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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 21st day of Swimming, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 100 > Articles > Eliv Thade = Evil Death?

Eliv Thade = Evil Death?

by bookyalex

GAMES ROOM - I'm sure we've all heard of the new game, The Castle of Eliv Thade. In this game, you're an Usul named Gilly who has to collect four items from four rooms then go to the Crypt to put Eliv to rest. You are hindered by evil anagrams created by the ghost of Eliv Thade. If you're like me, you've never gotten past the third room in one game, because of them, even though you can sometimes create a path of stones over nothing to shorten your path. A lot of the speculation in this article was based on facts from the Neopia entry.

It all started one day when I decided to play the new game, The Castle of Eliv Thade. I kept thinking it was Evil Thade, and this got me to thinking, what if Eliv Thade was an anagram in itself? Well, it could be. If you flip 'liv' around you get 'vil' which put in front of the E is Evil, gotten from 'Eliv'. Then, if you put the 'a' in the front of the word Thade, and the 'de' in front of that, you get 'death'. And this isn't the only example.

There is also, for instance, the Shield of Pion Troect, Amulet of Thilg, and Grimoire of Thade. Do those sound like normal names to you? I think not! Upon analyzing these so called "names", and going to, and looking at a site with a great anagram decoder (which shall remain nameless so as not to spoil the game :), I have come to several conclusions. Pion Troect comes out to "Protection", so the meaning is "Shield of Protection." A Grimoire is a manual of black magic. So that could explain Thade being a ghost, or maybe he invoked a demon in his final days to haunt his house. Or maybe it just means Black Magic Manual of Death. (Thade = Death)

Thilg, when decoded, so to speak, comes out to light, meaning Amulet of Light, which I suppose would be effective in banishing an evil, or dark, spirit/ghost. "Skardsen" comes out to "darkness", so you have a Sword of Darkness, which makes sense, considering it's an evil house and evil is normally associated with darkness.

Also, crypt, although meaning an underground burial place, is also the base of the word encryption, which is when something is coded, as in an anagram. If you ask me, the NeoPets Team did quite a lot of work on this game, more than is revealed on the surface. Of course, I've yet to beat the game, so it could be revealed in the end and I don't know. Somehow I doubt it, as that doesn't seem at all characteristically like the NeoPets Team.

Now, on to my theories of how this game came to be and of the history of Eliv Thade and the puzzle that drove him to madness.

Could it be that Eliv Thade is a reference to what Eliv has become: An Evil (and deranged, psychotic, and crazy) death, as in a spirit or haunt? After all, what kind of deceased weirdo goes around his house giving anagrams to people so they can escape if he doesn't want them in there anyway?

Or maybe it's what the anagram was that drove him insane - Eliv Thade. He couldn't figure it out, and it was a prophecy of sorts in that it was what Eliv would become. Maybe the servant was a seer, and thought to change fate for the worse, because he hated all the people who came to the castle to give him "unsolvable" anagrams, which just gave the servant more work. Maybe the reason the game was called that was because that was the anagram.

And now you have to wonder, what happens when you fall in the basement that causes you to die? Is it just the sheer impact? Or is there something down there, waiting for the moment to attackā€¦ or could it just be that Gilly falls in, finds a window, and leaves? She certainly doesn't find the answer to the anagram that so puzzled Thade. Although, if Eliv worked on the anagram in the library, couldn't it be in there? Could the mysterious anagram that caused Eliv's spiral into the abyss of madness be found there? Is it tucked in the grimoire, and is that why you need to collect all the items? Or is there a spell that when you collect all the items and bring them to the crypt, it is cast and thus Thade is either 1) put to rest against his will without ever finding the answer to the anagram, or 2) finds the solution to the anagram, and thus, can finally rest in peace?

Finally, why would Thade care if a particular Usul named Gilly came in and got lost? He punishes anyone who dares trespass, I know, but how did the Gilly even come to be in the house in the first place? I say she is the descendant of the servant who gave Thade the puzzle. It is her destiny to put Thade to rest so that no other suffers from the puzzle of her ancestors. Or maybe she is the servant. Then again, maybe she knows the answer to the anagram, which drove Eliv Thade insane. She could've heard it when the servant was on their deathbed and told her the answer to the anagram so that Gilly would in the future somehow become lost in the castle and be able to put poor Thade to rest so that he could be happy or so that he would no longer haunt others. This would fit my theory of the servant being a seer or one with foresight.

So, is Evil Death just a coincidence? Is it all some mysterious twist of fate? That, my dear reader, is for you to decide.

Author's Note: Everything included in this article involving theories was developed by myself, and may or may not be true.

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