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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 16th day of Eating, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 101 > Articles > The Origin of the Meridell Rubbish Dump

The Origin of the Meridell Rubbish Dump

by nindail

MERIDELL - As everyone knows, the new release of the Rubbish Dump has been a hit. All sorts of people are tossing out their disgusting and unused items here. And some people recover treasures. Unlike the Money Tree, local people (King Skarl, The Meridell Castle Cleaners, Farmers, etc.) dump their disused trash here too. I, a fresh new Neopian Times reporter, set off to learn more of this dump.

When I arrived in Meri Acres Farm, I asked a local farmer that was heading there if I could come along with him. He agreed and he took the road north and up a hill. Right across it laid quite a couple of Acres being used for this dump. The second we crossed the hill, the stench of rotten tomatoes and dung made me want to throw up. But then I found a clothespin in the seat I was in and used it to buckle my nose from the gut-twisting stink.

When we arrived, the kind farmer began dumping his trash while I set off into the garbage, looking for the owner of this dump. There was a road engraved with rocks in the muck of this land. I followed it for a few minutes to find a small hut. I knocked on the door and out stepped a blue Kacheek in orange overalls holding an Attack Fork, most likely for unwelcome intruders.

Farmer: Yeah, whaddya want?

Me: Are you the owner of this Dump?

Farmer: That's me.

Me: May I ask you a couple of questions?

Farmer: For what?

Me: The Neopian Times.

Farmer: Oh this paper?

He pulled out a quite ruffled and stained issue of The Neopian Times Issue 93.

Me: Uhhh… Yes, that's it...

Farmer: Okay, so shoot kid. I don' got all day, ya know…

Me: Okay, Question 1- Why did you start the dump and not farm crops instead?

Farmer: 'Cause them crops can't grow 'ere and the land be muddy all the time.

Me: Interesting… Question 2- How did the dump idea get started?

Farmer: Darn kids began tossin' rotten food into my land. Thought since the land was goin' ta waste, might as well make a place where garbage could be gottin' rid of. Since I announced it to the King, he and the Meridell peoples bin tossin' their trash here.

Me: Wow. Question 3- Who throws out all of this?

Farmer: Mostly them peasants. King Skarl and his Cleaning crew also drop lots of junk here. Also the nearby farmers drop some stuff here too. Not to mention yer kind does, too. Oh and the Dung Faerie.

Me: The DUNG Faerie?

Farmer: Yup, the Dung Faerie. She looks like that purdy Faerie Illusen, but with a crown made of dung & a rod made of old metal & a pile o' dung at the top o' it. She wears rags and such and looks like she be diggin' in da trash fer hours.

Me: Wow… well, thank you for this interview sir.

Farmer: Yeah, no problem kid. O' and call me Tom.

Me: Yes, Tom.

Well, after I learned the origin of the Meridell Rubbish Dump, I began walking down the road. I was following the wavy road through all the garbage piles when suddenly something knocked me over! I looked at who I hit and it was the DUNG FAERIE! She coughed a few times and looked at me in awe (As I did too). She raised her scepter and muttered a few words and suddenly, my clothespin on my nose was turned into a Zeenana Peel!

The STINK! Oh it smelled so BAD! It smelled like rotten tomatoes, stale bread, dung, and all sorts of stinks into one all mighty stink! AGH! I gripped my nose in agony from the smell. That's when the Dung Faerie tried to help me.

Dung Faerie: Oh, I'm so sorry, I thought you were one of those Faerie Bounty Hunters that want my hide.

Me: *with my fingers clogging my nose* Ya, wehll yu shuda watchid out wherd yure goin.

Dung Faerie: Oh please forgive me. Here.

She pulled out a small clothespin with a floral print. She put it on my nose and removed it. I took a sniff of the air and it was like a field of flowers after a fresh spring rain.

Dung Faerie: It's one of my Magic Clothespins that give an aura of flowers when applied.

Me: Uhuh… so you're the Dung Faerie?

Dung Faerie: Yes, I am.

Me: Well, can you answer me a few questions? I work for The Neopian Times.

Dung Faerie: Sure, shoot.

Me: Okay, Question 1- What do you do?

Dung Faerie: I magically can summon trash from anywhere in Neopia and into this dump.

Me: Wow. Question 2- Where did you come from? And what started your crusade as the Dung Faerie?

Dung Faerie: Like all Faeries; Faerieland. I lived in a rich family that had no worries about garbage and others. As what I look like, I was an Earth Faerie. But one day, I decided to see what the world beneath the clouds was like. I arrived in Meridell and saw the peasants and farmers living amongst trash heaps and dung. I felt so sad that I began collecting and destroying the trash, but there was just too much.

So one day I was walking along Meri Acres Road amongst the dung and trash, ready to be collected and destroyed, but somehow, the trash would come back. So, like I was saying, I walked across the hill and noticed the large muddy land north of Meridell. I found the farmer and noticed that he couldn't grow crops here. I watched him for a few days until I decided to secretly give him insight to build the first dump in Neopia. It was a success and now the roads and houses of Meridell are clean.

Me: What a story. And lastly, how does all that dung and other stuff that nobody wants get destroyed?

Dung Faerie: Simple. After the piles of trash get very heavy, they sink into the mud. Oddly enough, the mud here is very deep -- probably hundreds of feet below the ground. So the dump won't be filled for ages to come.

Me: Oh. Well, thank you for the interview.

Dung Faerie: It was my pleasure. Oh and if I'm correct, you'd better run because that fresh scent of flowers only lasts for ten minutes.

Me: Oh, thanks!

I eventually made it back to the kind farmer that took me here. He managed to take me out of the dump before the aura wore off. Now the masses of Neopia know how that dump was formed, and what happens to it. Maybe people will be more conscious about what they throw out. Or maybe they may enjoy the fact that the trash will sink into the ground and it will be ages before it stops sinking and throw more stuff out. Either way, they win.

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