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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 15th day of Swimming, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 106 > Continuing Series > The Return of Aglyco: Part Seven

The Return of Aglyco: Part Seven

by peachifruit

Last Chance

Truthfully, Magnolia didn’t have much experience with using lightning guns. Perhaps this was the reason it took her a good two minutes of running out of the way of a space basher before she figured out how to even fire it. Even then, she horribly missed her target.

     Aglyco glanced at the smoldering hole in the door disdainfully. “You’d think you would at least know how to use the weapon you picked out,” she murmured.

     “I’m... um -- just getting started!” Magnolia frantically explained. Aglyco ignored this comment and swung the space basher once more, hitting the captain’s chair as Magnolia stepped towards the window screen. “I already have the code typed out, but what do I do now?” she asked, leaning towards the speaker.

     “You’re still there?” questioned Tiira_Misu curiously. “Just look for the--”

     The instructions were abruptly interrupted by the space basher slamming against the speaker. It made a soft fizzing noise and went silent. “Oh, I’m sorry!” Aglyco facetiously exclaimed. “I didn’t mean to interrupt your conversation!

     “Oh, that’s perfect,” Magnolia murmured. “Um -- Sys-op, can you look for that button for me? Whatever it is?”

     “Yeah, sure,” Sys-op called from behind a blue lever, already having begun a search.

     “Okay! And as for you -- HEY!” Magnolia shrieked as Aglyco blindly swung the space basher once more. She narrowly missed Magnolia and hit Sys-op and the lever instead. A loud, computerized voice instantaneously announced,

     “Early disconnection of Fate triggered. Ship will self-destruct in ten... nine... eight--”

     “Oh, now what did you do?” Aglyco indignantly questioned.

     “What did you do?” Magnolia corrected, glancing at the unconscious pink Kadoatie in the captain’s chair. “No one hits my partner but ME!”

     Aglyco sighed. “Gee, that’s nice, isn’t--?”

     “Three... two... one--”

     The explosion caused by The Fate could barely be seen, but it could certainly be felt. The Narcissus shook violently, assorted objects falling everywhere. Magnolia clung to the captain’s chair and Aglyco and Tevanni leaned against the wall. Again, the computerized voice spoke.

     “Warning - impact too great. Narcissus severely damaged; all persons on the ship must evacuate immediately. You now have 15 minutes to reach safety.

     “Ohh, are you kidding?” Magnolia inquired despondently. “What happened now?

     The Fate is really close by, so when it exploded, The Narcissus was damaged as well,” Aglyco explained frantically. “We have to get off the ship soon -- but you’re not quite excused just yet!”

     Aglyco lunged at Magnolia, waving the space basher wildly. She, instead, hit the letter keyboard underneath the window-screen, (which, at that point, read ‘JKLSBDKSH’.) She did, however, succeed in hitting Magnolia’s arm with the space basher.

     “HEY!” Magnolia exclaimed. “You’re going to hurt someone with that thing!”

     “That would be the point, Magnolia,” Aglyco moaned, dropping the space basher to her side. Magnolia seized this opportunity and fired the lightning gun.

     Aglyco froze in shock as the shot from the lightning gun illuminated her suit, silver hair and yellow fur. She screamed in pain for a few moments before she finally fell to the ground, seemingly unconscious. Magnolia looked around for Tevanni, who had long since run away.

     “Ah -- some sidekick she is, hmm?” Magnolia inquired of herself.

     “Warning - impact too great. Narcissus severely damaged; all persons on the ship must evacuate immediately. You now have 9 minutes to reach safety.

     Magnolia was overcome by a look of surprise. “I didn’t realize it took that long,” she murmured, picking Sys-op up and darting out of the room. Wherever “outside” was, Magnolia didn’t know, but she had to find out where Oosylla was to get off The Narcissus.

     The first hallway she came to was completely empty. It led to an elevator going down. Magnolia pressed a button that would have normally opened the elevator, however, it did nothing. She pressed it a few more times -- still nothing. “Perfect.”

     Magnolia took another hallway. A large yellow sign was present with black lettering that read, “SECTOR 3B”. Two guards were also present.

     “Warning - impact too great. Narcissus severely damaged; all persons on the ship must evacuate immediately. You now have 7 minutes to reach safety.

     “Well, there’s only enough time to avoid conflict, isn’t there?” Magnolia asked herself. She ran past the guards and into the open elevator at the end of the hall. It closed, but only very slowly as the guards advanced.

     “Come on -- come on!” Magnolia exclaimed, pressing a button in the elevator frantically and repeatedly. The doors finally closed before the guards reached the elevator, leaving Magnolia sighing with relief.

     As the elevator slowly moved down, Magnolia leaned against the walls in as relaxed a fashion as she could. It’s almost over, Magnolia, she thought contentedly to herself.

     “Warning - impact too great. Narcissus severely damaged; all persons on the ship must evacuate immediately. You now have 5 minutes to reach safety.

     “SEC. 1A,” the display showed in large, red letters. The doors slowly opened and Magnolia carried Sys-op out. She instantly recognized Sector 1A -- where she had posed as Stargazer Cornelia to get inside the ship. Unfortunately, she was lacking a shower cap and couldn’t do the same now.

     “Hey!” Samoht exclaimed, having seen Magnolia. “You’re no singer! Get back here!”

     Magnolia looked around as she ran. Just outside, through a long, transparent tunnel, was a small spaceship -- manned by Oosylla! Magnolia quickly ran through the tunnel and pressed a button outside the ship’s door. The door immediately opened, revealing Oosylla standing in the doorway.

     “How long did that take?” the purple Grundo questioned, ushering Magnolia inside. “The place is about to blow!”

     “Astute, Oosylla,” Magnolia caustically murmured, sitting down in the nearest seat. “Let’s just get out of here, all right?”

     As Oosylla sat down, however, footsteps could be heard running down the long tunnel and into the vessel. Magnolia stood up in shock, staring straight at Aglyco in the doorway. “The plan is ruined,” she stated furiously. “But you aren’t getting anywhere!

     “Magnolia, sit down and hold on,” Oosylla demanded. “We’re getting out of this place!”

     “Warning - impact too great. Narcissus severely damaged; all persons on the ship must evacuate immediately. You now have 1 minute to reach safety.

     “One minute!” Magnolia exclaimed as the small ship left The Narcissus, its door still open. Magnolia and Oosylla clung to their seats as Aglyco held on to the footstep underneath the door for dear life.

     “You’re not getting away, Magnolia!” cried Aglyco, slowly advancing further into the ship. “You’ve caused too much trouble to just leave!

     Magnolia attempted to stand up in her seat. “Magnolia, what are you doing -- are you insane? You’ll go straight out the door!” Oosylla shouted.

     “Don’t worry!” Magnolia replied. “I’m not planning on that!” She stepped away from her seat, still clinging on to the arms desperately. Aglyco, still holding onto the footstep, glanced up at her. “I’m hoping this is the last I’ll see of you,” Magnolia told her, abruptly stepping on Aglyco’s paw.

     She fell.

     The faint warning of danger could be heard from The Narcissus: “Warning - impact too great. Narcissus severely damaged; all persons on the ship must evacuate immediately. You now have 5 seconds to reach safety.

     As the voice continued to count down, Magnolia pressed the button that would shut the door. The Narcissus’ explosion brilliantly lit up the sky as Magnolia sunk into her seat with a sigh. Sys-op woke up in Magnolia’s lap, looking around frantically. “What happened?” she inquired.

     “Not much,” Magnolia replied. “Mission accomplished.”

NPIA Headquarters, the Next Day...

“That was excellent work, I have to say. I really wasn’t expecting Neopia to be saved by just one person.”

     Sys-op and Tiira_Misu eyed Chief disdainfully. “Hey, I helped!” Sys-op exclaimed.

     “And how do you think she even got there?” Tiira_Misu inquired irately. “And there was that Oosylla girl--”

     “Well, one person and three other people,” Chief corrected. “But you still can’t disregard Magnolia’s efforts.”

     Magnolia blushed. “I try.” The door suddenly opened, revealing the Faerie Queen herself, who paced inside quickly. “Oh -- um -- good morning, Your Majesty!” Magnolia exclaimed.

     “I owe all of you an apology; I really do,” Fyora announced dolefully. “I didn’t mean to put that much pressure on Magnolia by saying I would allow Aglyco to throw Neopia into the sun. I thought I was a bit too overconfident in you -- but that wasn’t the case. Good work, Magnolia.”

     “Thank you very much,” Magnolia replied. “But -- what about Neopia’s position in space? How’s everything going to go back to normal?”

     “Soon enough, it will,” Fyora told her. “The Space Faerie is working quite hard to bring the gravitational pull of the sun to normal. If everything goes well, which I’m assuming it will, it will be as if nothing had ever happened.” She paused. “Or perhaps not. This experience will be a hard one to forget.”

     Magnolia nodded. “You’re right. It will be.”

     Sys-op moaned uncomfortably. “You’re all acting too serious! Can we just drop the whole thing and go get ice cream?”

     Turning to Sys-op with a sigh and a smile, Magnolia replied, “Yeah, we are. I’m with Sys-op here.”

     And so, the gravitational pull of the sun was soon back to normal, as was the position of Neopia in space. Captain Oosylla returned to Faerieland unharmed and with an interesting story to tell. Tiira_Misu is currently building another spaceship -- The Other Starboard. Magnolia managed to convince Chief that he was, indeed, very wrong and that she deserved at least a month off from work. And as for Aglyco... well... no one actually knows where Aglyco is, but Neopia is very confident that they’ve seen the very last of her.

The End

Wow, it’s been a year already, everyone. Thank you for all of your support and, of course, for reading my stories. As always, feel free to Neomail me with all your questions, comments, hatemail, or threats to drag Neopia into the sun. Over and out!

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