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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 24th day of Swimming, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 82 > Short Stories > GoldenRhino the Stuper Villain

GoldenRhino the Stuper Villain

by too_kule

GoldenRhino the baby Tonu watched in awe as the television went on the blink. It was 1 a.m. NST and GoldenRhino knew he should've been in bed way earlier. GoldenRhino's owner, TK, had fallen asleep on the couch watching, in GoldenRhino's opinion, the best movie ever.

     "That move had everything!" GoldenRhino whispered to himself. "Action, uh...yeah, lots of action! And best of all, a totally spiffy stuper villain!" Right then, right there, GoldenRhino promised himself something. He'd become Neopia's worst stuper villain... no matter what.


"Morning TK!" SilverEmerald greeted cheerfully as she sat herself down for breakfast.

     "Mmm, smells good," added EmeraldBlitz as he sat down across from her.

     "I'm starved," finished JadePaw as she sat down next to EmeraldBlitz. TK brought a plate with a pile of pancakes over.

     "Where's GoldenRhino?" he asked. Then, GoldenRhino entered the room. He was wearing a navy blue handkerchief tied around his face with circles cut out of them. He had tied a maroon towel around his neck to make it look like a cape. He walked over to the table, grabbed some pancakes in his paw, and shoved them into his mouth.

     "Y'know, forks are what one normally uses," informed JadePaw. GoldenRhino looked up at JadePaw and growled.

     "I'll do what I want," he whispered darkly.

     "Good morning to you too, grumpy. Sounds like someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed. What's up with that costume anyway?" asked EmeraldBlitz.

     "It's my stuper villain costume," replied GoldenRhino .

     "Super villain, not stuper villain," said TK.

     "Whatever. Anyway, I'm going to be the best stuper villain around. I'll be so bad and evil and mean! I'll rule Ne--Ooooh! Look outside, it's a Faerie Cadro! Awww, isn't it so adorable!" GoldenRhino exclaimed as he bounced over to the window. He watched the little Petpet excitedly as SilverEmerald laughed.

     "Yeah, you're going to be real evil alright!" she cried as everyone else started laughing. GoldenRhino looked into the window at his faint reflection and grimaced. They'd be sorry.


After breakfast, GoldenRhino was in his room. On his bed sat his red Babaa. GoldenRhino had dressed it up as well. GoldenRhino tied a black handkerchief around the Babaa's face. It was similar to his own except for the slight colour difference, with little eye holes to help the Babaa see. The creature was starting to drift off while sucking on a sheet of paper.

     "NOOOO! Cherrific, that's my Stuper Villain Check List!" cried GoldenRhino as he snatched the paper from the Babaa. "Okay, here we go: 'Develop Evil Personality'. Hmmmmm... the grumbling at breakfast was a good start... plus the staying up late last night! I'm a natural born rebel! But there was that incident with the Faerie Cadro. I'll give myself a half check. What do you think, Cherrific?" The Babaa looked up sheepishly and burped.

     "Hmmmmm... you burped without excusing yourself! Wow, you're a rebel too. OK, what's next...ah, here we go. 'Make Evil Costume'. Well, I have mine and you have yours. Check! 'Give Cherrific a Make-over'. Let me see...well, you have the bandana! OK, Cherrific, your new name will be...Darth Babaa! Brilliant! and I'll paint you a scary colour of Halloween later too! 'Get Evil Weapon'. Hmmmmm..." GoldenRhino scratched his chin while trying to think of a good weapon to use. GoldenRhino ran out of his room to SilverEmerald's.

     "What do you want midget?" asked SilverEmerald as she flipped through a magazine on her bed.

     "May I please borrow a--" But GoldenRhino stopped himself. This was not evil behavior! "Give me a weapon now or you'll pay." SilverEmerald chucked a pillow across the room hitting GoldenRhino in the head. GoldenRhino grumbled and headed down into the basement a.k.a. JadePaw's laboratory. This was where JadePaw worked on all of her experiments.

     "Hmmmmm... what I need is a type of potion," muttered the baby Tonu to himself as he eyed the bottles on the shelf. He read each label aloud, searching for the perfect one. "Wart Remover, Dung Destroyer, Wadget Shrinker, Polarchuck Grower, Tongue Colour, sis has waaaaaaaay too much time on her hands. Hey, what's this?" GoldenRhino reached for a potion. He read the dusty label. "Ten Second Super Powers! Wow! Super speed, strength, x-ray vision...but it only lasts a few seconds." GoldenRhino also picked up another potion, which read 'One Minute Immobilizer'.

     He continued to search in the laboratory. Besides the potions, JadePaw also seemed to have a few contraptions.

     "What's this?" he asked. He picked up a dusty old machine and gasped. It was an actual jet pack! "This is so great! But I need a weapon... here's something..." He picked up a purple laser thing. He squinted his eyes to read the minute label on the handle. 'Copy of Boochi's Ray Gun'. GoldenRhino couldn't believe it. It was an actual copy of Boochi's ray gun! With this, he could turn a Neopet into a BABY!

     GoldenRhino jogged back to his room with all of the stuff in his arms to see his Babaa chewing the head off one of his sisters' Usuki Doll. By seeing this, GoldenRhino was reduced to tears.

     "YOU DO LOVE ME!" he wailed as he hugged his Babaa tight. But he stopped himself. He replaced his crying face with his 'stuper villain' expression. "Er..good job... let's see what's next. 'Work on Evil Laugh'. HEHEHE... oh no, that's weird. I'll try again... AHAHAHAHAHA! No, too plain. HOHOHOHOHO... yuck, that's Santa Clause! Uh... MUAHAHAHAHA! Perfect! Now Darth Babaa--I love that name--work on your laugh too." GoldenRhino waited. Darth Babaa looked up and blinked. Finally after a few seconds, the Babaa burped.

     "You're a natural! Okay, one more thing to go! It says: 'Find Arch-Nemesis'. Oh dear...I WENT TO ALL THIS WORK TO BECOME A STUPER VILLAIN AND I DON'T HAVE AN ARCH-NEMESIS!" he yelled. GoldenRhino immediately regretted yelling, because as soon as he stopped, TK and the rest of GoldenRhino's siblings ran to his room.

     "Are you--" TK stopped as soon as he looked into the room. TK didn't know what to be surprised at first. GoldenRhino still wearing his outfit, the Babaa's costume or the piles of stuff GoldenRhino had snatched from JadePaw's laboratory.

     "Is that my stuff?" JadePaw inquired as she saw the stuff on the ground.

     "Nope," GoldenRhino lied as he tossed a sheet over it.

     "What's going on?" TK asked.

     "Er...I was playing...pretend," GoldenRhino lied again. He scowled as he saw the other pets breaking into silent laughter behind TK. GoldenRhino could tell TK was trying hard not to laugh.

     "Heh... carry on," TK said as he left the room.

     GoldenRhino stood there scowling some more. He had found his arch-rivals...his brother and sisters.

     "I'll show them! Someday, I'll be the worstest stuper villain around! I'll be so evil, they'll... be in shock at my evilness! MUAHAHAHAHA! Ooh, that cute widdle Faerie Cadro is back! It's adorable! Yes it is, yes it is!"

The End

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