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Neopedia : The Meerca Brothers

Meerca Brothers getting away Names: Heermeedjet and Meerouladen
Pronunciation: (her-mee-d'jit) and (meerol-adin)
Species: Meerca
Gender: Male
Colour: Brown
Ages: Heermeedjet is 24; Meerouladen is 19
Interests: Treasure
Occupation: Thievery
Identifying Traits: Heermeedjet typically wears red and is never without his trusty goggles, while Meerouladen generally wears a blue cap. He also considers himself the more handsome of the two.

Meerca Brothers stealing a crown The Meerca Brothers (as this notorious duo is known by most Neopians) made headlines as the band hired by the despicable Malkus Vile to steal King Coltzan's crown. Since their narrow escape from the law after that incident, Heermeedjet and Meerouladen have cut all ties with the mastermind and struck out on their own. No longer content to do the dirty work of others, they are now doing it just for themselves.

While many don't regard the Meerca Brothers as a serious threat (due to their rather unimpressive mental abilities), their blind recklessness has caused some Neopians to be concerned. Suspected of operating in several lands, the Meerca Brothers are currently thought to be hiding out in the vicinity of Qasala. With all the chaos and rebuilding that have taken place in the Lost Desert after Razul's attack, it's become a prime location for thieves and other less desirable types.

The palace repositories of both Sakhmet and Qasala are currently suffering from a shortage of trained guards, making them ideal targets for thieves such as the Meerca Brothers. Prince Jazan isn't too concerned, however, since he has set many dangerous traps in his treasure hold. Any Neopian who would attempt to sneak in and steal his treasure would have to be totally insane or a complete fool...