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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 21st day of Swimming, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 106 > Articles > Secret Society of Sand

Secret Society of Sand

by plushieowner

MYSTERY ISLAND - After a flood of Neomails (109 or so) I got after my Tiki Tack: Tacky Tombola article, I decided to write a second article on this topic.

Besides the general “I loved your article!” pieces of Neomails. Let me just say, they were a few 'bad apples in the bunch' of Neomails I got. Including a few threats on behalf of the Mystery Island Mafia and a few other pieces of Neomail from various Tiki Man fans trying to run after me with pitchforks and torches.

This is where I found actually volcanic rocks useful for.

For hiding under.
Other than that, some were funny suggestions for more Tombola Items/Tiki Tack Merchandise uses (which I have included farther on in this article), and from those responses I now realise a lot of Neopians have a strange obsession with Pickled Olives and Bottles of Sand.

I got many Neomails from Neopians of all walks of life. Newbies, fellow authors and even a Neomail from a very interesting guild leader who I struck up an intriguing conversion with via Neomail. This guild leader has a very unusual guild theme, which I’m going to talk about next.

“After reading your article, I cannot fail to mention what I consider the best use for Tiki Tack merchandise -- collecting!”

They blatantly pointed out one thing I forget to mention in my article. Collecting! As an obsessed collector in real life and on NeoPets, I slapped myself because I didn’t believe I didn’t think of that at all.

Secret Society of Sand? You are probably thinking why for the love of dung I called this article that?

Without sounding like a shameless guild plug (I’ll do that later), I’ll just call this guild “Secret Society of Sand”.

"My entire guild (590+ people) is devoted to the collection of bottles of green sand! Plus, many other members collect other bits of merchandise including other colours of sand and toy sail boats in particular.”

Oh course!! Collecting Tiki Items such as sand! That can’t be better than the various dung galleries I have seen. Someone out there explain the fascination with piles of poop. I realise I’m going to get a few rotten tomatoes and more chasing with pitchforks, but as far as collecting trends go, dung was so 2 months ago!

That's not exactly my idea of a decent collection. The truth is Tombola Items such as Palm Fans look cheap and tacky. That type of collection doesn’t exactly scream “Gallery Spotlight!”

Well, this is just my opinion. You may don’t agree totally with me and that's fine. I wasn’t really convinced so I asked this guild leader and some of her guild members, a few more questions (you’ll have to use your imagination reading the answer)

I asked, "Why do you with want all the green sand?”

I think the question should be “Why wouldn't we want all the green sand? Green Sand is spectacular, anything you plant in it grows twice as big, It makes a great breakfast as many of our members will agree. Green sand is great fun to play in, and even more fun to collect. I have actually acquired over 1,000 bottles, about 400 are in my shop on display and the rest I opened up and poured on my carpet to make my room look like a beautiful beach. Green Sand also has a very pleasant smell, kind of like flowers and the sea shore." Anyway, I thought the statistics might amuse you, and I would say the collecting itself is anything but ordinary. ;)

Yes, Tombola collections are very ordinary as well as common. But does that exactly make them a unusual, interesting gallery to own. Something unique to show off?

I love visiting people’s galleries on NeoPets and I have seen far too many people with them. Can’t anyone think of something a bit more eye-boggling and not so boring. Another opinion from a guild member:

Sand Collecting is great -- it's cheap, and there's a never ending supply. :) All of the green sand in guild shops alone totals over 35,000 bottles (not even mentioning safety deposit boxes...) Most of us have hundreds of bottles of green sand, a lot of us have thousands of bottles (I personally have some 6,000 or so), and a few of us have tens of thousands (last count of one of our members was up over 16,000 bottles of green sand and over 40,000 bottles of sand total!

Yes, I agree with the first statement, cheap and it is in enough supply to start a collection. But like I said above, I don’t think that's Tiki merchandise/Tombola items are an unusual gallery to own.

I suppose Tiki merchandise and Tombola items can be put to good use. But it still doesn’t excuse the fact ‘Tiki is Tacky’.

Back by popular demand, here some more of those Tiki Item uses! Hope you enjoy them! Since we talking about sand, I thought I might start with all the uses for Bottles of Sand people came up with.

Item Uses

Bottles of Sand:

If get a few too many Bottles of Sand you could always have a fake Technicolor beach... WOOHOAA!!

Can be smashed and used as a replacement for Seasoning Sand on April Fools day.

Use sand as cheap wedding confetti! It will feel the tropical wedding you always dreamed about that would cost you an arm and a leg to afford.

You can dump it on the apple sauce your Mum has just made, and comment how nice it looks!

With the many types of sand you could make a rainbow sand castle right at home. No beach required.

Bottles of Sand can be taken to the Cooking Pot and transformed into an useful piece of furniture. If you put in the right combinations of sand you make sand sculptures. (Okay, that wasn’t funny. It was pointed out many heaps of people for a practical use. Thought I would add it in anyway)

Pickled Olives:

Pickled Olives: Can be used to ward off ANYTHING and EVERYTHING! One whiff, that's all that takes. Where were those when we were fighting Darigan??

Pickled Olives or Pasta of Eyes: Can be used as replacement eyeballs for one of your pets plushies. Don’t tell them! It might freak them out!

You could throw them at your Battledome opponent and watch them run complaining to Adam and Donna, saying that olives aren't a weapon.

You could use them as eyes on Halloween, or you could paint them all shiny and give it to someone and tell them its a gumball.

While cramming for a school test, take a whiff. That will keep you awake to study.


Tiki Tack Keyring: You can use it for a helmet guard when you go to the Wheel of Excitement, so your pets don't get hurt when you land on the flames.

Get two, and you can make a pair of earrings.

Wish Sticks:

Buy a heap of them. Tell your brothers and sisters you have a whole bunch of Zaptwigs. Watch in embarrassment them trying to equip them to their pets.

Used for whacking little brothers on his head when he bought 50 of them with your Neopoints.

Good for starting fires. Mwhahaha!!

You could chant "I’m a Mighty duck" and slowly watch yourself turn into a Mallard (or maybe a Battle Duck).


Neopian Times Issue 3s: Rip them up and give yourself a tissue tape parade -- minus the float and the cheerleaders, though.

Neopian Times Issue 3s: Create origami planes to pass notes like “Don’t make me get Sloth” or “I know powerful people in Neopia, Jhudora counts. Doesn’t she?” to the Neoschool bully sitting one row back to you.

Canned Ham: A guild leader and guild council’s worst nightmare!! SPAM! Arrgghhhhh!

Coconut mask: Buy two, paste them together, and now you have a nice new bowling ball!

Volcanic Rock: For hiding under when you insult a whole bunch of Tiki Man fans, which run after you with pitchforks.

Copper Bracelet: A hula hoop for very skinny pets

Scotch Egg: This egg is so rubbery, it can be used as a bouncy ball.

Brown Sauce: Squirt it on the floor and blame the Dung Faerie.

Sandals: Put one pair of sandals on your feet, one pair in your mouth and attach a palm fan to your bottom and pretend you are a Lenny.

Tombola Shirt: Graffiti a whole bunch of them by drawing moustaches on the Tiki Tack Man’s face.

Clay Pot: Good for storing food in.

Gold Balloon: Think of the saving on Mystery Island tours. Grab the string and don’t let go!

Home-made Gooseberry Jam: Use it for Ultimate Bullseye target practice. Now you won’t miss your shot!

Clay Pot: If you can't afford a toilet, why not use the cheaper Clay Pot?

Semolina: The ideal shape for a pillow. Bit lumpy.

Dried Apricots/Prunes: Mmm... fibre. That will keep your pet ‘regular’.

Chocolate Faerie Cake/Plain Faerie Cake: They make great Neohockey pucks. Nice and hard.

Chocolate/Cheese Fondue: Putty for throwing onto walls.

Silverware Set: Use the fork in this set to run after Neopian Times authors you don't agree with.

Dandelion and Burdock Drink: Shake it up, watch it fuzz up! Let your sister open it up.

Claw Necklace: Pop your little brother's inflatable toys!!

Coconut God Souvenir: Instead of going all the the way to the Battledome, why not just use it as a Punchbag bob?

Cub Tooth: Step 1: Buy one from the Tiki Tack Man's shop. Step 2: Bring it to a museum. Step 3: Try to sell it as a prehistoric shark tooth - it'll be worth more that way!


Mix Wheat flakes, Brown sauce, Dandelion Drink, and Can of Prunes. Try and pass it off as the newest spooky food.

You could have a throwing contest with the Tombola items; whoever throws the furthest in any one "category" of throwing items wins the whole batch. Oh, and a trophy. How about a golden throng? As otherwise known in different parts of the world as a flip flop, sandal etc.

Tombola items are really useful to donate to annoying Neofriends so they're stuck with them.

You can kill two birds with one stone and collect Tiki Tack Keyrings and Super Toy Sail Boats. Stick the keyrings in them and have a boat race with your Neofriends.

As well as my own ideas in this article I would like to also thank you to these Tiki Man worshippers for their ideas! (Chill down!! I’m just kidding, guys!) No particular order, they are: flayrah, sweet_pea33, , mark200040184, pikablue181, o0rock_angel0o, Melisande, merryholly, angel_goddess_12345, misslynx2002, loc89, texanfairieprincess, sir346, lili123172, adancerme123, cozy_paw, spirit_sav, colonel_loon, 1234567890000200, kaymanis77, martin1395490, rica_ixi, joe_dude94, shootingstar1006, my little brother (after thwaping him with a Cherry Wish Stick) and anyone else who I forget to mention.

The guild if you were wondering is called the Green Sand Movement. Special thanks to green_sand_guild, ktschmid and ninjapup. :) Even though our opinions differ, it was great fun sharing ideas.

So you were come to the end of my article. Hope you enjoyed reading it! I would like to leave you with one last word from the guild leader I talked to about their guild. “We're not just a guild -- we're a Movement -- trying to change the way people think about green sand! (but most of all, just have fun)”

Certainly that was the case with me. :) One time I may become a sand collector.. You never know...

Author’s note: Some of the suggestions/quotes used in this article were edited for readability and grammar so they may of been altered slightly.

Like my article? I would love to know what you thought of, feel free to Neomail me about it.

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