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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 21st day of Swimming, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 90 > Articles > The Joys of Keeping Your Inventory Empty

The Joys of Keeping Your Inventory Empty

by tracypaper12

YOUR INVENTORY - Keeping your inventory empty may seem a very obscure topic to base an article on, and it is... to some degree. Keeping your inventory empty can help you on your way to Neopian greatness, and can help keep all your items organised and tidy. It makes your Neopian life much easier, and it can even thwart a villain or two. This article looks over why it's such a good idea to store your stuff in your shop or safety deposit box.

The inventory is one of the most commonly used areas on Neopets. For one, it is the place where you can access all of your purchases, feed and play with your pets, and even send items to Neofriends and other users. You can even discard and donate your objects here. In fact, most users will have an inventory crammed to the top with Usuki dolls, rainbow snowpuffs, and any other item imaginable. But there are disadvantages to storing all your items in your inventory. There are six main ones;

Bargains and Bantering

Picture this. You're searching the shop wizard for an island paintbrush, to paint your Acara with. You search through the lists of unbuyable items, groaning loudly as they all all priced at 100,000 Neopoints or above. You hit the refresh button a couple of times, scanning through the lists... refresh, refresh, BAM! Some fool placed it at a mere 10,000 Neopoints. You quickly click the link, and enter the shop. You find the paintbrush, click on it quickly, and...

Sorry, you can only carry a maximum of 50 items at one time!

Shock shock horror! By the time you've managed to deposit some of your inventory, and get back to the shop, some other lucky owner has found themselves an island paintbrush up. I have to admit, I have done this myself countless times, as I'm sure a large majority of you have

Thick As Thieves

Have you ever been visited by the Pant Devil, the Ice Devil, Sloth and his sludge ray, or a Mutant Grundo? All these villains have one thing in common. They either steal or transmogrify your items. Items from your inventory. This is very rare, but there is always a chance that the random event you receive may take rather than give. Also, villains like the Pant Devil like to steal from places such as the wheel of excitement. You often hear numerous tales of the Pant Devil taking rare and precious items from the users of Neopia. Make sure you stash your valuables in your shop or your safety deposit box, where evil hands and paws can't get hold of them.

Organisation Issues

One of the most important factors of keeping your inventory empty is for your own organisation. Things can easily go missing without you noticing, or become hidden underneath piles of Tchea fruit and Tombola sand. The easiest way to keep items organised and orderly is to keep them in your safety deposit box or shop. Make sure you 'spring clean' your safety deposit box every now and again, or your items will pile up, and you will find yourself burdened with 'junk'.

The First Place They Look

Probably the most important reason for keeping your items in your safety deposit box. Scammers. When a scammer enters your account, they will more than likely go to your inventory, and take whatever they see of value, before going to your safety deposit box. However, rare items can often be missed or overlooked by the scammer, giving your possessions that little bit of extra security. And if you are scammed, report it straight away.

The Gift of Giving

Especially around holidays and birthdays, this feature can be very important. People cannot send you items or gifts if you have more than 50 items in your inventory. This can be extremely frustrating, and may end up with you not receiving your gift at all! Birthdays and Christmas are very important times to have an empty inventory, especially if you are very popular. If you find yourself in the position where you cannot send your item to somebody, put the gifts on the trading post and Neomail them the location. Remember, never use the 'give to Neofriend' feature to trade items.

Quick Stock Queries

Quick stock is the fastest, easiest, most convenient way of sending your dung collection from your inventory to your shop, your safety deposit box, or even (woe betide) the money tree. This feature is very useful for shipping numerous items around your account. However, this feature will not work if you have more than 70 items in your inventory, forcing you to do things 'the hard way', selecting each item manually, and selecting the option from the drop down list. Keeping your inventory as empty as possible makes sure any items you do have can travel quickly and easily, with less chance of choosing the wrong option.

I Didn't Mean To Do That

Sometimes, discarding or donating a rare item accidentally can happen to some of the best users. It usually occurs on the quick stock feature, when your inventory is crammed packed with odds and ends. Click the wrong circle, and it could make the difference between selling and discarding your Spardel. If your inventory is reasonably empty, this shouldn't happen half as much, if not at all. If you do use quick stock with large amounts of items, it is generally advisable to check the table, or do small portions of your items at a time, to avoid mistakes.

So there you have it. Why leave your items out to be stolen or transmogrified, or even hinder your own wealth and progress. Keeping your items somewhere in an organised order can help you to become a richer, more popular Neopian. And remember, whenever you want that item, its only a click before its out of your shop or Safety deposit box, and back in your inventory, ready for use. Easy as pie! (but not the mathematical kind, that's not easy at all)

Author's Note: I really enjoyed writing this article, and would love to hear your comments and criticisms via Neomail. But don't send me any items, my inventory is kinda full...

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