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Neopedia : Dung Catapult

Category : Battle
Class : Magic
Suggested Value : 1.8 million NPs
Rarity : Artifact
Size : 5'x7'x3.5'
Weight : 74 pounds (dung not included)

As anyone who has visited will tell you, if you ever go to Tyrannia, be sure to watch where you're walking. It is an unfortunate fact that the Tyrannian countryside is littered with "little presents." While, at first this might seem like a bad thing, the natives have turned the situation to their advantage.

For many years, the Tyrannians have incorporated their homeland's abundance of solid waste into an effective fighting tool. Amazingly powerful and deadly accurate, dung catapults have become the envy of Battledomers throughout Neopia. For those seeking a weapon which will both punish AND humiliate their opponents, the dung catapult is the perfect way of telling your foes, "Here's mud in your eye :)"

Due to their great popularity, dung catapults have been known to fetch sums as high as two million Neopoints. But are they really worth so much money? According to Tyrannian Commander Grarrg the Grarrl, a dung catapult is worth every Neopoint. "You see," says Grarrg's translator, "In the ancient past, we too fought with conventional weapons. However, our enemies simply recuperated, trained, and attacked us again. However, since we began riddling our foes with hailstorms of dung, no invader has ever dared to attack us twice."