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Neopedia : The Money Tree

Helping the needy, fending off the greedy has become the slogan of the Money Tree. It's the only place where Neopians donate gifts and Neopoints so that others who are far more deprived can get a little help. If you wish to make a donation or see if there is anything going for free, then be sure to visit! But don't be too greedy, as the Money Tree will remember your face and give you less of a chance of picking something up (especially if you don't need it) the next time. Oh, and don't even try the "It's for my friend" excuse. The Money Tree has heard them all.

"Mummy, mummy!" Rhoda the Kacheek yelled from outside of their humble NeoHome.

Her mother, who was doing a little spring-cleaning, dropped her vacuumfish and ran out front. "Rhoda, what's wrong? Are you okay? Where are you? Show yourself, please!"

"Mummy, I'm up here. Look!" Rhoda said, floating in the air with a bunch of striped balloons.

"Where did you get those? You know we can't afford things like these," her mother said, pulling little Rhoda back down to the ground. "Where did you get that solitaire champion T-shirt? You don't even play solitaire, and are those gum balls you're chewing? What's this, a new collar? Rhoda, you've got some explaining to do. I hope you haven't been stealing."

"Mummy, there's a tree that grows precious gifts on its branches. All you have to do is reach up high enough and pull down what you like," Rhoda explained. "As soon I got these balloons getting the rest of the stuff was a snap!" Rhoda handed her mum a stunning silver ring. "I got this for you."

Her mum gave her a stern look and said, "We're going to High Street right this instant, young lady, and you will return all of these things to the shops you took them from. I didn't raise you to be a thief.... Ha ha, a tree that grows items. Rhoda, if there was such a thing then we wouldn't be so poor."

"But mummy, I'm telling you the truth!"

Her mum snatched her up and took her to each and every shop in Neopia, but none of the shopkeepers had ever seen Rhoda before and had no recollection of those items being sold in their shops that day.

"I told you," Rhoda said, unwrapping another gum ball and popping it into her mouth. "I can take you there if you want. All you have to do is hold my hand."

Rhoda led her mum through the dirt paths of Neopia Central till they saw a large tree standing in the middle of a grassy field. "There it is, mummy, there it is! Follow me!" She pulled her mother right up to the base of the giant tree. They both looked up in awe, and then all around its base to find several bags of NPs, costly items, and delicious food--things they only dreamed about having.

Love at First Sight

"Rhoda, how did you find this place?" her mum asked, as she picked up a jar of pickled olives, "These are my favourite! Yum!"

"Mum, do you really think I'm in my room doing my homework? No, I'm off exploring like all Neopets should be," Rhoda replied.

Her mum picked up a few more items, like a sack of 500 NPs and two bottles of water for the long walk back. "We better not tell anyone about this place or it'll get too crowded. It will be our little secret, okay?"

"But mum, everyone knows about--"

"No buts, young lady. Listen to your mother."

Rhoda quietly agreed and the two walked off hand in hand to their NeoHome. "Hey sweetie, what's that wonderful looking rainbow in the distance?" her mum asked.

Rhoda sighed and said, "Mum, you really need to get out more often."