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Neopedia : Kanrik

Name: Kanrik
Species: Gelert
Gender: Male
Colour: Blue
Age: Early 20's
Interests: Thievery
Currently: Leader of a Thieves Guild (unknown district)
Quote: "Nice try Galem... but this is the end for you."

This handsome Gelert currently spends his time leading a large gang of thieves in an undisclosed location. Prior to this, however, he was involved in a brief but vicious battle with Galem, the previous leader of the guild. That struggle was part of a larger war that involved three parties: the Bringer of Night and his minions, the Bori civilisation, and the Thieves Guild.

The conflict began when Galem discovered an ancient text describing a great jewel. He sent out a team of his best thieves (including Kanrik) to hunt down the treasure. During the mission, Kanrik found Hannah, the adventurous Usul. To convince her to aid him in his quest to find the jewel, Kanrik deceived her with a story of a deathly ill sister. When they reached the tomb where the treasure was held, Kanrik betrayed Hannah and left her to what he believed was her doom.

In the tomb, the team of thieves found a giant coffin, which they began to bring back to Galem. Along the way, Kanrik was intercepted by the treacherous but beautiful Masila, who convinced him to release the powerful being (known as the Bringer of Night) contained within the coffin. He could use the Bringer, she argued, to destroy Galem and take over the Thieves Guild. Upon his release, however, the Bringer began attacking indiscriminately. After learning of Kanrik's treachery, Galem sentenced the Gelert to exile. Masila herself poisoned Kanrik and abandoned him among the frigid peaks of Terror Mountain.

When he awoke, Kanrik found Hannah and the Bori named Armin. After a brief struggle and a realisation of what Kanrik had unleashed, the three journeyed to the heart of Terror Mountain. There, they attempted to stop both the Bringer and Galem from stealing the jewel that had kept the Bori safe. In the ensuing struggle, Kanrik defeated Galem, while Hannah and Armin vanquished the Bringer.

After the battle, Kanrik regained Hannah's trust by quickly seeking medical attention for a curse she had received when originally opening the tomb.

Afterward, Kanrik returned to take leadership of the Thieves Guild, while Hannah continued on her adventures. There is rumour that to this day the two still remain in contact.