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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 21st day of Eating, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 4 > Articles > That Confusing Yellow Bar-thingy

That Confusing Yellow Bar-thingy

by _snow_man_

When I was new, I often thought of that Yellow Bar that you see all the time on NeoPets. What the heck is it? Lil' pictures with words on it and when you mouse over it you find out it's a link and it moves... but that doesn't tell you much. In this article, I will explain what these various links are for...

Is that top link with a picture of a house. Mouse over it and it says:

'Fun things to do with your NeoPet' Now, click on the link. You will see a page with that confusing yellow bar and equally confusing pictures and words. Up the top is this little banner-thingy with a cat/fox animal (Wocky) and pet.central on it. Ignore that, you don't need to know ANYTHING about it. Now, underneath that are other pictures. A yellow and pink piggy (PetPet), an angry red blob outlined in yellow (Chia), a lizard with freckles (Techo), a gold shield, a Lupe, an apple (I hope you know what an apple is,) a couple of whatdyacallems (Plushies, Green Scorchio and Purple Blumaroo), a house, and a weird thing with a weird hairdo (a Kyrii). Above or under them, they have words... Quick Ref, Abilities, Description, etc., etc. We'll get back to that later. Anyway, Pet Central, is just that. Pet *Central*. The page where practically all links to other pages are. Links to shops, contests, NeoHomes, the Pound, Games, and more, is located. Click away... don't be afraid... that's why there's that little 'Back' button on your browser : )

This is that link under Pet Central, with an egg in an eggcup. This does not mean you eat your NeoPet, you create a pet to feed/eat your existing NeoPet, or you create food for your NeoPet. Mouse over it and it says the same things, except with the exclamation mark. Click on it. You will not find anything if you already have four pets, so if you do, skip this, or read on, I don't want you to waste your time.

Anyway, all you owners who have less than 4 pets, and can see the page (and all you time-wasting owners out there) when you click on this link, you will see all... I mean all... the different kinds of species. You have to click a lot of buttons to see them all. You won't see them all on one page... you should have done this the minute you have signed up anyway. They take you to this page after you have fully finished creating your username. You remember... you chose a species... you named it Fred_234 or Sara_743 or whatever you named it. I don't care. Then, you chose its colour... blue... red... green... yellow... then its gender... female... male... it (just kidding!) Afterwards, you selected what its personality is like... kind, mean, etc.... then where it likes to live... sea... forest... wherever. After that, you clicked 'Create Sara_743 the Blue Acara' or something similar to that. Maybe you added numbers, I don't know. Most of the time, names are taken and you have to add some numbers : ( Don't worry, your pet will be fine. Most pets have numbers on their names anyway. That's where the _743 came from. Next, you check their stats. Only 5 rolls to get good ones, beware! After that, you probably saw your pet happy and saying something like:

"I'm hungry!" or "I need something to play with!" or maybe something else. How do I know what your pet said? Scrolling down, you probably saw some sponsors. Did you sign up? If you did, congrats, you probably have a nice little nest-egg right now. However, if you didn't... that's OK. I hope you're doing fine in Neopia. But next time, sign up with sponsors, OK? Good. Let's move on.

World... has a picture of a world... fits, huh? Hehe. Click it!!

World is the page all about Neopia, the world your pets live in. It, too, like Pet Central, has all these funny pictures...

A donut-thing with a plant on its head (Donutfruit), a ripped blue bedcover holding this round cyan object (Pant Devil), a calendar... a bunny with this thing around its neck (Cybunny)... a female with purple eyes and hair... isn't it weird the colours you see on people these days? (Actually, this is the Faerie Queen.) A line graph with a red squiggle, a paper aeroplane/airplane... I forgot how to make those... a box with a sign 'Soap Box'. This doesn't mean it's made out of soap, gives away free soap bars, washes your pets, or anything to do with bubbly soap. Click on it to find out. Anyway, the last pic is a speech bubble with a question mark. How the question mark got there is beyond me, you can't speak question marks. Only ask questions. Why the question mark is there is because it represents 'What?!?!?!'. OK? So you've got questions. This page also has many links... to The Neopian Times, this newspaper that you are reading... with my article... it's the best in the paper, right? Uh-huh. I thought so : ) It has links to cool offers... to get you NP, items, etc. It has the time... Neopian Standard Time (NST). It has the total pets... and lots of things. Check it out... a lot of info here.

Explore the world of Neopia. It has a star next to it.

Explore has a map of Neopia. It has Faerieland, Mystery Island, the Lost Desert, Maraqua (whirlpool now), VirtuPets Space Station, Haunted Woods, Winter World and Tyrannia. Neopia Central isn't there because it's the main shops. Go figure. Anyway, scroll down. Underneath that are some pictures and a description. Read them and decide where you wanna go ; )

Chat to other Neopians! You MUST be over 13 to see this page.

This page has 14 different chat rooms, all with lots of boards. Click whichever interests you and participate in a chat! Remember... you need to be on your best behaviour here. If not, well, *gulp*... =)

Games and fun!!! All ages, all species, all... Uh... PetPets allowed, too!!

This page has a search engine. Type in your NeoPet's species to find out any games to do with that NeoPet (e.g.: search for Meerca. Meerca Chase comes up). There are also 4 other big pictures. Puzzles, Action, Luck/Chance, and Featured Game. Play Puzzle games to increase your NeoPet's intelligence... these give good NP. Action is for those who love to battle, etc. Check it out! Like to gamble? Gamble your heart away with a whole set of games!! Featured Game changes every so often. As I write this article, the game is Nimmo's Pond. Under the big pics are smaller ones. A Chia in a suit, Nigel the Chia. Click on him takes you to the Stock Market. A Trophy takes you to your and your pet's trophies. Two Aishas fighting lead you to the Battledome... only the strong go here... the weak are easily beaten... A Peophin takes you to the High Score Tables. Here you will see all the names of successful people who did well in games. A set of cards leads you to a NeoDeck... yours, to be precise. Collect cards and display them for all to see!!!

Buy things for your pets!! This is often most visited. There are shops ranging from food to magic!!

The Shops page consists of 3 pages: The Main Shops, the Bazaar, and the Marketplace. At the top, there are some pics... a dessert, a building, a tower, etc. In the middle are some buildings. Grey vertical rectangles lead you to the Main Shops, where you start if you click on shops. To the left are some smaller, brown buildings. This is the Bazaar. It has toys, chocolate, and fun things for your pet to enjoy. On the right are the same buildings. This time, however, it takes you to the Marketplace, where other Neopians have shops. This also has the Soup Kitchen, where a kind Soup Faerie Works. She will feed your pets for free if you have less than 1000 NP. Besides the Soup Kitchen, the Shop Wizard is there. If you don't wish to look through all the shops, go to a starry tent and tell the Wizard what you want to find... oh... and the Soap Box, mentioned in World.

Extra, extra, read all about it!! All the new features of Neopia is located here!!

This page is updated every day, with all the cool new things the NeoPets Team has added! For 5 days new things are put up on the same page... but after that, a new page starts and fills up as the days go by! Be sure to scan this page and get the new things!!

Go here if you are confused, this page helps you with all your Neopian needs!!

HTML help, account, pet, games, shops, everything is here for you to search for if you are confused. This also has a link to where you can change your password! Heaps of links to help you, just click away!! If you don't want to do this, however, go to Chat Room 'Help', and ask there.

Online Store? Yep, NeoPets has got it! The Online Store sells T-shirts and Plushies for now. It has just started, so it doesn't have much... yet. They can ship only to certain countries, though : |

This is pretty simple. Log into your NeoPets account so you can play. Then you log OUT because you have stopped playing for the moment.

It MOVES!! AAAH! No. I mean, it does. But they're advertisements. They advertise sponsors, games, and various features of NeoPets. Click on them to see where they lead... it's pretty good graphics, too!

Your username is displayed here. For example, my username is _snow_man_. So, under the ads, it has user: _snow_man_... Then it has pet. This link leads you to Quick Ref, where you can check on your pets. See if they're hungry, bored, need healing, etc. So, it would look like this:

user: _snow_man_
pet: cheekie_lemon

My active pet is cheekie_lemon. This means that she isn't faded in my Quick Ref. To change active pets, go to Quick Ref and click on the pet you wish to be active. After that, you see NP. This link takes you to a page that shows you how many NP you have. It also shows how to get more : ). You do not need to click this link to check out your NP, when you are logged on, the amount of NP you have is shown. So, if my username is _snow_man_, my active pet is cheekie_lemon and I have 540 NP, it would look like this:

user: _snow_man_
pet: cheekie_lemon
NP: 540

That's all you need to know, really... except you can't buy something for 10,000 NP if you only have 100... it doesn't work.

This is a search engine. Use it to search for items, friends (type in their usernames), pets, or information. It works really well, too... I use it a lot!! If you look something up that has more than one... for example : searching for negg.

NeoPet : Negg
User : negg
Item : Negg
Item : Purple Negg
Item : Green Negg
Item : 101 Negg Recipes
Item : The Negg Faerie
Item : Yellow Negg
Item : Neggitus cure
Item : Ice Negg
Item : Super Ice Negg
Game : NeggSweeper
Help : Where and what is the Neggery?
Help : Is there a recipe for a Fish Negg?
Help : Where are the Ice Caves?
Help : What are Negg Tokens?
Help : How do I use Negg Tokens?

Do NeoPets a favour and link them from your site! Also, if you do and people sign up after clicking the doll/button/banner/pet, you'll get cool items for referring!!

E-mail the NeoPets Team! There are all sorts of things you can e-mail them for. However, if you can find the answer on the site, don't e-mail them, you'll be wasting your time and theirs : )

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