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Neopedia : Jeran

Name: Jeran
Pronunciation: (Jer-an)
Species: Lupe
Gender: Male
Colour: Blue
Age: 18
Interests: Chivalry, protecting Meridell, and doing great deeds.
Greatest Moment: Leading the knights of Meridell into an epic aerial battle against the forces of Lord Kass (even confronting the Eyrie himself).
Quote: "The world is full of danger... but there is always hope."
Related to: Lisha (his younger sister).

Many years ago, when Jeran was still a child, he was separated from his sister upon being teleported to Meridell while playing a game of hide-and-seek. The siblings were reunited years later, when Lisha and her friends were also mysteriously transported to Meridell.

During the war with Lord Kass and his forces, Jeran fought valiantly against the invading army of the Darigan Citadel. His leadership at this moment was crucial, since King Skarl was under the magical influence of the Court Dancer and unable to help. Thanks to Lisha's quick thinking, however, the Court Dancer's spell was broken, and Jeran regained the support of King Skarl. With the King's backing (and aid from some potions by Lisha's friend Kayla), Meridell was able to mount a counter-attack on the ground against the Darigan invaders. While Lord Kass was focused on the opposition's ground forces, Jeran led the knights of Meridell in an aerial assault that had both the Citadel and Lord Kass as its targets.

During the fierce battle among the clouds, Jeran rushed to aid Morris, another of Lisha's friends. Morris, a young Quiggle, had snuck into the battle in an attempt to lend Jeran a helping hand, but only wound up putting himself in harm's way. Though Jeran was able to save Morris from falling off the Citadel, the brave Lupe warrior himself was thrown over seconds later by Lord Kass. For a time, it was believed that the fall had led to Jeran's demise. Soon afterward, though, all of Meridell was relieved to learn that Psellia, the air faerie, had rescued Jeran by catching him as he fell.

Today Jeran lives happily in Meridell, enjoying the peaceful serenity that this land now offers, though he forever keeps a watchful eye.