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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 21st day of Swimming, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 82 > Articles > Neopia Guide Books: The Amazing Lost Desert

Neopia Guide Books: The Amazing Lost Desert

by gigabit12163

Note to viewers: Not all of the information here is factual. I added a twist to the story to make it more interesting :)

NEOPIA CENTRAL - Thank you for purchasing Neopia Guide Books: The Amazing Lost Desert. We hope that this information helps you along your journey through the Lost Desert. We wish you a wonderful time on your vacation.

-Neopia Guide Books

P.S. It can reach temperatures of 110 in the Desert, so be careful!

Chapter 1: Tourist Attractions

So, you've finally made it to the Lost Desert, but you haven't a clue where to go? There are millions of places to visit. Please take a look at the map that is inserted into this book. The Lost Desert is split up into two parts. The river divides the two regions apart, thus calling it the Western and Eastern Region. If you notice, though, in the southern area, there is a little island. This is called the Southern Island Region. The game Geos is played there, and a boat ride is required to get there. A majority of the tourist attractions are on the Western Region. Below are all of the places you can visit in this area.

Paint Brush Stall: If you are lucky enough to find a Lost Desert Paint Brush, it would be wise enough to check here to look at all of the different ways you can use it. So far, 18 pets can look like a fashionable desert citizen. The following pets can be painted: Aisha, Blumaroo, Chia, Chomby, Elephante, Grarrl, Ixi, Kacheek, Kau, Kougra, Kyrii, Lupe, Peophin, Poogle, Pteri, Shoyru, Tuskaninny, and Wocky. But even if you don't have the materials to make your pet look this nice, it will still be fun just to look around.

Brucey B's War Tent: Awhile back, this young Bruce was inspired by the Grarrl shopkeeper's words to do something to help the people of Sakhmet in their time of need. He borrowed a big tent and recruited brave Neopians to lead an attack against Sloth's army. To show their gratitude and hospitality, the citizens of Sakhmet decided to keep this tent up and turn it into a museum. There is even a Brucey B Gift Shop you can take a look at once you have visited the site.

Sakhmet Palace: One place that the people of Sakhmet have to be proud of is this ancient Lost Desert monument. Tours are available through the palace for only 1000 NP. Read below for a brief history of King Coltzan III Coltzan taken from the Official Neopets Encyclopedia Volume K:

King Coltzan III was a brave and just warrior who governed The Lost Desert with a kind heart and generous soul for many years. His legendary status as a noble defender of The Lost Desert grew as the tales of his heroic deeds spread throughout the land. There isn't a single Sakhmetian alive who has not heard the tale of how Coltzan defeated a savage Monocerous with his bare paws, or of the time Coltzan rescued Princess Lightfoot from the clutches of the nefarious Baron Nehlaki, a story which is recounted in Sakhmet Tales a popular anthology of Sakhmetian folklore.

As you can see, this here King is not only the ruler of the Desert, but a hero at that.

On the Eastern Region of the land, there are a few major attractions to visit.

Calculator: A handy, little calculator that you can purchase for only 10,000 NP. With so many features, you will finally solve the mystery of how to have fun with a calculator.

Coltzan's Shrine: Standing at the peak of a sand dune you see a tall monolith covered with strange hieroglyphics. It is the Shrine of the late King Coltzan III. His spirit still inhabits the shrine, and if you approach, he may grant you something to help you in your battles. As the description reads, the mysterious King Coltzan III may help you by granting you something mysterious. Who knows, he may even give you a precious gift that is very special.

Chapter 2: Shopping

There are so many specialty shops in the Lost Desert. Take home some valuable pottery, purchase some cool Battledome equipment for your pet, or even find a few scrolls to read to your pet!

Sutek's Scrolls (Eastern Region): Many enchanted scrolls are up for grabs in this mysterious shop tent. Some of the common scrolls that you can buy look like actual books. You may even be lucky enough to purchase an actual scroll! But be careful! Some scrolls can cast an mysterious spell on your pet if you read it to them...

Osiri's Pottery (Eastern Region): A souvenir is the best way to remember your vacation. At Osiri's Pottery, there are so many beautiful handcrafted pots and Earthenware available. But even if you aren't able to get one, you can purchase free postcards featuring pictures of the wonderful items.

Petpet Stall (Western Region): Many pets would love to have a little friend to play with while on their vacation. Head to the Petpet Stall for great deals on special desert Petpets that aren't available anywhere else. Some of the Petpets include: Anubis, Selket, Wadjet, and Horus.

Battle Supplies (Western Region): Rare and exotic Desert Battledome weapons from across the land are available in this small shop. If you are able to get any, try it out on your pet. They will look quite snazzy. Maybe you'll get a really rare weapon that hopefully deals a good amount of damage in the Battledome.

Now that you've been around the shops, it's time to eat!

Chapter 3: Foods to Eat

When you are in the Lost Desert, I'm sure that you would like to try a variety of different foods. Check out the Food Stall in the Western Region, and pick up a few delicious treats to munch on while you walk around. Here is a list of the foods available on the menu:

Grakle Bug (Grakle Bug on a stick), Grakle-Stuffed Turkey (A turkey stuffed with grakle bugs), Cheops Plant (A plant with a sweet berry on the end that tastes like cherry. Beware: The stem is poisonous), Ummagine (A large, deep-root vegetable), Sutek Muffin (Made of Blueberries, Flour, water, and sand), plus others. You will have to visit the Food Tent to figure out other foods you can taste.

Though these foods may sound unappetizing, they sure taste good. But if you ever see a type of desert food that is burnt or damaged, do not eat it (they are quite common).

After taking a bite, why don't you head down the gaming pyramids?

Chapter 4: Games to Play

The Lost Desert offers many games to play in the area.

Pyramids Game (Eastern Region): Pyramid Solitaire, Neopets style. If you can finish the pyramid puzzle, wealth and riches await you! Seems easy, right? Not all Neopians think this challenging puzzle game is easy. The game only costs 50 NP per round, so you could probably spend the whole day here. A very nice Desert Aisha, who does not wish to disclose her name, hosts pyramids Game.

Mummy Maze (Eastern Region): Enter the tomb of the ancients and try and collect the gold! Watch out for the mummies, flames and other nasty Kyrii-eating monsters! If you are lucky enough to make it through every level, you will be buried in gold and riches! But be careful. Many monsters roam around the caves, trying to prevent you from getting the coins. And it's free, so why don't you give it a shot! Note: Lost Desert is not responsible for anything that may happen while you play this game.

Scarab 21 (Eastern Region): Make columns of 21 using the cards dealt to you to earn prizes! The rules are simple. Using an ordinary deck of 52 cards, your goal is to make columns of 21 that are dealt to you. If you put the cards together in a certain way, you will get bonus points! Who knows, maybe you might even find the ways to get even more secret points! And it only costs 50 NP to play.

Swarm (Eastern Region): Shoot the evil beetles before they shoot you! Collect power ups to make your tank faster and collect better guns! This game of skill and stealth can be both fun and challenging. You get to ride in a tank supplied by the LDGD (Lost Desert Game Department), and shoot the evil monsters before they get to you. Don't worry if you get shot, though. You have 3 chances to defeat the beetles!

Sakhmet Solitaire (Eastern Region): Play a Neopets version of this old favourite Solitaire, and get paid NP and trophies!!! Like the description says, this game is just like the Solitaire everyone likes to play. If you don't know how to play, maybe it would be a good idea to go over the rules. And like most Lost Desert games, it only costs 50 NP to play.

Geos (Southern Island Region): Decide whether to bomb or build in this exciting multiplayer tournament. This game is fun when you have 2 people to play with! You have two choices: Bomb or build. Good luck!

Fruit Machine (Western Region): One free spin per day - good luck, there are loads of prizes on offer!!! Spin this machine of the Lost Desert and if you get 3 matches, you may win a fabulous prize including Petpets, Desert Foods, and even some Neopoints! You might as well take a chance, since this wheel is free!


Thank you for reading this book which hopefully helped you on your vacation throughout the Lost Desert. If you would like to contact us, with any of your concerns, questions, etc. Neomail gigabit12163 and we will try to come up with an answer as soon as possible. Thank you.

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