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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 19th day of Swimming, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 110 > Short Stories > Visiting Eliv Thade

Visiting Eliv Thade

by ssjelitegirl

The snowstorm was extremely hard that day -- even for the Terror Mountain. Every three minutes a cold breeze came and whooshed over the icy sides of the huge hill. Most Neopets were sitting in their cozy little NeoHomes, drinking hot tea and baking apples in the fireplace.

     But there was someone on the road. A young spotted Uni galloped up the mountain. Her wings were already tired and frozen, she felt cold and lonely, but she went on. Finally she reached the Happy Valley where the wind was softer, gasped deeply and fell down on the snow to take a rest.

     "Oh dear, what happened to that poor Uni?" a Christmas Bruce asked, running to her and trying to pick her up. "What are you doing here? Where is your owner?"

     "She doesn't know I came," the Uni replied weakly. "I… I need to find my sister…"

     "You can find her later," the Bruce replied. "First I'll take you to Taelia and then you can go and look for any sisters you want. Come on… nice and steady…" He carried the Uni to the mountain peak where Taelia the Snow Faerie lived.

     Taelia was very kind and understanding. She healed the Uni with a few spells, gave her a cup of hot tea and then asked who the Uni's sister was.

     "Her name is IcyAngel10," the Uni replied, slurping the hot tea. "And she should be somewhere in Terror Mountain, but I'm not sure where exactly."

     "IcyAngel10…" Taelia frowned. "You don't mean that little blue Ixi that always runs around in the snow and ignores the fact that she should be frozen to death already, do you?"

     The Uni nodded. "Have you any idea where she could be?"

     "Try Mika's and Carassa's igloo, she likes to spend time there," the Faerie suggested. "But wait… I'll give you a coat first. Here, you can send it back to me when you don't need it any more. Be careful, the snowy Terror Mountain just isn't for little Unis like you."

     The spotted Uni thanked her and left her house, wading through the thick snow until she reached the igloo. And there she was, a blue Ixi with snow all over her shiny fur, making snow angels in front of the igloo and throwing snowballs at Neopets passing by. As soon as the Ixi noticed the Uni, she hopped up and ran to her.

     "Hey there, Kat!" she greeted. "What are you doing in Terror Mountain?"

     The Uni grumbled. "What are you??" she asked back. "You're an Ixi; you belong to Meridell, not here in that below-zero-climate! And I've told you a million times not to call me Kat!!! My name is AoiKatana and I prefer that people call me that way!"

     The Ixi giggled. "You know perfectly well that the only person in Neopia that can spell out your name without making any mistakes is our owner. And talking of names, my name is IcyAngel and I like to act that way." She looked at the snow angels on the ground. "So, what are you doing here, baby sister?"

     The 'baby sister' grunted. She was nearly a year younger than IcyAngel10, but the problem was the Ixi was adopted. They were stepsisters, although you could never tell when watching them. They cared about each other and got along better that any real siblings. Sure, the Uni was sometimes picky and the Ixi liked to play pranks on others, but then again, who's perfect? AoiKatana was pretty shocked when she suddenly got herself an older sister, but they got used to each other quick. IcyAngel10 had had Neomonia when she came from the pound, and as a weird side-effect she couldn't remember anything from her past life -- no petpets, no owners, nothing. (Author's note: if you are her previous owner or know who they are, drop a Neomail)

     AoiKatana -- or Kat -- reminded her why she was there and sighed. "Listen, Angie, I need your help."

     "I'm not ANGIE," her stepsister hissed. "I know that your name sounds like some Mystery Island corner shop, but IcyAngel shouldn't be too hard to spell out, thank you very much??!! Sheesh… now, what seems to be the problem?"

     The Uni took a deep breath. "Remember my yellow Poogle plushie? My favorite one?"

     IcyAngel nodded. The plushie was Kat's best friend - a bit tattered and bleached, but her most beloved toy. "What about it?"

     "I… um… I kinda left it… um… inside Eliv Thade's castle," Kat admitted, trying to hold back tears.

     IcyAngel stared at her. "That's it? The whole tragedy? Well, why are you asking me for help? Go tell…" she hissed and whooshed for a moment and then gave up," go tell our owner what happened. I'm sure she won't mind helping you to get that plushie back."

     AoiKatana sighed again. "Oh, yes she will. She doesn't know I went there and she's gonna be really mad when she learns that I've sneaked into Eliv Thade's house without asking her. Come on, you're supposed to be my big sister and all…please help me. Our owner doesn't have to know about it."

     The Ixi shook her head. "All right then… say, should I take Slurky with me? He should like it in the Haunted Woods." Slurky was her petpet Slorg. "Nah, bad idea… let's leave both our petpets to keep an eye on the house."

     "We don't HAVE a house!" Kat reminded her as they galloped down the mountain. "She," - the Uni meant their owner - "she says that the two of us are doing perfectly fine outside in the fresh air…"

     "And she's right," IcyAngel nodded. "Why would I need a house? Anyway, what did you do in Eliv Thade's house without our owner?"

     Kat rolled her eyes. "I was curious!!! I wanted to see if I could get inside the crypt without solving all those silly anagrams. Well, for your information, I did. I crashed the door down."

     IcyAngel gasped. "Kat! This place is SACRED!!!"

     Kat nodded. "That's what he told me. He yelled at me to get out and I was so scared that I dropped my poor plushie. SSJEliteGirl is gonna be mad when she hears about it. So please, don't tell her and I'll give you my… er, I won't give you anything but you can borrow my brush…"

     IcyAngel grinned. "Jhudora's brush? I've been borrowing it for weeks. Besides, I'm not thinking of telling her. We're sisters, we need to stick together." She frowned a bit. "If we get out of there alive, it would be a good reward for me. A-ha, Haunted Woods at twelve o'clock!"

     The pets came into the woods and slowed their fast gallop down. IcyAngel wasn't afraid of much anything, she had seen a lot during her long life and she was also pretty reckless. But poor Kat peeked around and shivered. She had never liked it in those spooky forests…

     "Wwweeellll, heeeelllloooo, yyoooouunnggg pppeeetttssss," a deep voice suddenly moaned right next to Kat's polished hoof. The Uni gave a loud yelp and hopped high into the air.

     "Easy there, it's only the Esophagor!" IcyAngel chortled. "Hi, Esophagor. Sorry, no quests today. I'm in a hurry."

     "Ooohhhh, ttooo bbaaaddd," the Esophagor remarked. "Iiiii hhhaaaddd aaaa nnniiiccceee pppaaaiiinnntttbbbrrruuussshhhh wwwaaaiiitttiiinnngggg fffooorrr yyyooouu…"

     "The sun will go down before he finishes a sentence," Kat stated snappily. "And I wanna get outta here before sundown. Come on already!" She trotted on, leaving IcyAngel behind to explain the Esophagor that her baby sister had always been a picky little wiener, that she would never mean to insult the great Esophagor and by the way, the great Esophagor doesn't happen to know if Eliv Thade is in a good mood this evening, does he?

     Finally, the two stepsisters reached Eliv Thade's castle.

     "So, are we gonna go inside?" IcyAngel asked after they had been standing outside in front of the door for five minutes.

     "You're older, you go first!" Kat replied, peeking at the spider nets. The Ixi sighed and pushed the door open. They came into the lobby and looked around. Suddenly, a ghostly ugly-looking Kacheek floated over the floor and stopped in front of them. Kat squeaked and hid behind her sister's back.

     "Did you come to solve my riddle of anagrams, pathetic mortals?" the Kacheek asked in a sepulchral voice.

     "Good evening, master Eliv Thade," IcyAngel replied and Kat, once again, had to admire her sister's odd ability for getting along with even the most evil and demented creatures in Neopia. "My young sister left her Poogle toy inside your castle and I was wondering…"

     Eliv Thade didn't let her finish. "The insolent Uni that dared to break down my crypt's door!" he boomed. "Get out, while you still can! I won't give you the toy back!"

     The master of the house left and IcyAngel took a deep breath. "Okay, baby sister, looks like we're gonna have to find that toy of yours on our own. Where's the crypt?"

     The Uni rolled her eyes. "You mean…" she gasped loudly. "You mean… you're actually going to sneak around in this horrible castle after he has told us to get out???"

     IcyAngel smiled and started towards the first room. "And why not? I haven't done anything to him. You broke down the door. C'mon, baby sister, we don't have all day…as a matter of fact, we really ought to get out of here before midnight." She saw a silent question in Kat's eyes and smirked. "I don't know what will happen in midnight, but I've heard some very spooky stories and I really don't want to stay and find out if those stories are true."

     The crypt was actually near the door, but the Ixi knew that Eliv Thade would keep an eye on it very carefully. But she also knew that the crypt had a secret entrance.

     "Um… you know a bit too much about secret passages in mad puzzle makers' houses," Kat commented nervously. "Say… how exactly? Have you been to the crypt before?"

     IcyAngel looked at her for a moment and then said thoughtfully: "No, I don't remember being there before, but I know the passage is there. Don't ask me how. I just know."

     The Uni shook her shoulders (and almost fell on her nose - you try shaking your shoulders while you're using them for walking). She had always been suspicious about her sister's cause of amnesia…after all, who knows who she had been before? But then again, she really wanted her Poogle toy back…

     "The dining room," IcyAngel announced, pushing a door open. They sneaked in. The sword of Skardsen was laying on the table, waiting for another player for 'The Castle of Eliv Thade'. There were so many pets willing to play it…and so few that had actually completed it…

     "We must get through here," IcyAngel said. "The passage is in the library. Come on, through the door." Kat followed her, looking at the sword and thinking of all the pets that had held it in their paws and hoped that they can solve the riddle. And once again they were in a long hallway with cracked floor and dark walls.

     "Jump!!!" the blue Ixi commanded. And Kat jumped. They went over many holes and cracks before they could make it to the kitchen…but finally they made it and IcyAngel closed the door behind them.

     "Look," Kat poked her sister. "The shield of Pion Troect!"

     IcyAngel had no time for that. "Yeah, yeah, very nice. Come on already." They sneaked through the kitchen and opened yet another door to another hallway. That had even more cracks in the floor. Kat stared at them.

     "There is no way we're gonna jump over here!" she wailed. Her stepsister looked at her and raised an eyebrow.

     "Sorry to bother you during your moment of pathetic sobbing," she remarked, "but I have always wondered why you have those two weird-looking pieces of skin on your back."

     The Uni gasped and looked over her shoulder. "I CAN FLY!!" she shouted happily. "Woohoo!!!"

     IcyAngel rolled her eyes. "Well, whadda you know. And I thought they were for aero dynamic causes. Oh, by the way, honey, in case you don't know, I can't fly! And those cracks are too big for me. Let's turn back and take the other way past the bedroom. Oh, and one more thing…" She took a deep breath and hissed:" Could you PLEASE stop yelling inside the house???!!!"

     After passing the bedroom and jumping (or flying) over many cracks and through thousands of spider nets, the two pets finally reached the library. Kat admired the Grimoire of Thade and IcyAngel sneaked around the room. "It has to be around here somewhere," she quietly mumbled. "It just has to." She stopped in front of a bookshelf that had a grinning dragon on top of it. "Yes… that could be it. Kat, come on here and give me a ha… er, hoof."

     They grabbed the shelf and pulled it with all their strength. The huge thing started to move…and opened a dark passage with hundreds of spider nets in it.

     "Bingo!" IcyAngel stated happily.

     "Ewwwwww!!!!" Kat stated much less happily. "I'm not going in there!"

     "Well, you don't stand a chance if you want to get your Poogie back," the Ixi replied. "Now move your spotted rump and get inside." Ignoring Kat's complains about her pretty hooves and currently brushed mane, she pushed the Uni inside, followed her and pulled the shelf back into its original position. And there they were, going down the path that took…where? IcyAngel had said that it would lead into the crypt, but she didn't know for sure. Kat really hoped that the remains of her sister's memory won't let them both down.

     They walked on in darkness. IcyAngel just kept going, quietly and carefully, with Kat sobbing and complaining about the spider nets right behind her. The tunnel was cold and wet, but at least it was straight. After some minutes the Ixi stopped in front of an entry and tried to push it quietly. It didn't open but it wasn't such a big surprise. IcyAngel looked around and touched the walls. She found what she had been looking for - a small lever. After moving it, the entry started to move…and they found themselves from the crypt. Dark, cold and ghastly crypt. The only light came from a small torch that was attached next to the door, showing a small piece of the floor… and a yellow Poogle toy on the floor.

     "Poogie!!!" Kat shouted happily, jumping over the floor and grabbing the plushie. "Oh, I'm so-so happy…!"

     IcyAngel frowned a bit. "Hm. Charming. In case you have forgotten, we still need to get out of here. Let's hurry; I think I heard somethi…"

     Before she could finish, the door flew wide open and the ghostly Kacheek dashed in.


     Kat smirked and stretched her wings. "I really don't think so." She boosted into air and attacked Eliv Thade, hitting him on the ground. "IcyAngel, quick! Run!!"

     IcyAngel galloped out of the opened door. The main door was shut, but Kat burst against it with all her might (and 96 pounds), pushing it open. And they were outside in the Haunted Woods, speeding on and on, leaving Eliv Thade's castle far behind. The spotted Uni was happier than ever, holding her plushie tightly and flying next to her sister in the moonlight. It was indeed the evening already.

     "Thanks a lot, IcyAngel," she said happily. "If there wasn't for you…"

     IcyAngel nodded. "Don't mention it… but try to be a little more careful in the future. He's gonna be a lot more careful next time." She leaped over a log. "Let's get back home now." When IcyAngel said 'home', she meant a small plain near Illusen's Glade, which was always warm and quiet - no winds, no rain, nothing. It was a good place to sleep and you didn't have to worry about any nasty Dark Faeries: they kept a good distance.

     The Ixi and the Uni turned north and headed towards Meridell. The moon showed them the way.

The End

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