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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 22nd day of Swimming, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 103 > Articles > A Guide to Camping

A Guide to Camping

by romantical

CAMPING TRIP - This time of year, when the heat is smoldering and the sun is always in your eyes, a common pastime of Neopians is conquering the great outdoors. They gather their bustling families and hike their way through the mountains and forests in search of the perfect place to open their tent. Of course, things don't always go as planned. There are many things in these uncharted territories that the average Neopian may not be prepared for.

In hopes of helping these less-experienced ones, I have put together this Guide to Camping. Included in it you will find a checklist of items to bring along and recommended camping sites.

Items Checklist

Backpack: With all the hiking you will be doing on your trip, I would strongly advise that you bring a backpack with you to carry all your necessities. Any average backpack, such as a Green Backpack should do the trick. If you are looking for something of better quality, I would suggest a Pirates Pack, which is similar in appearance, but actually made of tougher material. After all, those pirates have to have something to carry their loot around in! Anyhow, make sure you have something to carry your supplies in.

Tent: Anyone who intends to spend the night outdoors should make sure they bring a tent along with them. Easy to find at local stores, I would highly recommend the Tent in a Box. It is easy to pack, being compacted as it is, and when opened to its full capacity two average sized Neopets, such as the Lupe, are able to fit inside. This is a strong, durable tent that should last for years and make your camping trips more enjoyable.

Match Stick Puzzle: A match stick puzzle, yes rather an odd thing to be on a camping checklist, is that what you're thinking? Well, have no fear; there is some sense behind it. You see, even during summertime the evenings can get chilly. Yes, chilly. Luckily, one easy thing to find in the woods is wood. Who would have figured? So when night comes around and you're setting up camp, send someone out to gather wood. Then you can use your handy dandy matchsticks to light it, and soon you will have a blazing fire to warm your hands over!

Basic Survival Skills: This is the perfect book for any camper! It contains everything you need to know including, what places to visit, where to set up camp, and the high and low camping points of the year. Carry this book with you on your camping trip; it will surely serve as a helpful guide. Basic Survival Skills is well worth the average price of 3,000 Neopoints and should be available at most bookstores.

Marshmallows: Who can resist a s'more? They're the perfect treat for a tired pet after a long day of hiking. Simply bring along some graham crackers and chocolate as well and you'll be all set! The smell of the roasting marshmallows will warm anyone. Note: I would recommend visiting Tombola in the time before your trip, since one of the prizes you can get if you win is ghost marshmallows. This is a practical way of saving Neopoints!

Water: Okay, prepare to be lectured. The one thing that you simply cannot go camping without bringing along is good ol' water. Hiking among the mountains in the heat of summer has the potential to make any pet dehydrated, and if you fail to bring water with you, dehydration can lead to much worse. No pet owner wants their pet to feel light-headed or queasy, so plan ahead and pack lots of water!

Recommended Camping Grounds

The Haunted Woods: Looking for a spooky vacation? Then this is the place to camp out! The woods are very eerie at night and when its inhabitants emerge at dark, it can be quite scary. If your pet is easily frightened, this is not the place to be. However, if your pets like a good adventure it can be quite rewarding. There is much to explore in the depths of the woods, just be sure not to go too far…

The Lost Desert: Be warned, this is a very hot place to camp. The summer sun causes the sand to reach enormous temperatures and can burn the sensitive paws of many Neopets as a result. However, if your pets wear something protective on their paws, the Lost Desert is a place well worth visiting. The stream running through it is warm during the summer months, and makes swimming quite pleasurable.

Mystery Island: A place full of mysteries, with lots of room to explore! I have found this my favorite place to camp, as my pets are easily entertained when we go there. There is plenty of land to cover, but much of it is flat, so it is not as easy to get lost. Although the weather gets hot, there is often a breeze going through that cools you down, and the beach is a great destination!

Meridell: Meridell is another great place to camp. It is very lush, with great big forests to explore in and it contains many trails, with which to follow. The weather is cooler than on Mystery Island and a day of hiking is not nearly as tiring. In fact, some lucky hikers have been permitted to camp at the foot of Meridell Castle. What lucky Neopians!

One more thing, be sure to watch out for pesky bugs on your trip. They may be discrete, but they're there, believe me! One bite, and your pet is itching, itching, itching! Some standard bug spray should do the trick, but make sure that your pet is not allergic to it.

I hope that this article has better prepared you for the great outdoors. This time of year camping is a wonderful activity for Neopians great and small, winged and pawed. Just gather your family and be off on an exciting adventure. Enjoy the fresh air clearing your minds and taking you to a whole new place. Have fun!

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