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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 21st day of Eating, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 101 > Articles > ORSD - Online Rare Stamp Dictionary

ORSD - Online Rare Stamp Dictionary

by paoloponti

STAMP KIOSK - Having problems getting those few (or not-so-few) rare stamps needed to complete your collection? Just can't find someone selling that Petpets Stamp? Not enough money for a Tombola Stamp? You've come to the right place!

This feature helps you in not only finding that rare stamp, but gives vital strategies to gaining that rare stamp.

This may not be a dictionary , but this is a GREAT reference on how to help you get rare stamps to complete your collection.


This guide is not for everyone. We realize that not everyone is serious in collecting the stamps. We also realize that not everyone has an efficient way of making Neopoints badly needed to purchase that rare stamp. Here we will tell you the important strategies involved in getting the money to get that stamp.

THE List

This is the list of what we believe should be the last 5 stamps that a stamp collector would get (in order, 1 being the hardest).

1.) Petpets Stamp
2.) Midnight Jelly World Stamp
3.) Mystery Island Grarrl Stamp
4.) Wock Till You Drop Stamp
5.) Mystery Island Kiko Stamp / Tombola Stamp

What do these stamps have in common? They're all Rarity 101. Meaning? They are NOT buyable in the standard Neopian Shops. Which makes them extremely rare. You shouldn't worry about the r99 stamps until you've collected all these. r99 Stamps show up in the standard Neopian Shops. They WILL keep on being buyable in these shops. Just be patient. These r101 stamps however, will not come out. So get them while you can!

Steps in Getting The Stamps

Step 1: Finding the stamp

This maybe the toughest part. Extremely rare stamps (usually released as Lenny Conundrum prizes) are extremely rare to find, let alone find someone who is willing to part with it. This is our guide to first of all FINDING the stamp that you need.

1.) The Shop Wizard

The good old Wiz. This guy works wonders. If you're lucky, you just might find a buyable stamp. Routinely check for rare stamps in the shop wizard every day. You never know what you're gonna come across (I once bought a Mystery Island Kiko Stamp in the Wiz for 60k). It's always worth the few minutes of your time.

Even if you don't find a buyable one, look at the shops of the people who have it. If it's part of a gallery (i.e. a Stamp Gallery or a Petpet Gallery in the case of a Petpets Stamp), then it's likely that the owner will not sell it. If it's NOT part of a gallery, then you just might be able to buy it! Neomail the owner of the store right away to start negotiations.

Don't worry if this method doesn't work for you. There are other ways of getting rare stamps.

2.) The Auction Genie

Not as consistent as the Shop Wizard, but if you're lucky, you can find a good deal on one of the more rare stamps! You never know which rare stamp is gonna come up next so always keep on checking.

Like the shop wizard, you should routinely check for rare stamps in the Auction Genie as well. Consider it a daily habit. Even if you already have the stamps in your collection, it is not a bad idea to keep on looking for it. You might get lucky and actually find one!

3.) Trades

This is probably the toughest. It's either the user is frozen or the person hasn't logged on for like a year! Look for the newer trades (usually at the bottom of the trades) and see if anyone is selling it at a reasonable price.

Like the shop wizard and the auction genie, this should be done in a regular daily basis. Patience is vital to collecting the stamps. Don't lose patience or hope. It IS doable!

Step 2: Getting the stamp

Maybe Step 1 wasn't so tough? Maybe it was easy to find someone willing to sell it? What about finding someone who is willing to sell it for a REASONABLE price? That's the tough part. You're going to have to be smart here. You should start asking yourself questions like "Is the price right?" and "Can I get this stamp later for possibly a cheaper price?". As I've said before, patience is of utmost importance. Don't jump in on any opportunity. Bad things happen if you don't think it over.

I've missed a chance on buying a Midnight Jelly World Stamp because a few days before, I bought a Misaligned Printer Stamp for 600k + a baby paint brush (the baby paint brushes were worth 200k back then) so that's a total of 800k. Does it sound like a good deal? Maybe. But that trade depleted my money and I didn't have enough to offer on the Midnight Jelly World Stamp! I have lost that chance. So, be patient. It may be easier said than done but it's true.

Most likely, the transaction will have to go through the auctions (if it's a pure Neopoints trade. If it's an item trade, then ignore this section). Now you've got the deal set right? You're in the clear, right? WRONG! Another aspiring stamp collector who happens to be looking for that stamp suddenly comes along and bids on it! That is why it is important that you ask the vendor to make it a Neofriends-only auction, and to make you his/her Neofriend of course. This is another important step.

Step 3: Protecting the stamp

You got the stamp! whoo-hoo! Now you have to be careful that it doesn't get turned into a pile of sludge or get stolen or something like that. Put it in your shop/stamp album RIGHT away! If you're going to put it in your shop, be careful when you are pricing it. Make SURE that it is above 99,999 NPs. Or else some lucky person will be able to buy it.

Do NOT show it off in the trades. Don't go like "whoo-hoo I finally got this stamp! not like you losers!". That will make some people mad and try to do something bad to you (i.e. make false accusations and report you to NeoPets, etc.). You do NOT want to make enemies specially in NeoPets.

THE List - Revisited

Here again are the top 5 stamps, their recommended prices, and some information regarding them. These are in the order that they were released.

Mystery Island Grarrl Stamp
Description: Arrin the Grarrl was always mocked at school for his tastes in clothing.
Rarity: 101
Released Through: Stamp Game
Recommended Buying Price: 4 - 5 Million

Wock Till You Drop Stamp
Description: Are you ready to rock?
Rarity: 101
Released Through: Lenny Conundrum
Recommended Buying Price: 1 - 2 Million

Tombola Stamp
Description: And you have won.... a can of beans :(
Rarity: 101
Released Through: Stamp Game
Recommended Buying Price: 2 - 3 Million

Mystery Island Kiko Stamp
Description: Kiko, Kiko!
Rarity: 101
Released Through: Stamp Game
Recommended Buying Price: 2 - 3 Million

Petpets Stamp
Description: You worked out the Lenny conundrum so you deserve this rare stamp!
Rarity: 101
Released Through: Lenny Conundrum
Recommended Buying Price: 4 - 5 Million

All in all, all these stamps will cost you approximately 20 million total. That's quite a pretty penny for sending your mom a postcard.

Conclusion / Credits

Well, that's it! We hope that by the end of this guide, we have helped you in gaining vital information on getting those stamps!

Thanks goes to the following:

NeoPets Staff
all the competitive stamp collectors out there

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