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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 22nd day of Swimming, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 82 > Short Stories > A Friend For Edna

A Friend For Edna

by bobbicus_freddicus

Edna the mutant Usul watched as the other pets passed through the park. They were all having fun with their friends. But not her. Most mutant pets are treated the same as any other pet, but Edna lived in an area where pets weren't very open-minded about that kind of thing. They pounced on those who were different. Edna was one of the only mutants in her area, so she was, consequently, labeled "Different".

     But not today! Today she would make friends or die trying! That was what they always said in the old movies, but Edna didn't think that any of them really would have died trying. Still, it sounded good to her.

     A fire Lupe and a green Kyrii passed. She gulped. It was time. She got up and scampered over to them. "Uh-hi?" she tried. They just stared at her. Then, the Kyrii sniffed and they continued on their way. Edna sighed and slumped against a handy tree. Behind her, a little girl was playing with her Poogle. The Poogle had a Doglefox. It leapt up high in the air to catch a frisbee. Edna watched with interest, yet remained where she was.

     Finally, it started to get dark, but Edna had seen enough. Today she skipped all the way home. When she waltzed into the house, she ran up to her owner, Susie, and gave her the puppy face. First, she asked the question she had asked every night. "Can I be painted different?", and then the answer.



     "What would you want to be painted?"

     "I don't know!"

     "Fine, then."

     "Can I have a-"

     "No, a brother or sister would just shun you like the rest of the pets around here!"

     Edna cleared her throat. "That wasn't what I wanted to ask. Can I have a petpet?"

     "Um, I suppose so. What kind?"

     Edna grinned, and told her owner exactly the kind of petpet she wanted. Susie agreed, and the next day they headed to the petpet center in Neopia Central. As they walked through the door, the Usul smiled at them. "Can I help you, honey?" she asked. Edna nodded. Susie spoke up for her. "We want to browse a little. Please let us see all of your pets. Even the ones you think might not be suitable for being bought!" she added, quickly.

     The first petpet cage they visited contained a Kadoatie. Edna shook her head and they moved on to a cage full of Warfs. Finally, they came to the last cage. Edna was feeling depressed. Maybe the type of petpet she wanted didn't exist.

     As Edna peered in, she saw that the last cage contained a Puppyblew. Her eyes were green in color, and her fur was orange with blue-green spots, and she had a tail that split at the center and tapered off into two tails. "Can I have this one?" she asked.

     The Usul grinned, and said, "I thought nobody would ever take her! They all think she's too weird!" Edna smiled, thinking that the pets in her area wouldn't want the pretty petpet either. Afterall, she was Different.

     Edna told the shopkeeper to call her if she ever got a petpet that was less than normal. She did the same with the other shopkeepers, bringing Different, as she had decided to name her petpet, with her, too. Soon, she had a two and five-eyed Meowclops (Biclops and Quintaclops), a two-headed Kadoatie (Pearl and Gretchen), a green Scamander (Bobo), a Warf with two tails (Wiggles), a one-headed Bearog (Chipper), an orange furwitch (Fluffums), and a purple Peadackle. And that was only the beginning.

     Edna was playing with Different and Chipper one day when a large truck passed, followed by a car. In the back seat sat a Faerie Gelert. Edna watched as the truck stopped-right next door! She wasn't happy with this. That house had been empty for ages. It was huge, and Edna had explored it all. Now a snooty pet was gonna live there to make her life miserable. Edna didn't think she could bear it. The Gelert got out of the car. Edna waved as she went up to the house, intending to tell her to go away once she had the Gelert's attention, and expecting a haughty stare, but the Gelert waved back and skipped over. "Hiya, I'm Poppy!" giggled the Gelert.

     Edna was flabbergasted. How could anybody say hi to a mutant like her? But then, Poppy wasn't from around here. Mutants weren't hated everywhere, she supposed.

     "Uh- that house over there, it has a lot of places to hide stuff in- sometimes you can hide in there too! And, uh, it's a lot of fun!" Edna babbled. Poppy grinned. "You can show me tomorrow! By the way, those are cute petpets!"

     And so it was. The next day Edna and Different showed Poppy around the house. Poppy was delighted. As Edna walked home, Poppy called after her, "Wait! Um, you know that little Bearog you had yesterday? Can I see him?" Edna brought Chipper out. Poppy gasped with pleasure as the little petpet hopped into her arms. Edna smiled, and said, "You can have him!"

     The next day was a school day. Poppy was in the same grade as Edna, in fact, she was in the same class. Since she was new, and her ways were different, the other pets shunned her as well as Edna. But it didn't matter to them. Afterall, who needed those pets? They were friends, they had petpets that the other pets shunned too, and they were Different. And that was a good thing.

The End

Author's Note: Feel free to Neomail me with comments or criticism. I won't be able to respond because I have these Internet security things on my computer that are keeping me from sending Neomails. >:(

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