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Neopedia : Taelia

Taelia Name : Taelia
Pronunciation : (tee-lee-ah)
Species : Faerie
Hobbies : Helping Neopets, fashioning magical ice items
Best Known For : Her healing abilities, which she often uses to save Neopets caught out in the cold; giving quests
Darkest Deed : When she decided to stop giving out Draik morphing potions and dark battle ducks to questers *sobs*
Greatest Moment : Saving Hannah, the adventurous Usul, from a terrible and deadly curse laid on her by the Bringer's tomb
Quote : "Go on, you know you want to help me. :) Pretty please?"

High atop the unforgiving peaks of Terror Mountain rests a small hut inhabited by a quiet but remarkable faerie. Taelia, or simply "The Snow Faerie" as many Neopets call her, would prefer spending her time among the mountain's snowy heights than within the wispy clouds of Faerieland. From her secluded hut, Taelia helps Neopets find their way off the dangerous mountain, and has even been known to bring Neopets into her own home and nurse them back to health.

In addition to the quests she gives, Taelia is an enchantress, blessing items with her icy powers. Also of note are her alchemy skills. There isn't a curse that Taelia cannot cure with one of her potions, a fact for which Hannah is greatly thankful. The next time you find yourself on Terror Mountain and Taelia asks for a few items, remember to do your best to help; the ingredients she gathers are very important, and the life you save could be your own.