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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 19th day of Swimming, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 103 > Articles > To Slots or Not to Slots; Brucey B Slots Addiction

To Slots or Not to Slots; Brucey B Slots Addiction

by beau_lis

GAMES ROOM - Games are a huge part of the entertainment of NeoPets. But what happens when a Neopian and their pets become a bit too attached to a game? It’s no great surprise to find that many of us are already Neopian Addicts. A majority of us have taken the ‘tests’ available to us for self discovery of our own Neopian addictions. We have all handled that aspect of our Neopian lives fairly well. So is it really that much of a stretch to realize that several Neopians may have become addicted to a particular game?

Recently, a game craze has swept over thousands of Neopians and their pets. In fact, this author has experienced this addicting phenomenon herself! This game thrives on the hope of Neopians to gain Neopoints with as little loss as possible. It’s quick, easy and can pay off very well. Yet this same game is literally sending many Neopians to the Neopian poor house!

What kind of game is creating such a sensation in Neopia? It’s the Lost Desert’s very own Brucey B Slots! This game offers the hope of winning millions of Neopoints in a single jackpot. The highest amount won so far has been over three million Neopoints. The catch is that less than a dozen Neopians can say they have won the jackpot of over a million NP. That means a dozen Neopians in the literally thousands of Neopians who play this game.

So then the next logical question is ‘why’ Brucey B Slots has such a huge gathering of players. No one knows for sure. However experts speculate that the hope of earning larger amounts of Neopoints is what drives so many Neopians to continue playing this game, even if it takes up the savings of many of these Neopians. When various Neopians were asked why they played Brucey B Slots, the majority of the answers revolved around Neopoints. The most common response was to gain more Neopoints. However, even if they lost, they still continue to play. This would lead us back to the theory of ‘hoping for a larger win’. It is a never ending cycle of always hoping for more than what was gained.

“Although Brucey B slots is ranked difficult you get big NP for the wait.” - fairyprincess322

“Brucey B Slots, A good way of both +/- NP.” – ancientuglytoilet

Then, there are those few Neopians who have recognized that Brucey B Slots may not be the way to go in order to regularly gain Neopoints.

“I think that Brucey B Slots is a waste of my time, because I just end up losing money, instead of making it...” - o_ogothkittyo_o

“I'm insane and enjoy seeing my money disappear...” – onda_bianca

For a select few, the game holds no addictive qualities at all for varying reasons.

"I was at first excited about the prospect of a new (slots)-style game, but I was quickly disappointed.” – jennawing speaking of the style of formatting of Brucey B Slots.

So how does one know if they are one of the many Neopians who have become addicted to Brucey B Slots? Just take this simple test.

1) When you log onto Neopets, is the first place you go to the Brucey B Slots?
2) Have you spent more than 10,000 Neopoints playing Slots in a single time?
3) When the day ends, will you most likely be found playing slots?
4) Do you put any of your winnings back into the slots?
5) The morning after, will you STILL be found at the slots?
6) Is a common phrase out of you mouth ‘Come on! Mamma / Papa needs a new paint brush!
7) Have you ever resorted to begging for NP just to continue playing slots? Often using the excuses of pets needing food or dental work?
8) Do you find yourself telling anyone who will listen about the ‘glory days’ when you almost had 5 coins in a row, thus almost winning the jackpot?
9) Have your pets ever threatened to disown you if you don’t quit playing slots?
10) Have you tried to give up slots but find that you start twitching violently until you go back to playing again?

If you answered ‘YES’ to any of these questions, then you most likely have an addiction to Brucey B Slots. Not to worry though! Admitting your addiction to spending all your NP on this game is the first step.

The second step that some may chose to take is to set a limit for themselves. Only spend so much on the slots, including the winnings. For instance, set a 2000 NP limit. Once you spent that, then stop playing the game for the day. Any winnings you’ve gained are yours to keep and spend on something you would like to have.

Another way to go is to play the game once a day for a limited about of time. Maybe set a 10 minute time limit. When your time is up, you quit the game and do something else. You’ll find that you can save a lot of NP this way too.

There is also the ‘loss method’. When you find yourself in a time where all you are doing is feeding the machine with nothing coming back, then quit playing the game for the day. That big win you are waiting for certainly isn’t going to happen at that moment in time. Unless you are Brucey B that is.

If pay offs are what you’re seeking and chose to stay in the game until you get a nice pay off, then try the big spenders method. There is a cliché ‘Go big or go home’. It’s simply a way of saying take the chance. Try doing the max lines of 7 with the max bet of 50 NP. This will come to 350 NP per spin. It’s a high price to pay, but the fruits of the spin, should you win, are usually worth it. On the other hand, if the spin yields nothing, then you lose 350 NP.

No matter how one chooses to end their addiction, it is possible to have a Brucey B Slots free life. But always keep in mind that slots is a game of chance. By sheer luck you may win big. However, more often than not, you will end up losing a lot more than you originally intended.

May the luck of the spin be with you!

Author’s Note: I too am a BruceyB-a-holic. So I hope you enjoyed my article. Please feel free to offer comments.

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