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Neopedia : Pacha the Veterinarian

Name : Pacha
Species : Prehistoric Elephante
Occupation : Veterinarian and Manager of
the Tyrannian Petpets shop
Hopes to be : Tyrannia's foremost veterinarian
Quote : Nugga Ugga Ugg...
Translation: "Has that Donksaur had its walk yet?"

Having once been a sickly Tyrannian himself, Pacha the Elephante takes great pride in caring for the Petpets which are sold in his shop. As a top-notch veterinarian, Pacha's miraculous talent has enabled him to take a number of less fortunate Petpets and nurse them back to health. Once Pacha's Petpets have fully recovered, he then allows them to join a household where they will be loved and appreciated, just as they were during their stay in his shop.

A long, long time ago (further back then he would like to admit), Pacha was a young Tyrannian who, with plenty of food, friends and things to do, didn't have a care in the world. Pacha now delights in telling stories of what an exciting place Tyrannia was back in those early days. However one day, Pacha suddenly became sick with a prehistoric version of the NeoPox. Since there was no cure for NeoPox in Tyrannia at the time, Pacha was able to do little more than lay in bed and drink coconut juice. Wasting away in bed, Pacha would have been lost had it not been for the work of Dr. Chombasha, whose discovery of a cure to the Tyrannian strain of NeoPox helped save Pacha's life.

Having been rescued by Dr. Chombasha's NeoPox cure, Pacha promised to dedicate himself to helping sick and disabled Tyrannians. During his studies, however, Pacha realised that there were hardly any doctors who specialised in Petpets. And so, that's when he decided to focus his studies exclusively on the care and treatment of Petpets, which led to the work which Pacha does today at the Tyrannian Petpets Shop.