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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 13th day of Swimming, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 82 > Articles > Randomness All Over Neopia

Randomness All Over Neopia

by onda_bianca

NEOPIA CENTRAL - In life, there are many things that are random. You don't have to look far in Neopia to find these random things either. After playing NeoPets for any amount of time, you will probably encounter something known as a "random event." A little box that says "something has happened" or even "random event" will pop up and surprise you! These random events happen all across Neopia! Everyone has received random events at one time or another and they can be a lot of fun! Each time I receive the "something has happened" box, I suddenly get excited and anticipate wonderful things.

There are three general kinds of random events. There's good random events, bad random events, and neutral random events.

Good Random Events

These are the events we all learned to love and hope for every time. When the "something has happened" box pops up, we hope for one of these events. A good random event can brighten anyone's day. There are several different kinds of good random events.

1. Random events that give you NPs. There are several different ways to find NPs. Apparently, there are messy people all over Neopia who leave up to 50 NP on the floor. Other times, you strait up find NPs, up to 1000 NP! I must say that it is very exciting to find NP at one time.

Other NP findings include the tooth Faerie, where you find a random number of NPs. Once I won 1077 NPs, which is quite a lot for a tooth! You can also find lost treasure. I have yet to find some of these, but have heard about the Secret Mystery Island Treasure and the Great Ice Treasure, where a random amount of NPs are given, between 300 and 1000 NP.

2. The other kind of good random events can be super fun. These events are the ones where you can get a random item. These items range from something cheap to something grand and expensive.

Many people's favourite random event comes from Jacko the Phantom Painter. I have won a few petpet paint brushes and a rainbow paint brush from him once and was ecstatic! Paint brushes are so rare to come by and only occur through random events, so anyone who receives one is *very* lucky. Finding a paint brush is wonderful if your pets need to be painted, you paint them for free this way! If, however, your pets don't need to be painted, you can sell your brush and get the NPs to buy other things you need.

Another exciting thing to find is a Nerkmid. These are very rare and I don't see them around as much anymore. They are very expensive and can either bring in a lot of NPs, or hardly any at all. You use these by going to the Alien Vending Machine, turning random buttons and levers, and hoping for rare items and NPs. Many people sell their Nerkmids when they find them, but my thought is that it didn't cost me anything, so why not take the chance?

There are other items that are quite nice and more common to find. These include codestones, faeries, map pieces, and food. With the rising costs of these things, these come in very handy!

There are other random events giving items that you won't find as much, but when you do it's lots of fun. Some items that I've seen given away are potions, Battledome items, crystals, crackers, and even lottery tickets. The lottery tickets are the funny things, because there's not much for you to do once you've gotten them. I always hope I win, but the chances of winning a lottery is kind of slim, so to get a random lottery ticket seems a bit funny to me, but it couldn't hurt!

Other things that I have found are omelettes. While they are not too expensive, they are handy in feeding your pet. There are many other items you can find through random events, that I have not even thought of. These items can be very exciting and fun, you just need to play the game long enough to find out what kind of fun stuff you will find!

3. The third kind of random event is something your pet will enjoy very much. This is an increase in your pets stats or hit points. The Ghost Lion and Ghost Lupe are very good characters to see in Neopia, they have been known to increase your pet to full hit points.

Another thing that can randomly happen is that your pets will all gain a level. This saves you on training and is very nice.

While all these random events may seem nice, there are also bad random events that are just not fun.

Perhaps the worst kind of random event is when your pet gets sick. You are going around Neopia, minding your own business when your pet "suddenly comes down with a bad case of (insert current disease here)." Once this happens, it is time to make a trip to the healing springs or to the shops to buy the cure. I honestly recommend trying the healing springs over and over, because the water Faerie will cure your pet for free. This is a much better option compared to paying thousands for medicine.

Another horrible random event is when these horrible creatures come and steals items or NPs. The Pant Devil is notorious for stealing items, including the expensive ones you may have. The Grundo Leader and Ice Devil have been known to take items too, Dr. Sloth has been known to turn an item into sludge, and the bug brothers and random ghosts come and steal a random amount of NPs. The newest event is the Tax Beast, a nasty lil guy who will take 15% of the NPs you have on hand.

There is something you can do, however, to keep your valuable items and NPs from being stolen from you! The only items that can be stolen are those in your inventory, so if you have anything valuable, you can tuck them away in your Safety Deposit Box and not fear having it taken! For your NPs, be sure to put them away in the bank. This way they are safe from being stolen!

The funny thing about these random events, however, is that some are so random they are neither good or bad. They just kind of happen and you move on. One that is most amusing to me is when my pet goes by and say's "hi". Or I will get a message that says that I am the "best owner ever!" This always gives me the warm fuzzies and puts a smile on my face.

Sometimes, however, my pet will go by and ask for more faeries, a certain food, or certain toy. One event that still makes me laugh that I've seen has said, "Your Neopets stomach is rumbling…I think they would like a Frozen Negg! You better buy one for them:)" This makes me laugh each time. Often times they ask for an expensive or unbuyable item. "Not in this lifetime" is usually what I tell my pets!

Of course, other random events don't ask for anything. Some come buy with stock market tips or other such tips about the site. Other things will be a random comment from a creature or pet, or simply a mystical wind that blows on by. Very odd indeed, but it can always bring a smile to my face. If the event is totally random it will strike me odd enough to laugh, which is a good thing to do in this neoworld!

Now you may be asking why you haven't seen a random event in awhile. The truth is, these events are totally random! You may go weeks without any, then suddenly you may get bombarded. They are unpredictable, and there is only one way to guarantee you will get random events. This is to keep playing, the more you play and travel the site, the more random events you will get! So have fun and enjoy your events as they happen!:)

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