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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 14th day of Eating, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 101 > Short Stories > Never Poke a Healthy Quiggle in the Eye

Never Poke a Healthy Quiggle in the Eye

by sweetviolet86

"Hey, in case you haven't noticed, that happens to be my everlasting apple you have there," said a very annoyed looking Gelert.

     "Oh this?" questioned a small Kyrii, obviously enjoying this game. "It doesn't look everlasting to me."

     "Well, no but I'm trying to make it everlasting and anyway that's beside the point! Hand it over Makineato! You stole it and I want it back."

     The Gelert lunged for the tiny apple while knocking the Kyrii over. The apple rolled out of the Kyrii's grip and nestled in a patch of grass near a curious looking Meowclops.

     The Gelert eyed the apple then the hungry petpet. "Spiceymeat, come on, give the apple to me. I'm your owner! See? Be a good boy and just hand it..."

     It was too late. The Gelert growled at the Kyrii and lunged one more time.

     "Do you know how much I paid for that apple? 160 Neopoints! What did you want with it anyway? You can't eat apples pinhead."

     Makineato, the Kyrii, glared. "For your information, I purchased a Halloween Whoot and I wanted to see if he could really chop stuff up. I thought it would be fun."

     "Fun? You really need to get out more, you know that?"

     "Yeah, well thanks to you I no longer have an apple!" Makineato thwacked Jeronik a few times with his rubber axe. "It's your entire fault! You and that dumb petpet of yours."

     "It's my fault? You stole my apple. My apple! Now I'm out 160 Neopoints. You're the one to be blamed and put that dumb rubber axe away! It really hurts." Jero rubbed his head a few times and pouted.

     "Oh come on you big baby get up! We'll find our own apples."

     Jero looked wide eyed at the Kyrii, "You mean, steal it?"

     Makineato rolled his eyes. "Your sister is an ex-thief for crying out loud! Don't tell me you're afraid."

     The Gelert glared and spat out, "I'm not scared! I'm just... emotionally frightened."

     "That is the same thing."

     "No it isn't."

     "Whatever. Come on already! We've got a health shop to go to!"

     As the two entered the shop, they were greeted by a funny looking Quiggle with a veggie badge.

     "Would you like to buy some nice, healthy food for your pet?" the Quiggle asked with a smile on his face.

     "We are pets and err we'll just be browsing for now, thanks", replied Makineato.

     "Okay then!" said the Quiggle not blinking once with the same silly smile plastered on his face.

     "Is he alive? I think he's staring at me! Is he staring at me?" Jero said looking around frantically.

     "Jero! Settle down! Look, there are the apples. Now all we have to do is... Jero are you even listening to me?"

     Makineato took out his axe and gave Jero a few more good thwacks on the head.

     "Hey! What did you do that for?"

     "Pay attention! Now, you distract the Quiggle, and I'll take the apples and stuff them in my hat. Got it?"

     "He's looking straight at us! He hasn't blinked once!"

     "That's because he's squinting doofus. He's not looking at anything!"

     "Oh. Does that mean he has no eyes?"

     "How am I supposed to know?" Makineato hissed. "Just do what I said."

     Jero sighed and went over to the Quiggle.

     "Hello there. Uh, I'm looking for some eyes."

     "Excuse me?"

     "Oh! Um I meant black eyes peas. Yeah do you know where they are?"

     "Sure! They're right over next to the apples. Here, I'll take you to them".

     The Quiggle started towards Makineato, who at the time was stuffing apples into his hat."

     "No! I uh changed my mind."

     Jero was panicking. The Quiggle was nearing Makineato. They would be caught for sure! So, Jero did the only thing he could think of.

     "Oww! What did you do that for?" yelled the Quiggle.

     Mak rushed forward, apples falling out of his hat behind him, and grabbed Jero's tail. "I said distract him not poke him in the eye! Come on, let's get out of here."

     As the two neared the door, the Quiggle stepped out in front of them.

     "Leaving so soon? I mean, you didn't find anything else?"

     "Oh err no we're fine thanks," said Makineato as he inched closer to the door. He stopped as he stood in front of the exit. "Wait... find something else?"

     "Oh yes!" stated the Quiggle, "I see you picked up about four of our delicious apples. That will be 640 Neopoints please!"

     Jero's eyes widened. "You saw that?"

     "I do have eyes", stated the Quiggle.

     "Really? Where?" Jero poked his eye.

     "Hey! I only have two of those and would very much so like to keep it that way!"

     "Oh", said an embarrassed Jero, "Sorry about that".

     Makineato rolled his eyes. "You are pathetic. Come on let's make a run for it!"

     "Oh no you don't", shouted the Quiggle as he zapped them both with his bubble gun.

     The two tumbled to the ground with an "oof!"

One hour later...

"I told you this was never going to work!" exclaimed Jero.

     "It's your own fault for poking his eye!" replied Makineato.

     "How was I supposed to know he even had one?"

     Makineato took out his rubber axe.

     "Do you carry that around with you everywhere? What are you going to do? Hit me again?"

     "Actually I wasn't. I was about to knock myself out. There's only so much stupidity a Kyrii can take you know, but now that you've mentioned it..."

     Makineato thwacked Jero a couple times on the head.

     "That really hurts, you know that?"

     "So I've heard. Hey, what's this?"

     Mak took off his hat and much to his surprise, found an apple that was hidden in a pocket.

     "When did you take that?" asked Jero.

     "When did I get a pocket" said a puzzled Mak. "Hmm, well looks like my Whoot has something to chop after all!"

     "Excuse me? I believe you owe me an apple Mak!"

     "I don't owe you anything! I had to pay 640 Neopoints for those other apples!"

     "You stole my Neopoint bag".

     "Did not!"

     "Did too!"

     "Prove it then", Mak said arms crossed.

     Jero pointed to the small bag fastened to Mak's belt.

     "Property of Jeronik' See? It says right there!"


     "Hand over the apple Mak!"

     "No it's all mine and you can't have it muahaha!"

     Jero growled and lunged at the Kyrii. The apple rolled out of his grip and landed at the feet of a small Meowclops.

     "Spiceymeat be a good boy and give me the apple. Please?"

     Whoops, it was too late (again).

     "How ironic," said Jero as he glared at the munching Meowclops petpet in his paws.

     Mak took out his rubber axe. "Yeah".


The End!

Author's Note: Thanks stormydreamer for allowing me to use Jeronik and putting up with my insanity. You're a great friend :)

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