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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 16th day of Eating, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 109 > Continuing Series > The Codestone's Awakening: Part Six

The Codestone's Awakening: Part Six

by apparent

Terror Mountain - The Ice Caves

Justin the Elephante had long finished his meal of burritos - it was quite obvious, for the layer of snow on the ground where he lay was now covered in a gruesome red color with bits and pieces of the burrito's wrapping scattered amongst the ground as well. His starry cheeks were covered in a meaty layer of food, too, making it look as if the Elephante had made an attempt to put on make up using one of his grandmother's recipes. However the food-loving Neopet was far from content after his meal, and there were several reasons for that as well.

     · One of the burritos he previously ate appeared to be rotten, for now as it rumbled around in his stomach, Justin felt rather queasy.

     · His best friend, Jonathan, now had possession of a codestone that would do whatever he wanted it to

     · And worst of all, he was still hungry.

     Jonathan snickered at the state of his friend, as he lie frightened on the surface of the ground. Just moments before, the Wocky was transformed - Justin had wished for him to stop being bossy. Apparently the wish did not have much effect on Jonathan for he easily wished himself back to normal in no time. Now he could do whatever it was he wanted to without that dumb Elephante standing in his way.

     "Poor Justin," he smiled and fingered the codestone within his paws. "I wish you'd stop being such a sissy. Come and help me take control of Terror Mountain."

     As commanded Justin stood up on his feet and looked towards Jonathan. It was amazing what power could do to a Neopet, for the Wocky was now as evil as someone wanting to compete against Dr. Sloth. His cheeks were tinted a light shade of pink but his eyes gleamed with contentment as he held the stone out for Justin to see.

     "I wish all of Terror Mountain were within my control." Jonathan sneered, and then raised an eyebrow. All of the shopkeepers and faeries within Terror Mountain began to wearily head out of their shops or game centers and advanced towards him while in a zombie-like state. Everyone stood silently, looking up towards Justin and Jonathan - awaiting instructions.

     Justin smiled, his fear of getting into trouble with the law vanished due to the vanishing of his "sissy"-like traits. He stood tall and bold next to Jonathan, although he still looked rather vulnerable, as the Wocky spoke to his employees.

     "Ah, yes, now before we get to destruction I need you all to empty out your stations -- give me all that you possess within the next half hour. I want everything here in a pile."

     Everyone solemnly began to trudge back to his or her means of work. Justin stood in the center of the Ice Caves, avoiding the dark crevasse in the middle, waiting for everyone to return.

     In the meantime, Jonathan meandered away from where he had begun to take over and headed towards the Snowager's Cave. His eyes lit up as he managed to trudge into the entrance, peering inside. The interior of the cave was dark and the air was sticky upon his green fur. However, the Wocky continued inside to where the large ice worm lay. Jonathan trembled a bit with fear, grasping the stone within his paw tighter than ever, taking small baby steps as the tunnel continued forward.

     Finally, Jonathan managed to come to a distance where he was a mere two feet away from the Snowager. He whistled slightly, and waited to see if the worm would wake up. To his fortune, it did. The Snowager wriggled around before opening its slit-like eyes and focusing them upon the minuscule Wocky that stood before him. Instead of blasting bits of ice into his fur, the Snowager stared, expressionless.


     Jonathan chuckled and then rubbed his paws together, being careful as to not shatter the codestone on the hard surface of the ice below. "Follow me, Snowager. There's some destruction I'd like you to do, and I'm sure being cooped up in that cave wouldn't be as fun as putting others out of their misery."

     The large ice worm finally managed to blink, his facial expression not hinting anything of what it was that the creature felt, at least for a few minutes. Jonathan raised an eyebrow, and then finally managed to relax when the Snowager began to wriggle out of its coiled position. The two slowly advanced forward into the welcoming, though slowly setting sunlight, wondering what mess they could get themselves into.

     Jonathan squinted as he finally emerged from the dark cave with the large Snowager behind him, imprinting a rather large and deep mark on the surface of the ground. Justin had been prancing around the colossal pile of treasure placed in the center of the Ice Caves level -- Neggs, scorch stones, pet pets, everything - all given to them by the somewhat brainwashed locals of Terror Mountain. The Snowager, quite impressed by the pile of items, and immediately dragged his large icy body atop the various objects.

     Justin wiped the end of his large, dripping trunk and headed towards Jonathan. "They've given us everything that they have. What's next?"

     The green Wocky shrugged and then peered over towards the resting ice worm. "Dunno. But if we want to have some real fun, we've gotta wait for the Snowager to get some rest, he's going to need it."

     A large gust of bone-chilling wind swept through the air as the Snowager emitted a large snore. Jonathan tossed the codestone happily from paw to paw.

The Money Tree

Saigru had found Krawker and Jyrosen as he was leaving the Money Tree to head towards the Wishing Well. Fortunately, Saigru explained to his siblings that he had encountered the same wishing problem after he found a mystical codestone in front of the Neolodge, the thought that the location of the codestone outside of the Wishing Well and the Neolodge's fountain would actually grant wishes right away. The three were still continuing their search for the codestones all over Neopia that granted wishes. Time was running out, after the sun set it would become much more difficult to find a small stone.

     "We've found them all, except the one on Terror Mountain, of course." Saigru finally managed to say, as he and his brothers counted over the eight additional codestones they'd managed to find. For safety, each codestone was placed within a bag and then put on Saigru's back. One they still held in their possession, and the other was yet to be located.

     Krawker shuffled his feet on the ground uncomfortably. The whole situation was affecting him the most -- after all, he'd found the original codestone and had grown quite attached to it over time. Only if I'd never shown Saigru and Jyrosen... he thought hypothetically, this would've never happened. I'd still have the stone to myself.

     Jyrosen wiped his large black nose with a white paw. He was also quite tired from the excitement the day had brought, and wanted to fine the last stone without difficulty. "I dunno why we're still standing here. Terror Mountain is huge -- we'd better get looking right now."

     "How're we going to get there in time?" Krawker wailed impatiently, not ready to find the last stone just yet. When all of the stones were found, they'd be destroyed forever. He found it difficult to admit to himself that he was becoming too attached to a silly stone.

     Saigru held up a codestone that he withdrew from his backpack. He didn't want to depend on magic to help get them out of the situation, which is the reason why he just didn't wish everything back to normal in the first place. It was too risky.

     "Well, we can use this.."

To be continued...

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