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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 14th day of Eating, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 109 > Articles > Pinching Pennies… err, I mean Neopoints

Pinching Pennies… err, I mean Neopoints

by simaholic14

THE BANK - I've seen countless posts and chat topics complaining about how poor they are and asking over and over, "How's the best way to make Neopoints?" Well, I can tell you one thing; I was in the dark about the same thing for a long time. Neopoints can be hard to make, especially if you really, really want a certain item. This article will explain just how you can save up for that specific unbuyable.

First, take most of the money you have and put it straight in the bank. Each day, you can collect interest. It may seem stupid to collect only 3 NP of interest every 24 hours, but believe me, it can add up! Depending on your type of account, you can collect up to thousands of interest a year! Every time you deposit Neopoints, up you bank account type, so you can collect more interest. Make sure to keep some cash out of the bank, so you'll be able to earn more Neopoints

Next, it's important to take advantage of the opportunities to earn NP you have every day on Neopets!

The Lost Desert

Coltzan's Shrine: You can go once each day to the Shrine. Not only will it make your pets stats go sky-high, it can give you dubloons, Desert food, and NP. You MAY even win the million Neopoints the Shrine occasionally awards! It's free, so why not?

The Fruit Machine: Spin the Fruit Machine, you'll never know what you'll get! Once a day, come and take a chance. It doesn't cost a thing, and if two or three fruits match, you can win prizes galore! You can win more than 35,000 NP and rare Paint Brushes, fruit, and other cool stuff.


The Wheel of Excitement: Even though the wheel costs 100 NP to spin, it can give you lots of valuable things! You may win up to 10,000 NP, secret items, and lots more interesting rewards. But the wheel does have its drawbacks: nasty lightning bolts, hard-to-cure diseases, and visits from the Pant Devil. Spin at your own risk, every 2 hours.

Healing Springs: Bring your bumps and bruises to the Water Faerie at her mystical Springs. Attacked by the Pant Devil, Snowager, or a Battledome Competitor? This fountain of healing will fix you up in a jiffy. But how will this earn you Neopoints? In this case, it's more to save you Neopoints If your pet has a disease or low hit points, don't waste your money on expensive cures and potions. Just take them here instead!

Mystery Island

Tombola: You can take your chances at the Tombola once a day. Pull out a ticket for free and see what you've won! In most cases, you get nothing, or a booby prize. But every so often, you'll get a winning ticket. That will earn you NPs, codestones, faeries, food or another great prize.

Krawk Island

Buried Treasure: Once every 3 hours, try to find the Treasure of the Black Pawkeet. There is some debate over whether its worth the 200 NP. True, it is a gamble, and you rarely win. But you could get lucky and win the jackpot!

Terror Mountain - The Ice Caves

The Snowager: At specific times of the day, the Snowager is sleeping soundly. If you're daring, try and take some of its treasure. Most of the time, you'll come out empty-handed with lots of scars, but sometimes you can sneak off with Negg or Battle Weapon.


Turmaculus: Try and wake up this bug guy at certain times of the day. He'll reward you with some cool Meridell items.

Sure, there are many more activities you can do to earn cash daily, but these are some ideas that you definitely want to do to get the NPs you need. When you get items from any of these places, turn around and put them in your shop. Some things, like booby prizes, aren't even worth selling. Donate them to the money tree for poorer Neopians. To price the other items, look them up on the shop wizard. Refresh a few times, and remember the cheapest price. Put the item in your shop for slightly below the lowest price. It will sell in no time! If you're lucky enough to come across an unbuyable (something worth more than 100,000 NP) put it in the trading post. Browse through lots selling the same item, and ask for a price slightly lower than the cheapest on your wishlist. Accept the best bid. If you get any more valuable items for one of your unbuyables, put them in your shop or trading post for the best price.

The next part about making Neopoints deals with restocking. Restocking is buying items from the Main Shops in Neopian Central. It's very difficult to restock if you have a low Internet connection, or any type of dial-up. If you are lucky enough to have a fast one, camp out in The Book Shop, Food Shop, or Back-to-School Shop. These are my personal favorites, because it's easier to get an item that you can sell for more than you bought it for. But there are plenty more shops out there that you can wait in. The shops restock every eight minutes or so. Once you see a shop restocking, click on one of the items. Haggle and buy as fast as possible until the shop is sold out. Some shops and items are not worth going to or buying, because you buy them for much more than what they sell for on the Shop Wizard. You'll just need to practice to realize what items are good, and what aren't.

The last, and easiest, chapter of earning points is plain and simple: GAMES! There are some really great games out there that can help you earn NPs, and they're fun! Try lots of different games, and find out which are the easiest and most fun for you. Play these games as often as you can, until you get so good that you're making tons of Neopoints a day! My favorites are Sahkmet Solitaire and Pyramids, but you may be better at Raiders of Maraqua! Experiment, and you'll soon find what's right for you.

And always remember to stay as far away from scammers, spammers, and cheaters. How? Do the following. Always check all URLs to make sure all of them read Otherwise, you may think you're logging into your account but you're really giving away your password to a stranger! Never fall victim to Get-Rich-Quick scams. There is NO SUCH THING as a Neopoints Generator or any way to get Neopoints other than to EARN THEM! Never, ever EVER give out your password to ANYONE, no matter how convincing. All your hard work and Neopoints, along with your pets, will go straight down the drain. Read the rules, and follow them, so you won't get frozen. All of this will save you Neopoints, because you'll never have your Neopoints taken away from you.

So that's all there is to earning Neopoints! Do these every day, and soon you'll be on your way to being a Neopian Millionaire. Making Neopoints is what makes Neopets a challenge, and it's what makes it fun. Happy Neopetting!

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