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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 14th day of Eating, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 101 > Continuing Series > Legend of the Baby Shoyru: Part Two

Legend of the Baby Shoyru: Part Two

by neiks3

I had just arrived at Maraqua or what was left of it. I spotted Chiazilla running toward me. He is more powerful than me, but I had to try to defend myself. I ran toward the monster and was about to throw a Supernova at him when there was a flash of light. The flash was very familiar. "Barry!" I yelled. Barry appeared behind him. Chiazilla has been defeated by a baby Shoyru. We swam back to the surface. "The closest place is Mystery Island," I said. "Which is where I have been wanting to go ever since I escaped from the clutches of Sloth."

     "Doesn't this place look great?" I asked. Barry was holding his Tyrannian Shoyru Plushie. I headed straight for the Training School when suddenly I saw the same thing that I had seen in the Ice Caves and the Lost Desert. "The Pant Devil!" I yelled.

     "Not you again!" said the Pant Devil.

     "Stop you thief!" yelled Kasuki Lu.

     "Do you think we should stop him again Barry?" I asked. Barry didn't answer. Instead, he turned the way the Pant Devil was running. His eyes started glowing white. Suddenly, a coconut hit the Pant Devil in the head and then another. Soon coconuts were flying all around him. That must of hurt. The Pant Devil fell to the ground in pain.

     "Give me back that codestone!" yelled Kasuki Lu. The Pant Devil gave him back the codestone. "I need to teach you a lesson," said Kasuki Lu. Kasuki Lu started walking backwards and stopped. Then, he started running towards the Pant Devil. Kasuki Lu jumped upward just a foot away from the Pant Devil and fell on top of him.

     "I wonder if the Pant Devil has learned anything today," I said. Kasuki Lu thanked me for helping get his codestones back. As a reward he gave me his trading card. After he was done thanking me, we headed for Training School. "What are we going to do about codestones?" I asked. Barry started to walk up to the water. Suddenly, Barry vanished and reappeared with a whole bunch of codestones. I counted them and all together was a hundred codestones. "Did you get these from Chameleon?" I asked. Barry just stared at me. "Okay we will get something to eat and come back to the Training School tomorrow," I said. The next day, we started our training. The black belt was happy to see me again.

     "Where have you been? I haven't seen you around for a long time," said the black belt. "Who is that?"

     "You mean Barry?" I asked.

     "Barry. That is a nice name," said the black belt. "What can I do for you, HeckDragonX?"

     "I would like to train for my mission," I said.

     "What is your mission?" asked the black belt.

     "To save the prisoners of Virtupets," I said.

     "I wish I could let you train for free, but then I would be losing a lot of money. You do know that don't you?" asked the black belt.

     "I know," I said. "We do have codestones for you just because I knew you couldn't. Barry dumped the bucket of codestones on the floor. The black belt stared with disbelief.

     "How did you get so many codestones?" asked the black belt.

     "It is a long story, but I will tell you it if you let me spent the night here," I said.

     "Sure. I will let you stay here as long as you want," said the black belt.

     "Thanks!" I said. "The story begins in my NeoHome."

     We had spent almost six months at the training school. Then, we headed for Tyrannia and were trained by Tyrannia's best men in their army. That includes Grarrg and Sabre-X. Sabre-X gave me a Grunslen. I named it after him. We were heading back to our NeoHome when the Ghost Lupe appeared. Suddenly, everything went black. I woke up in Faerieland. I was stunned for a second, but I started walking around. The Ghost Lupe was right in front of me. "Go to Hidden Tower! If you know where it is," said the Ghost Lupe as he vanished. I landed in the Hidden Tower window. We looked at the prices of the items they had in stock.

     "How can Neopians afford to buy anything here?" I asked. Even Barry looked amazed at the prices.

     "Are you here to buy something," said a voice behind me. I turned around. It was the Queen Faerie.

     "Sorry, we don't have any Neopoints with us," I said. "We just came here to asked some questions about Sloth?" The Queen Faerie went to the window and shut it.

     "What do you want to know?" asked the Queen.

     "We want to know where Sloth came from," I said.

     "Well, no one really knows," said the Queen. "He has been around even before Neopets came to exist on this planet."

     "Did he really start those wars in Tyrannia and the Lost Desert?" I asked.

     "Yes!" said the Queen.

     "We are going to beat Sloth!" I said. "Even if I die trying!" The Queen looked at me.

     "Why do you want to risk your life to stop Sloth?" asked the Queen. I told her the whole story. "Well, it looks like you have had a hard time," said the Queen. "Since you are going to the Virtupets Space Station, you might want this." She threw something to me. It was a Yoyo of Death. "Now go to the Haunted Woods and get Balthazar's claw. It will come in handy when you go to the space station. Trust me!" said the Queen.

     "This place is kind of creepy," I said. There were screams and weird sounds all around us.

     "HeckDragonX!" said a voice.

     "That sounds like the Ghost Lupe!" I said.

     "Go to the Witches Tower. She will help you on your quest," said the Ghost Lupe as his voice faded slowly.

     "Look Barry! Someone is blocking Witches Tower," I said. "It looks like the Brain Tree." The Brain Tree was standing there in front of the doorway.

     "You want to enter Witches Tower?" asked the Brain Tree. "Tell me where and when John Bruce died." We then traveled to a creature who would know it.

     "Look! it is the Pant Devil!" I yelled. The creature turned around to see the Pant Devil stealing some of his food.

     "You fool!" yelled the creature. The creature attacked the Pant Devil, but missed. The Pant Devil kept running until he ran into someone. It was a Albert. The Kacheek quickly attacked the Pant Devil. The Pant Devil fainted. The creature turned to me. "Thank you for alerting me. I will reward you," said the creature. "What would you like to know?"

     "So, you have come back!" said the Brain Tree. "What is the answer to my question?" The Brain Tree stared at me waiting for the answer.

     "In the Haunted Graveyard! In the year 300 AD," I answered.

     "How did you know?" asked the Brain Tree. He moved out of the way. We had reached the top of the tower.

     "Who goes there?" demanded Edna.

     "We won't to know where Balthazar is," I said.

     "In order for me to do that you would have to give me something in return and a plushie of Balthazar," said Edna. I gave a Clockwork Grundo to Edna.

     "Here is the Balthazar Plushie," I said. Edna walked over to a huge pot of boiling orange liquid. She threw the plushie into the pot and said some words I didn't understand. After that, Edna put a crystal ball in the pot and pulled it out. Edna laid it down on a table. "It looks like Balthazar is in the Haunted Graveyard," said Edna. She pulled the plushie out of the pot and handed it to me. "You might want to wash it first," said Edna.

     "What was that?" I asked. The graveyard was worst than the Haunted Woods itself. I never did get Balthazar clean. He is still orange. Balthazar looks like he used the Orange Paint Brush on himself. That plushie sure looks weird now. Barry kind of likes it though. "Look Barry! It is Balthazar!" I whispered. All of a sudden Balthazar sprang at us. The mutant Lupe stopped. The Brain Tree was pulling his tail. Balthazar didn't look very happy. Suddenly, a grin appeared on his face.

     "How dare you touch my tail!" yelled Balthazar. "You will be punished for your actions." Balthazar scratched the Brain Tree. The Brain Tree attacked back. Pretty soon they were attacking back and forth. The Brain Tree collapsed to the ground because Balthazar was much stronger than him. Balthazar looked really tired.

     "Now is our chance to finish him off!" I said to Barry. I attacked Balthazar with the Yoyo of Death three times. When I pulled the yoyo back the third time it caught on to Balthazar's claw and ripped it out. Balthazar made a horrible sound that I had never heard before. The evil Lupe ran away with his tail between his legs. "Lets go back to Faerieland, Barry," I said.

     We had been flying for fifteen minutes when we saw an old building that was not even on my map of Neopia. Barry and I landed to check the place out. When we entered the building, there was a Techo in a lab coat who was working on some kind of space ship. He almost looked like Dr. Death.

     "It is finally completed!" said the scientist. I approached him.

     "Excuse me sir, but do you know Dr. Death?" I asked.

     "He is my brother," said the scientist.

     "What is your name and what are you doing here?" I asked.

     "My name is Dr. Livingston," said the scientist. "My brother use to be like me until he got tired of seeing Neopets being abandoned at the pound. He then grew nasty and hateful. I use to work for Sloth many years ago until I found out he was using my work for evil. I slipped out of the space station while I still could. Do you want to see my most recent invention?"

     "I guess," I replied.

     "This is my newest creation!" said Dr. Livingston. A space ship with two plasma cannons, a radar system with a very wide range of reading, one huge hyper cannon, and many other things in this guide book." The scientist handed me a copy. "Come look at my greatest invention to ever be built on Neopia," said Dr. Livingston. The scientist then pulled a large sheet off of his invention which revealed a large gun. "I call it the Lab Ray," said Dr. Livingston.

     "What does it do?" I asked.

     "Stand here and I will show you," said the scientist. He fired the ray gun.

     "What happened?" I asked. The scientist looked down at something and looked back up again.

     "My sensor detects that your strength has increased," said the scientist. "The problem with the Lab Ray is that it will change things at random. Like your gender, color, species, and any stats. It will also decrease your stats, but that's the risk you have to take. The Lab Ray has a color you can't get from a paint brush. That color is Robot."

     "Doctor. Who is at the door?" said a familiar voice. "HeckDragonX. Is that you?" asked the voice. A Lupe appeared on the stairway.

     "HeckhoundX! It is great to see you!" I said. HeckhoundX is owned by Neiks2 who has a NeoHome in Neopia. Neiks2 is actually Master's brother. HeckhoundX is not as strong as I am even though. His color is red. He has a brother who I think is named BiolizardX. "What are you doing here?" I asked.

     "I was going to ask you the same thing," said HeckhoundX. "I'm here to hide from Chameleon."

     "You know him?" I asked.

     "Know him! I want to destroy him. He kidnapped BiolizardX," said HeckhoundX.

     "That jerk works for Sloth!" I exclaimed.

     "Sloth! I always hated him," said HeckhoundX. "Now I have a good reason for it!"

     "Your not the only one after Sloth," I said. "He has also captured the Space Faerie and BurnDragonX. That is why I am on a quest to destroy him and his Space Station."

     "I know how you can get to the space station," said Dr. Livingston. "You can use my new space ship to get there. You would have to take me with you if you were going there though."

     "Sounds like a deal!" agreed HeckhoundX. "One thing though. Where did that baby Shoyru come from?"

     "Dr. Livingston! I haven't seen you since you were working for Dr. Sloth," said the Queen Faerie. "So you have been hidden in you secret lab for five years." Barry started toward one of the walls. "What is it Barry?" I asked. The baby Shoyru kicked the wall. There was a cry of pain.

     "It is Chameleon!" yelled HeckhoundX.

     "You will never catch me!" yelled Chameleon as he flew out the window of Hidden Tower.

     "Don't worry! I will get him!" I said.

     "Wait! Take this Tiki Bomb bag," said the Queen. I took off holding Barry. He was holding the bomb bag. We eventually caught up to him.

     "Round one, Barry!" I said. I got right over Chameleon and Barry dropped three bombs at once. Two hits and one miss. "Round two!" I yelled. One hit, one miss, and one bomb that didn't even work. "Round three!" I yelled. Three hits. Chameleon was slowly declining. Use it!" I yelled. He unravelled the Yoyo of Death. While Barry was still holding on to the string, he threw it. The yoyo caught around his foot. Barry then pulled him up higher toward us. As soon as we found a good spot we landed. We tied the Shoyru up and brought him back to Hidden Tower.

     "Why has Sloth sent you here?" asked the Queen.

     "To survey what is going on down here. With my special ability of blending in with the surrounding environment, it is very simple to do," said Chameleon.

     "What were you going to do with a hundred codestones?" I asked.

     "Use them on myself of course," answered Chameleon.

     "Do you know anything about this baby Shoyru?" asked the Queen.

     "Sorry. I can't answer that," said Chameleon.

     "Why not?" asked the Queen.

     "Because I'm leaving!" said Chameleon. Suddenly, a creature jumped in from the window.

     "That is the one of the surviving creatures of the two who captured me! I can't believe that he is still alive after the blast from the Space Faerie's gun!" I said. The creature cut the rope we tied around him and they jumped out the window.

     "We have to go after them," said HeckhoundX. The two outlaws landed in a ship and flew back to the space station.

     "Quickly! We must get back to the lab!" said Dr. Livingston. The doctor opened a bottle and the gas formed into a swirling circle. "Step in," said the scientist.

     "What is it?" asked HeckhoundX.

     "It is a portal that leads back to my laboratory," said Dr. Livingston.

     "Now, you have all been equipped with jet boots, plasma guns, special super grenades, and air tanks. You may take any extra weapons if you want to. You all get one special weapon from Hidden Tower, too. I have strapped a special watch to you that you can contact me with for directions or if you need help," said Dr. Livingston. "Are you ready to go?"

     "Wait!" yelled a deep voice. It was Grarrg. "Our troops are ready to go with you," said Grarrg. Next to Grarrg stood Sabre-X.

     "We just have one problem," said Sabre-X.

     "What is that?" asked the scientist.

     "None of our troops have ships," said Grarrg.

     "Don't worry. I have thought ahead and created a giant fleet of space ships for future needs," said Dr. Livingston. "Just bring all your men here and they can load the ships." Grarrg and Sabre-X went to get their troops.

     "How did they know that we were going to the space station?" I asked.

     "I had to tell them. Now that his spy has escaped, I knew that they would bring out people to block the space station," said the scientist.

     "We are now approaching the space station," reported Sabre-X. There were about two hundred ships guarding the space station. HeckhoundX, Barry, and I were in the special ship that Dr. Livingston had constructed. The battle began! There were shots coming from all directions. Ships were exploding. The ship we were in had a very strong shield. Our objective was to take out the ships and enter the space station. We had really good guns that could take out a ship in one blast. Almost fifty were taken down by our ship. HeckhoundX decided to land the ship. "Grarrg! More ships are coming out of the space station," reported Sabre-X. We stepped out of the ship. The three of us were in the landing bay. Guards soon surrounded us. I attacked with my Yoyo of Death. Barry was using his Tiki Bomb bag. HeckhoundX was using the plasma gun Dr. Livingston made. We managed to defeat them all.

     The hall seemed empty and very long. "All the guards must be fighting out there," I said. We kept running until a doorway appeared in the distance. "There is three doors," I said. "One goes up, one goes down, and one goes straight." HeckhoundX chose to go up. "Then, I am going down," I said. "It looks like Barry has to go straight." (The next section of the story is being narrated by HeckhoundX)

     I finally got to the top of the stairs. "I am tired," I said. "I wonder what is behind that door." I thought. I opened the door. There stood the creature that I had first seen at Hidden Tower. It was asleep. I approached it slowly. Suddenly, it sprang at me. I took out my gun and shot it in the head before it could even touch me. The creature fell to the ground. I examined the body. "It is dead," I said to myself. I went to the next door. There was a stairway going down. "This again," I thought. (The next paragraph goes back to HeckDragonX.)

     "The farther I go down, the darker it gets," I said. After going down one hundred steps, I was exhausted. I was at the bottom of the stairs. "I can't stop I must keep going." I thought. I was in the dungeon of the space station. I would never forget such an evil place.

     "Stop!" yelled commander Garoo. "So you are here. You will never escape." I noticed a ring of keys hanging from his belt. Suddenly, the commander attacked. I used Shoyru Hover. He kept charging me, not even giving me the chance to defend myself. I noticed an emergency exit right next to us.

     "Say good night," I said. I threw the Yoyo of Death at the lever next to the door. It rapped around the lever. I pulled backwards while I activated my jet boots. The door flew open and sucked Garoo into outer space. Thinking fast, I shut the door. "It was a good thing that he kept charging at me. The keys probably wouldn't had fell off of him if he didn't," I said to myself. I started unlocking the dungeon cells. Soon all the prisoners were out of their cells and were heading for the landing bay. "Dr. Livingston! It is time to send the ships to pick the prisoners up," I said.

     "I'm on it," replied Dr. Livingston.

     "I had not seen BurnDragonX when I was freeing the prisoners. Sloth must have my brother locked up in a special place," I thought. This place is a dead end. There was no where else to go, so I went back up stairs. I had entered the door that went straight. As I walked in, I saw three more doors. Two were locked, but the last one was open. As soon as I had entered, the door behind me closed and locked. I went through the next door. "Doctor?" asked a computer.

     "Wait. You are the Virtupets most important computer, Version 2," I said. "Dr. Livingston. Where is the deactivation console?"

     "It should be on the right side of it," said the scientist. I went to the right side and typed in the code.

     "Doctor? What are you doing?" asked the computer. I pressed enter. "How could you?" asked the computer as it was shutting down.

     "What have you done?" yelled Sloth. "You will pay!" Sloth ran down the stairs. "Ever since you came along, I haven't got anything done," said Sloth.

     "I think Murphy's Law is attracted to you!" I said. Sloth picked up his ray gun.

     "You will become my slave!" said Sloth. "Where did you go?" I took out Balthazar's claw. I sprang at Sloth and attacked him with the claw. Instead of hitting Sloth, I sliced his gun in half. It exploded sending both of us flying in different directions.

     "You will tell me what you know now!" I said. I had tied Sloth to a chair. "What do you know about Barry?" I asked.

     "Prototype_Barry is a baby Shoyru that I made myself. It is a long story. Barry never would listen to our commands. He only wanted peace. So I sent Chameleon to drop the prototype in the Ice Caves for the Frost Beast to destroy him. I made another with DNA from the Monoceraptor to make sure it would be evil. The new one was called Prototype_Prodigy. The experiment was a success. In fact, the two prototypes are fighting even as we speak. Barry might have Psychic abilities, but Prodigy is stronger," said Sloth.

     "Where is everybody?" I asked.

     How should I know?" asked Sloth.

     "You have cameras in almost every room," I said.

     "Fine!" said Sloth. "Commander Garoo has escaped to hide in Neopia, HeckhoundX is in one of the three doors fighting Chameleon, Prototype_Barry is in the other door fighting Prototype_Prodigy, all the guards are fighting the your ships, BurnDragonX and the Space Faerie are hidden in the dungeon behind the wall, and I am out of here."

     "What?" I gasped. I turned in his direction and he was gone. The door opened. I saw Barry and HeckhoundX in not so good of shape. "We need to go to the dungeon," I said. All three of us headed back and went down the stairs. "He said that they were behind the wall. Barry! Do you think you can use your powers to bring down the wall?" I asked. Barry did what I asked him and brought the wall down. "BurnDragonX! It is so good to see you!" I said.

     "Lets get back to Neopia," said the Space Faerie. We all ran back to the landing bay.

     "BiolizardX!" yelled Heckhound as he ran to him.

     "It seems like forever since I saw you!" said BiolizardX.

     "Lets get on the ships and get out of here," I said.

     "For their bravery and courage to take Virtupets down and with some help from Grarrg and Sabre-X, I am proud to present these three great warriors with the medal of honor," said Fyora. The queen put medals on our necks.

     "Fyora! Another land has been discovered. We need to send some people to check it out!" said Sabre-X. "Sounds like another adventure. Right Barry?" I asked. Barry looked excited. "We will go!" I said.

The End

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