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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 27th day of Gathering, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 108 > Articles > Getting Bored? Never Again!

Getting Bored? Never Again!

by lologirl131

A MESSY DESK- Have you ever gotten so bored on NeoPets that you just sat there staring at the computer screen, wondering what to do for hours? Of course you haven't! NeoPets never gets boring! But, just in case you ever do get bored, I've come up with a few things to keep those boredom blues away.

The first thing I'm going to suggest is to play a game you've never played before! You could be excellent and rack up a bunch of Neopoints if you just make an effort. I've gotten really addicted to Meerca Chase lately, and it's all because I tried something new! If you've never played Meerca Chase before… DO IT NOW! It's the best game, and if your good like those people who get 1,000 Neopoints a day, you could get wealthy! Just think of all those Sphinx Links you could buy!

Number two on my list is to learn how to draw your Neopet. I've tried it before and it's a lot of fun, even if you're not an awesome artist. My Kacheek ended up looking like bunch of grapes but it was still fun to try! Maybe I should attempt to draw it again… it'll probably end up looking like a dancing pineapple next time, though.

This one right here is my favorite! Try your hand at writing an article for The Neopian Times or a poem for the Poetry Contest. Send in your art and it could appear in the Art Gallery. Enter your most hilarious caption in the Caption Contest, or have fun laughing at what some of the other crazy people have sent in. I've sent in a couple of them before but mine never make it in! Wonder why… maybe I'm not comical enough.

Collect something! Number four-this is a great one right here! Start collecting something that you really like. Try Gross Foods or plushies or maybe even dung! Ewe… that would be gross! People do it, though. They're cheap so you wouldn't have to spend all your hard earned Neopoints on them. In Neopian Times Issue 106, plushieowner wrote an article called "Secret Society of Sand" and mentioned collecting bottles of sand or Tiki Tack stuff. That'd be easy on the pocket too, because all that Tiki stuff is so tacky that everybody sells it in their shops for very low prices.

Number five. Complete a quest… or try. I'd recommend the Witch's Tower quests. I've heard that those usually give out the best prizes for what you spend on getting her the stuff she needs for her brew. My history with the Kitchen Quests isn't very grand. I don't like what that Flotsam dude gives out when you come back with all the expensive foods he needs for his recipe. I didn't really think all that hard work was worth it. Illusen and Jhudora's quests are also an option, but they don't give out prizes every time I find them what they need. I think it's well worth it, though, because when they do give you stuff, it's pretty cool.

Go treasure hunting! That's my sixth way to keep you from being bored to death. Rummage through the Meridell Rubbish Dump located on the land of Meri Acres Farm. The smell is absolutely horrible with all that rotten food and dung they dump there. It could be worth it, though. I suggest you bring a clothespin to clip on your nose… it should help. Just make sure that angry looking Kacheek doesn't drive you away with his pitchfork. While you're there, I recommend that you spend a little time in the Pick Your Own berry fields. It only costs 200 Neopoints to venture through the bushes looking for yummy berries to feed your pets. You're basket holds six berries but you could also end up with bits of barbed wire or a nice pile of dung. If you do end up with dung… you could always send it to your younger brother or sister's account to gross them out.

Number seven! We're getting there! This is one of the things that I usually do when I'm bored. I spin the Wheel of Excitement, the Wheel of Misfortune, or the Wheel of Mediocrity. Sometimes I even do all three! The Wheel of Excitement is my favorite because that one usually gives out the best prizes. It's also the most expensive costing 100 Neopoints a spin. The other two wheels only cost 50 Neopoints to spin. The Wheel of Mediocrity usually isn't the greatest one. I just spun it now and lost 30 Neopoints and last time my neopet got rained on with fireballs. Not exactly what you would want to win right? I think the main reason I do it is just to see what I end up with. It's fun because you don't always end up with the same thing. Last time I spun the Wheel of Misfortune I got a plushie but the time before that my Eppla fruit got turned into sludge. Yummy.

Lucky number eight. Visit the Snowager. He's usually awake but if you visit his cave at the right time you could end up with something special. If you find out when he's sleeping you could end up with a pile of treasure. I know when he sleeps, but I'm not going to tell you because that would be cheating. When I do catch him sleeping, I usually wake him up and get blasted with ice. Not a good thing. I have walked away with a couple of neggs and keychains, though. It's worth a try.

Try your hand at making special foods at the Cooking Pot. This is number nine, by the way. Mix some stuff together and see what comes out. Hopefully something cool! Most of the time my things don't mix up too well and Pango Pango gets kinda heated. But hey! You could be a great chef and make something totally awesome… or frightening. Ugh… I don't even want to think about what some of you hooligans could create.

Last one! Number ten is really lame but it could be extremely fun. Go to the Haunted Woods and print out a Neopet Mask! Color it so that it looks disgustingly bloodcurdling, then put on your head and run around the house screaming at your family. If you scare them, then continue running and screaming around the whole neighborhood. If somebody asks you what you're doing… tell them that you read this article and got bored.

Now that you've read this article, you will never be bored again. And if you are, you're not human. If you have any questions about my article or my insanity level you can Neomail me. Ooh and I have one last suggestion if you go beyond bored. Find a page on NeoPets and just keep refreshing it until a Random Event pops up. If you don't like that event, repeat until you get one you like.

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