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New Features (Our Neopets Diary)

This is the NEW FEATURES page. To keep you up to date we have decided to create a page that lists everything new that we add to the site, so you know whats going on! Keep checking this page for updates.

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31st July

  • Hi there. Its going to be a busy week, the first few days we are installing a lot more servers to keep the site fast, and we will also be adding the Theme Parks and Stock Market this week.
  • Fixed the way people were cheating with the buyitem.phtml script, they wont be able to cheat any more. Remember, if anybody does cheat this way report it to us and we will delete their shop.
  • We improved the lost my password routine so you type in your username and not your email address.
29th and 30th July
  • Neocircle News - fixed a bug so now you can get the actual code that the neocircle owner had placed, before it was just putting it as blank. Oops!
  • You can now type longer words into the auction genie. Thanks whoever pointed that out!
  • Fixed the Polls on the front page so they dont shoot off the end of the screen!
  • Done LOADS of work on the servers to keep them running fast, we had to reinstall about 12 of them. Mmmmmmm fun!
  • Apparently we were mentioned on the radio show Kim Kommando. Cool! Thanks for that!
28th July
  • New Game Techo Says is now out. Can you complete all 5 levels and beat the mischevious Techo? Click here to find out!
  • New Neopian Times is out today - check out issue 15 now!
  • Loads more trading cards have been uploaded. We are redoing a lot of them with much better pictures.
  • Just a quick note from Adam - we have been really busy since we are installing a new database server (double the power!), so things like the Theme Parks and Stock Market are going to take a couple more days. Sorry about that!
  • We now have a new Cool Offers page. If you missed out on anything at all when signing up, you can get them all again here!
27th July
  • You can now navigate around the NoticeBoard... we did this to stop it being hogged by all the big spenders (you know who you are....!)
  • Also, lots new coloured pets have been added to the Rainbow Pool. These should be available tomorrow.
  • Some of the Shopkeepers have got a new image. Including this lovely nurse from the pharmacy. Doesn't she look great!

26th July
  • Fixed a bug on the pet homepage stats page... now you can see how many pageviews your pets pages gets every day.
  • We added three new pet web pages today. Check out the Aisha Slide, the Kiko Funky Dance and the underground Cybunny secrets.
  • Moooo!!! We have replaced the Macy Gray (for legal reasons) with the cute new Kau
  • Now we have 2 Million Neopets in the world!
  • Wow, there are more chocolates, books and other items added today. Lots more will be added in the coming weeks including plush toys of your favorite pets.
  • The Fan Art Work page has been re-vamped and we are going to try to add new images almost every day. Click here to see the lastest pictures.
  • The Pant Devil and other fiends could steal objects that were on Auction. Not any more!
25th July
  • We fixed a bug with the pet homepages. If you couldnt find your pets page then try again at
  • The Quiggle has been launched. This fun loving frog is the new look FrogStomp. Have you ever seen anything so happy?

  • Lots of pets got brand new webpages today. If you own a Flotsam, Kacheek, Poogle or a Techo check it out. If you have already edited your pets home page and want to have the new webpages simply go to here and choose edit your pets page. Then at the very bottom there is an option to reset the webpage to the default one. If you press that all your changes will be gone and you will have the new webpage instead.
  • We have added loads more trading cards, so see if you can spot the changes in our Spoiler List.
  • Still working on the Stock Market (its going to be here in a couple of days)
24th July
  • We are back!! And have some cool ideas for the site that we had over the weekend. Coming soon is the first of our new worlds, a secret island that is rumoured to have a Battle Dome Training School. Watch this space for more information!
  • Ooohhh, lots of brand new items have appeared in Neopia today. Look out for cool stuff like the Tatsu Sweater and lots of grooming supplies.
  • We are also working on the Neopia Stock Market, just so you know :)
  • People trying to hack passwords are going to find it a lot harder now, as we have put an extra check when logging in. If you get the password wrong too many times then you will be locked out.
  • We have created the Market Spoiler page. Its a list of most of the items in the game, we did this because Shop Wizard has changed - you now have to type in the EXACT phrase.
  • A lot of people have been cheating in their shops by forcing people to click on items. We will delete any shop we see with this code, and possibly delete the account of the owner too, so dont do it!
  • New Pet (and its ugly!). We have replaced the Fleye with the Buzz, so adopt one today.
  • The under 12 signup procedure now has a little chia that pops up!
20th July
  • We added some more cool random events...
  • Fixed a bug with the birthday cards... some days they werent going out, they are fixed now.
  • There is a new homepage for the Poogle, complete with a funky dance. We will also be adding some more dynamic ways to build pet homepages today.
  • Check out Edit Your Pets Homepage - 6 more ways to make your pets homepage better!
  • ILLNESSES ARE HERE Yes, your pet can now get ill! If this happens (its a random event) then diagnose the illness at the Hospital, and buy a cure from the Pharmacy.

  • By popular demand, the shops will now stock more of each item. We cant put this up too high because we dont want our database to be overloaded with items, but there are now about 15%-20% more items in shops.
19th July
  • We have added a cool NeoCoins feature in our admin section, so now the Neopets Staff will be able to give people NeoCoins!
  • In the adoption agency, the search engine is back, but we have had to restrict it to name only, because the other searches were REALLY slowing down our database and making the site slow.
  • Loads more changes to NeoCircles - they should be much better over the next few days!
  • Added a Search Engine to the NeoCircles now... so its easier to find them (now that we have 800!!!)
  • The owner of a NeoCircle can now delete sites from it. Remember, please use a proper URL, and please use the NeoCircle code, otherwise this spoils it for others.
  • *** EVOLUTION *** - The Polypup has become the Gelert
  • *** EVOLUTION *** - The Tigren has become the Acara
  • IFRAME has been banned from the shop descriptions, so please dont use them! People were cheating a lot by using them.
  • The new Beauty Contest is out!
  • There is a new Screen Saver out click here to download it!
18th July
  • Two pets have evolved today, the Lupe and the Badeek
  • Our programmers have been busy working on the new NeoCircles. They are just like WebRings, but better :) We are beta testing them at the moment, so if you have any suggestions on how to improve them please let us know. ll
  • NeoCircles have had a couple of bugs fixed, and also been improved. We have also increased the shop size limit to 4000 characters (it was 3000) so you can fit more stuff in!
17th July
  • The lottery has been changed to 4am for technical reasons :) It will run EVERY day now.
16th July
  • We have added loads of servers this weekend, and been working hard on making the site fast and playable.
  • We are also adding Web Rings today. Its Sunday but we are still working :(
  • A whole stack of new peotry was put up today - all sent in by you! Click here to read them all.
14th July
  • We are fixing the bug that sometimes causes objects to be stuck in the auctions today. If you have such an object, click on it in 'My Items' and it will stop being on auction.
  • The auctions have been improved, we added a new auctioneer, and also you cant bid on the same item twice in a row. We are doing this because a lot of people have been fixing the auctions. If we find people doing this we will not be happy!
  • NEW PET!!! Adopt a Poogle now!!!
13th July
  • Ok! No more names, we have chosen the name for the new pet... the Uggzysprurtllg. Only joking :)
  • The Alien Vending Machine will be working in a few hours
  • Fixed a few bugs with the bank, so its working better now :)
  • There was a problem giving points to people who signed up with the Cool Offers - thats been fixed now also
  • *** EVOLUTION *** The Cerpull has evolved into the Tatsu!
  • *** EVOLUTION *** There is a new look for the Scorchio!!!
  • The chance of getting a Nerkmid has improved threefold!
12th July
  • The NeoCam is now live check it out by clicking here
  • The first Neopet Evolution is about to happen... the Cerpull is about to evolve into its new version. Stand by and get ready for the Tatsu!
  • Oh no!!! This poor pet is going to get a terrible name! Can you think of anything better?
11th July
  • Thanks to all the people that have joined our referral program. The prizes will start going out today.
10th July
  • Back in the office! We will be adding the new pet today!
  • Meet the new pet, the Cybunny
  • Now you can find Nerkmids as a random event. You will be able to use these in the Alien Vending Machine soon!
  • We added a cool thing to the signup page that makes it easier for you to sign up. If your username is already taken then it now suggests one for you (well we thought it was cool!).
7th July
  • Today the sparkling new furniture is being installed in the office. As soon as this is finished we will be able to start painting the Neopets murals on the walls. You will be able to follow our progress via the NeoCam each day.
6th July
  • The Winners of the Create a Faerie Contest have been announced. Click here to see the finalists and the runners up. Many thanks to everyone who entered and congratulations to the lucky winners.
5th July
  • Oooh Neopets has a nice new header on the front page. Hold your mouse over it and you will find a little surprise:)
  • The MoeHogs have been released! They have finally cleared immigration and they are all fighting fit and ready for their new owners. Go to Create a Pet to claim yours.
  • We have added the medals to the Top Referrers page!
  • If you collect Nerkmids (the weird alien currency) then you will be able to go on our new Alien Vending Machine. You may win some nice food :)
  • We fixed a bug with the referral program that may have been causing errors, if anybody could not sign up then please try again, it should work now!
4th July
  • Happy 4th of July! Its a day off here today in the Neopets office, but some of us are still here looking after the site :)
  • Oh, we will be doing weddings soon... and engagements (due to popular demand!)
3rd July
  • The over 21 Guild are organising a party in the Money Tree to celebrate the 4th July. Make sure you drop in on the 3rd or 4th as all 150 members will be giving away hotdogs, burgers, crisps, and other great party treats over the next two days.
1st July
  • Woo hoo, its a brand new month and Neopets is off to a cracking start. We had a new max number of players today and it looks set to continue!