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Neopedia : Wheel of Mediocrity

Location: Tyrannia
Cost: 100 NP
Operator: Plesio, captain of the Tyrannian Sea Division

Officially the most mediocre game in Tyrannia, and all of Neopia for that matter, the Wheel of Mediocrity has Neopets all over the land yawning and looking for something else to do. The Wheel itself is made of the most ordinary materials and is very boring to look at -- Uggsul and Jarbjarb pass by it every day, muttering to themselves, "Yeah, whatever." And the many contestants that give this wheel of moderate quality a whirl usually fall asleep before it even stops spinning.

Wheel of Mediocrity

Not to be mistaken with the Wheel of Excitement, this commonplace wheel is really something you shouldn't waste your time writing home about or begging your owner to take you to, since it isn't very exciting. And the prizes... whoopee-do! No, not really. *yawn* Even Plesio, the keeper of the Wheel of Mediocrity, has a hard time containing himself. All the excitement is written all over his face. Wow, what a great time he's having.


By now you're probably saying to yourself, "Please, stop it! I cannot take it anymore. All this excitement!!!" Be warned, though: Something nasty could happen, like that pesky Pterodactyl that occasionally swoops down and bites your Neopet on the bum. Don't say we didn't tell you. Or a fireball storm -- nothing mediocre about that. It is also rumoured that Bones the Aisha may pay your pet a healthy visit... but wouldn't you rather just have 100 Neopoints and call it a day?