it IS all percussion, as wonderful as it may be, there are no lyrics and therefore no example to give you here.

Virtupets Space Station

Can you say “techno”? With its astounding technology, the Grundos can make electronic sounds that nobody else can make. Even the Grundo Chef has released a single called “Ode to my Poofy Hat,” which was the top in dance charts for over 3 weeks! However, the most famous Grundo Techno song by far is the “Loudspeaker Remix.”

Laughing (nst, nst, nst) is pro-pro-prohibited! (Dum, dum, dum dum) Grundo (dum dum dum) leader (dadeedadeedadee) GARB! Donna (dondeedadondeeda) please call (wheecheecheechee) Reception (shunshunshun)!

That really does spice up those dull boomings of the loudspeaker, doesn’t it?

Haunted Woods

The music from Haunted woods is very creepy as you might imagine. Very popular among goth pets. Also, many of the inhabitants have their own albums, like Edna’s “Bubbling Bebop” and the Brain Tree’s “When People Died: The Musical!” The wonderful song I am about to show you is by the Esophagor called “Huuuuunnngrryyy!”

Iiiiii’m Huuuuungry! Sooooo huuungry! Giiiiiiive meee a coooookie! A caaaaandy or twwwwooooo! Theeeen Iiii’llll seeeee Whaaaat I caaaan dooooo foooor yooou! (Albert Singing Background Vocals) Yeah yeah yeah! Iiiii’m Huuuuungry! Soooooo huuungry! Giiiiive meee a piiiiiee… Giiiiiive meee a Gruuuundo toe… I’llll teeeeellll yooou whaaat the Braaaain Treeee Waaaaants to knooooow! (Albert: Yeah yeah yeah!)

Neopia Central

Neopia Central doesn’t have its own traditional music per se, but it’s where all of these kinds of musical styles that you have just seen collide, creating wonderful concoctions of sound. Neopia Central is where the music from all of these lands are popular; unless you’re particularly devoted to any one kind of music, Neopia Central is the place to stay.

I hope my article has shown you how much this world can offer you musically; and I hope that the next time you’re wondering of a good way to spend your time at wherever you are in Neopia, music will be your answer!

Special thanks to the Coffee Club and Neopian Times Writers Forum.

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