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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 21st day of Swimming, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 110 > Short Stories > The Sugar Snatcher

The Sugar Snatcher

by moonstar_cutie67

An Aisha sat alone on the new Neoschool benches. She bit into her apple and stared out at all the cheerful other pets, playing with their siblings or friends happily. Most had finished their lunch. But after being bullied out of her lunch money, all she had left was her shiny red apple that her owner had bought for her.

     It was Carla’s first day. They yellow Aisha was an only pet. Everyone teased her, especially Filch Fletcher the Korbat. He and his goonies were always bullying Carla and she didn’t do much anything about it.

     She had no friends. In class, she sat next to a snobby Acara. The pet’s name was Tanya and she the most popular pet in school. She had followers and it was impossible to speak to her because she was always surrounded with pets pleading to get her autograph.

     No, Carla was a just ordinary, plain Aisha that loved to read. One thing she despised of everyone was that her owner never let her eat sweets or chocolate. She saw those brownies in the Cafeteria, fresh from the oven. But you had to buy them for five hundred Neopoints a piece and her owner wasn’t quite as rich as the rest.

     “Hey kid!” a voice rang out behind her. Carla turned around just as she bit into her apple and a football fell between her ears. She winced in pain and felt tears stream down her eyes. “Hey, don’t be a cry baby.” The pet that yelled out sneered, picking up the football and tossing it into the air.

     Carla picked up her hand-me-down lunch bag and tossed her apple core into the garbage can. She then walked into the big brick building that was called Neoschool. How she loathed of this new invention of Neopia. While her owner played games and bought healthy snacks for her, she had to come to this horrid place.

     She walked into the cool classroom of Grade Six and placed her lunch bag into her cubby-hole. She examined the rest. Some pets had baseball caps or wads of gum. Others baseballs and footballs or in Tanya’s case, a whole container full of lip-gloss. Carla took out a gum piece and stared at the wrapper.

     Finally, minutes later, she was chewing on a big piece of gum. The bubble gum was pink and soft and it squished sugary juice out as you chewed. She peeped through all the other cubby-holes and found six cookies, twelve bars of chocolate and a pack of double fudge Faerie brownies. She stuffed them all in her face, placing her gum behind her ear. “Mm…” the Aisha smiled to herself, rubbing her stomach. “Yummy!”

     Ding! Ding! Ding!

     Carla dashed to the garbage can and threw out all the wrappers. She peered through the window at the top of the door and saw pets of all kinds milling through the hallways and making their way to their classroom. She brushed off her lips for any last cookie crumbs and ambled her way to her desk.

     As soon as she sat down in her seat, the door opened and her class filed in. Behind them, Mrs Green followed. She stood in front of the classroom, holding a clipboard. “Hello everyone.” She smiled sweetly.

     “Hello Mrs Green,” everyone replied in unison.

     “Today,” the Wocky continued. “We will be learning about Art. Now, you will all get up and walk to Mr Lupid’s classroom. Remember, you may bring your snacks along if you haven’t finished them at lunch.”

     The sound of chairs scraping back made Carla feel a little uneasy. While everyone walked to the back of the classroom, Carla walked to the front to line up. She looked over her shoulder nervously. Would they notice that their snacks went missing?

     “Hey!” a blue Elephante shouted. His trunk trumpeted angrily. “Where are my brownies? My mom made them last night!”

     “Yeah, and where are my cookies? I bought them fresh from the Bakery!” a Green Lupe pouted crossly. Suddenly, almost every pet in the class was yelling and shouting that their goodies went missing.

     “Calm down everyone, clam down!” Mrs Green ordered. Everyone hushed. “Now I’ m sure that there is a reasonable explanation. Now who was in here first?” She looked around the class and Tanya piped up.

     “Mrs Green, Carla was the first one when I walked into the classroom. I didn ’t even see her outside!” She smirked at Carla and the Aisha felt her stomach do a flip-flop.

     “Carla, did you see anyone suspicious around here? Stealing cookies and sweets?” Mrs Green asked gently, placing her paw on Carla’s shoulder. Carla gulped and shook her head. “Alright,” Mrs Green said calmly, as everyone started arguing and complaining again. “Let’s solve this mystery after we get back from Art.”


The rest of Art for Carla was a drag. Everyone, especially Tanya, kept shooting her suspicious looks as she straightened her clay whale. No one can find out, she thought to herself, no one.

     After Art, they sauntered back into their class. Some were still upset from their loss, others were just plain sad. Carla sat back into her desk, but only to find a note stuff into it. “I know you did it,” Carla read silently. She glanced at Tanya who gave her a smirk.

     Carla gulped and pretended that never happened. She stared straight ahead of her and wrote down her History assignment. 'I know you did it.' Those words drifted through Carla’s mind.

     When the bell rang signifying that recess had begun, Mrs Green pulled Carla aside. “You don’t think I’m the sugar snatcher too do you?” Carla asked nervously, wringing her hears together making them twist and turn.

     Mrs Green looked into her eyes and shook her head. “I just hope I’m right,” she said softly. She patted her on the shoulder and picked up bunches of papers. “Say, I see you out there alone at recess all the time. Want to help file some papers?”

     Soon, Carla was filing away in the Teachers Lounge. The big gray filing cabinets sat in the corner of the room right next to a large window displaying the playground. She spotted Tanya in a sea of faces. She was reapplying her lip-gloss.

     “Done!” Carla said triumphantly when she finished putting the last paper away.

     “Wow, that was quick.” Mrs Green mused. “I wonder how you do it Miss Baker.” Carla blushed a deep red and sat down across from her teacher. “Is there anything you want to talk about?” Mrs Green asked, sipping coffee from a coffee mug.

     “No…” Carla said unsure of what to say. She didn’t want to tell her teacher what she did. Mrs Green nodded her head and glanced over the top of her newspaper.

     “I’m sure Mrs. Owen has a lot on her feathers. Why don’t you see if she needs any help?” Carla nodded her head and hopped off her seat. She wandered out of the Lounge and off to the Grade Three class.

     But when the Aisha got there, there was no one in sight. She walked into the room and figured she would just wait until the teacher got back from where she was. She looked over some papers and found a wrapped piece of chocolate cake laying untouched.

     Carla gulped. Should she take the chance? She looked outside into the hallway. No one was in sight there either. She carefully unwrapped the piece and gulped it down in one bite, enough to still be able to taste the chocolate. She dropped the wrappings into the can and wandered out.

     “Excuse me!” a voice screeched as Carla fell backwards. She clearly walked into something. She looked up and saw Mrs Owens’s strict face.

     “Oops, sorry Mrs Owen.” She blushed scarlet. “I was just walking into your room to find you to see if you needed any help with anything. I just finished helping Mrs Green file some papers.”

     “I see…” the teacher peered over her spectacles. “Well, I do not need any help I’m sorry to say. But if I do, I’ll just tell you and you can meet me in my classroom.” Carla nodded her head.

     The two went opposite ways. Mrs Owen went into her room. Just as Carla was turning the hall corner, she heard a loud shriek. She brushed evidence off her lips and continued down the hall.


“Hi Carla! How was your day?” Carla’s friendly owner greeted her at the front of their NeoHome.

     “Erm… interesting,” Carla said. She thrust her Art sculpture into her owner’ s hands. “How do you like it? It’s supposed to be a whale,” she added as she saw the look of surprise on her owner’s face.

     “Very creative,” her owner smiled.

     “Thanks!” Carla grinned. “You’re the best!” It was her owner’s time to blush. But all the same, Carla skipped into her home to enjoy the rest of the day.


The next day, as Carla was reading the bulletin, she saw a horrifying sheet pinned up. It read in big bold letters:

Sugary Sweet? Or Sourly Bad? You Decide! On the first day of school, cookies and other goodies went missing! Who is this thief? If you catch a pet searching through a desk or cubby-hole., report that person straight away to Tanya Ash. She’ll then type it up for the Dr Ballard. So help us out by keeping an eye out!

     “You like my paper I see?” a voice snickered behind her. Carla whirled around and faced Tanya, the horrible reporter. “You know once they catch you, you’re expelled.” She made expel sound like a bad word!

     “Yeah, well, you never know who it is!” Carla replied angrily, stamping her foot. She turned on her heel and walked straight ahead into someone! She fell and she felt herself being picked up.

     “Carla! What are you doing?” she opened her eyes.

     “Kat, what are you doing here?” her owner smiled back.

     “I just wanted to congratulate you on what a fine day it’s been. Anyway, I was wondering if you’d like to give your old owner a hug?” Kat outstretched her arms and just as Carla was moving forward to give her owner a hug, Tanya put out a paw and Carla slipped, falling backwards, her book bag unzipping open and everything spilling out.

     Everyone gasped.

     Apart from the homework that lay untouched, candies of all sorts spilled out, littering the tiled floor with assorted colors. Carla burst into tears. “What’s wrong?” Tanya taunted, cackling happily. “Afraid you would’ve gotten caught?”

     Carla looked up, her face tear-stricken and she pointed a threatening paw at her enemy. “You watch Tanya,” she said angrily. “And you’ll get what’s coming to you!”

     For a minute, Carla forgot about the candy and all the people staring open-mouthed. For a second, Carla smiled triumphantly. “Yes,” she confessed, gathering up the candies. “I did eat all the candy from the cubby-holes But I bought my own from the Chocolate Factory and the Bakery with my own Neopoints that I earned, and I was about to return all the candy.”

     “Well I’m glad you confessed Carla. That was a very brave thing to do.” A voice said quietly. Tanya eyes loomed enviously as Mrs Green helped the poor Aisha.

     “Why didn’t you tell me you liked candy?” Kat asked, hugging her pet protectively. “Why? I would’ve bought some for you! There’s no problem in just eating a little per day.”

     “I thought you would think of me and be… disappointed,” Carla said, squeezing her owner back. “But I did everything right in the end… right?” She looked up uneasily at everyone and sighed.

     But then she heard the sneer. “Right? You did everything wrong! I think you should get a whole month’s worth of detention!” Tanya scoffed.

     “Miss Ash, I believe this is none of your business,” Mrs Green said through pursed lips and Tanya immediately shrank down. “But yes, Carla, even though you stole, you returned. Now let’s get on with our day.”

     “So you mean I’m not punished?” Carla asked nervously over Tanya’s loud ungrateful hiss. Mrs Green smiled and nodded her head.

     Carla spent the rest of her day returning all of the candy that she stole to all the kids and teachers. Finally, when she finished returning the last brownie, she had a couple more sweets all to herself. For once, she sat down by the school wall and munched on the sweet lumps of sugar happily.

The End

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