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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 22nd day of Swimming, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 110 > Short Stories > Tales From the Campfire: The Clerk

Tales From the Campfire: The Clerk

by covergirl_tanemura

also by lupe_flare_13190

“Don’t complain to me about the long wait, Andrew.”

     A plump looking apple Chia scoffed at his owners complaining wails, in public none the less. His stubby paws placed upon his sides as he snorted out a retort, “It’s not my fault you woke up late either, Raven.”

     Raven’s cold stare deepened as she thrust her hand out and abruptly grabbed onto his paw, pulling him up to the checkout counter.

     “We’re here already,” Raven hissed under her breath to the impatient Chia. “Hello there, we’re here to pick up the Jelly costume,” Raven said, turning away from her Chia. Raven’s feeble attempt to act happy fooled the happy-go-lucky clerk.

     “Please wait a moment,” the Acara clerk said, her cheesy smile lighting up her features as she turned around. An eerie silence twisted into the view between the two the moment the clerk left. Raven kept her lips squeezed tightly together to prevent spitting out another horrible remark.

     Moments later, the clerk sprang back into view. Raven jumped in surprise at the sudden intrusion, “Ah, Raven! Nice choice you have here.” The clerk drawled out, handing Raven the costume, “I’m sure little Andrew here will just love it.”

     Raven shoved the Neopoints into the clerk’s hand, not being one to chat to clerks, “Thank you.” Raven said in her barley meaning it voice as she grabbed onto Andrews paw. The clerk had said something, but Raven had already dragged Andrew out of the store.

     “I can’t believe Halloween is tomorrow. I’m going to look great,” Andrew said excitedly while he flaunted off the costume. Raven looked over at him, and nodded reluctantly.

     “I’m sure you will, dear. You’ll be coming home with four buckets of candy.” Raven gave a half-hearted smile. Why did that clerk look so familiar? Raven thought, before brushing off the feeling. Probably just a random chat user... right?


At The Store

The clerk who had helped out Raven and Andrew shot her apron into the garbage bin, a grin curling up on her lips. An awkward grin, but a grin none the less, “They’ll suffer the same fate I did,” she murmured under her breath as she walked outside. Her old blue color quickly faded into a gruesome green, while her eyes faded into a dark red. “Vira is back.”


Halloween Night

“Come on! Get a move on it!”

     Andrew leaned out of his NeoHome window and was greeted by his four friends. All Chias like himself, “Wait a moment!” he said, loud enough for them all to hear. In a snap, he slipped on his jelly-costume. His body jiggled as the orange substance clung to his matching fur.

     “You look wonderful dear!” said Raven as Andrew squeezed himself down the tight hall. “So cute I could eat you up!” Raven’s hands clasped together, a smile perching on her lips.

     “Oh, come on,” Andrew droned, wiggling out of the door, “I’m not that cute!” He laughed nervously, and waved towards his friends. Impatient looks crossed their happy features.

     “Be home soon!” Raven said cautiously, waving him off. Andrew spun around to face her and winked. His signal for being okay before sprinting to catch up with his friends.

     “So, where to?” panted Andrew when he finally caught up. His orange cheeks held a pale red glow as coldness caught up with him.

     The shortest Chia turned to face him, she was dressed up as Brucy B. “We’re going to my house first. I forgot my bag at home.” She laughed nervously before turning back to her friends.

     “Oh. Well.” Andrew held a long pause. “Do you have anymore costumes? This one is getting uncomfortable.” He squirmed in his form fighting jelly costume.

     The group paused and turned towards the red Chias driveway. “We’re here,” she said quickly, sprinting up the steps to her house. “I think we can dress you up as a ghost, Andrew.”

     Andrew nodded and shoved his giggling body through the door. The red Chia waved her bag around in the air, along with a thin white sheet. “Wow, you’re taking along time to get through,” she commented, handing him the sheet.

     Andrew glared at her and attempted to slip off the costume. His pudgy new skin clung to his body like Velcro. “It’s not working. Come on, help me!”

     The group of Chias surrounded Andrew, pushing down on his new skin. The yellow Chia on Andrews side gasped, and pulled away. “Andrew, I think I just saw the jelly grow.” His eyes were wide.

     Nicole, the red Chia, gasped and pulled away as the jelly regenerated and pulled up Andrews body. His pleas and cries were muffled out by the jelly texture, which engulfed his mouth, and worked up towards his nose.

     The group shoved Andrew out the door, and quickly shut it behind them. There breaths came raggedly, in half shock and in half awe. “Something's... wrong...” panted out Nicole, as she peaked out the door.

     Andrew's jelly mixture slowly turned a gruesome green. His pale blue eyes were turned a dark coal-colour. Andrews arm slowly picked up, almost by itself. He examined his new found colour, and texture. A smile twisted on his face as he looked over at his friend. “You’re... next,” he hissed out, before popping out in a black smoke.

     Nicole opened up her mouth to scream as she turned around, and slammed the door shut. Her older scream was no match for the one she belted out when she turned around and saw Andrew a few inches away from her, holding a mirror in his dripping-goo hands.

     “I said you were next...” he purred out, his voice having a new tune to it, “push me out the door. That’s how to help a friend.” The mirror's glassy view revealed beautiful-looking Nicole. Oblivious to Andrew now, she pushed her face against the mirror. Her paw touched down gently on the screen and changed the image into a gruesome one.

     Nicole whimpered as the jelly quickly twisted up her body. She screamed loudly, but the world was gone to her. Her strength let itself go as she fell to the ground weakly, the jelly overcoming her Chia body.


“That was so scary!”

     Nicole giggled and looked over at the quivering group around the burning embers, “It’s just a story,” Nicole said simply, reaching out for a marshmallow and plopping it onto her stick “not like that’d ever happen.”

     Andrew shrugged, and stood up. A wicked grin forming against his lips as he turned around. His face twisted into a groggy-looking green one as he whispered to himself, “Then again, stories are always based on the truth...”

The End

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