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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 16th day of Eating, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 104 > Articles > Gallery of Evil: The Falsely Accused

Gallery of Evil: The Falsely Accused

by onda_bianca

GALLERY OF EVIL - Nothing in Neopia is scarier than the Gallery of Evil (pause here and imagine eerie sound effects). Of course we would assume that only the most horrifying, notoriously evil creatures would be placed in this gallery. Unfortunately, I was wrong to assume this. Many creatures documented as evil are falsely accused, bringing unnecessary false fear to Neopians everywhere. Of course, I don’t dispute the evilness of creatures such as the Monocerous, Swamp Ghoul, and Tax Beast. What shocked me was to find so many Grundos considered “evil”. How could anyone think so poorly of a member of the Grundo species? I propose that these creatures are innocent of all evilness and intend to prove so!

We’ll first start with the Mutant Grundo. The Gallery of Evil (pause here again to hear the terrifying sound effects) claims that Dr. Sloth made the Mutant Grundo evil and that they have the “the strength of a hundred men but are ruthless, stupid, and slow. ”

Firstly, I want to point out that in its own documents, the gallery is the first to state that these were once peaceful Grundos, turned into something large and mutated by someone else. With that said, the Mutant Grundos are not villainous evil beings, but victims of Dr. Sloth’s evil ways. They cannot help being made large and strong, and cannot help the fact that they brainwashed and trapped into slavery by the relentless Dr. Sloth. They most certainly did not ask for this and they do not have control over their situation.

Secondly, a strong Grundo does not necessarily mean it is an evil Grundo. It is a shame that not all Grundos have the strength of a hundred men, if they did, then our poor Grundos still in control of Dr. Sloth could possibly be rescued.

The Grundos did nothing wrong, except fall into bad luck to become controlled by a truly evil man. Yes, call Dr. Sloth evil all you want. I agree, you won’t hear my defending him. But don’t confuse his evil ways to be one in the same with the poor Mutant Grundos. They are merely victims in this charade of evilness.

Instead of fearing our Mutant Grundos, try to help them. Get rid of the truly evil Sloth. If we did this, he wouldn’t be harming these poor creatures any more! In the meantime, why not give the next Mutant Grundo you see a hug, after enduring Dr. Sloth, he most certainly would need one!

This brings us into the next category of falsely accused evil creatures, the Grundo Warrior. The Gallery of Evil (pause once again to hear the sounds of dramatic screaming) claims the Grundo Warrior to be the strongest and most elite warriors who, although dumb, cause great damage, able to destroy full cities.

While the sound of this may sound scary, I ask of you to consider the feelings of these poor warriors. After being mutated into something they are not (see Mutant Grundo above), these warriors would be left in disarray and fear. They would be brainwashed by the evil Dr. Sloth and given no choice but to excel at what they are trained for. After all, Grundos are by far the species of excellence and naturally are good at whatever they do. Although they are claimed as a dumb species, they couldn’t be all that dumb if they succeed in what they plan to do. That being said, you cannot fault a Grundo for being a natural success.

One must also consider his motives. The Grundo Warriors don’t want to cause any harm. They don’t have control over the harm they cause either, because they are entrapped in Sloth’s evilness. They are probably unable to speak out and again, are the real victims in this mess. Perhaps if they received outside help, they would be able to escape from Sloth and become part of the normal Neopian society again.

Close to the Grundo Warrior is the Grundo Commander. In the Gallery of Evil (pause to hear eerie music followed by loud shrieks), the Grundo Commander is considered the most brutal of all. He fights until the very end and is described to be the most loyal to Sloth, carrying out all his orders to every last detail. Unfortunately, the gallery states that they “all know what fate awaits them if they fall out of favour...”

If you look up above at the previous argument for the falsely accused, you will find many of the arguments can be applied here. Of course, there is now an added twist. The gallery admits that the Grundo Commander is the most serious of all, and that they have no choice but to follow the orders of Sloth, otherwise, they will have a grim fate. These poor Grundos do what they do out of fear, and nothing else. They have no choice, and thus they do not deserve to be considered evil. Instead, they are prisoners of the evil and they need to be saved! Again, blame Sloth for this, but don’t blame these poor Grundos who are only trying to protect their lives, thus protecting their already limited species. Help them, don’t accuse them, they are not the evil ones here!

The fourth species that is falsely accused of evilness is of course the Spider Grundo. The Gallery of, well, you know (I was sure getting tired of the eerie music and miscellaneous noises, weren’t you?) says that this creature, also the doings of the evil Sloth, will terrorize those who enter his web.

Of course you all know my first point. This Grundo is yet another victim of the oh-so-evil Sloth. Hmmm, could this possibly be a trend.

So, moving on to my next point, the Spider Grundo lives in a web. This means this web is his home. If someone ventures into his web, they are venturing into his home. This could be considered trespassing and could be quite scary. If someone walked into your home, would you be okay? I think not! This poor Spider Grundo who is already a victim is just trying to live peacefully in his own home when people feel the need to invade it. So he does what he can to get them out and teach them not to come back again. Can you blame him? So he doesn’t want anyone in his home…I’ll admit, not too hospitable, but definitely NOT evil!

So there you have it. Four creatures falsely accused of evilness. In reality, they are merely victims. Instead of placing them in a gallery full of bad things, why not try and help them? Lets get the true monster here… let’s get Dr. Sloth. Not only is he among the evilness, he is number one evil as far as I’m concerned!

The Moral of all this: Poor Grundos. Bad Sloth.

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