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Neopedia : Meridell

Meridell Castle Government: Hereditary monarchy
Weather: Rain and sunshine in equal measure
Terrain: Hills and forests
Neighbours: Brightvale, Darigan Citadel
Meridell logo

Comfortably nestled on a wide peninsula near the northern oceans of Neopia, the kingdom of Meridell has prospered for centuries without troubling to industrialise. Its exports include vegetables, stone, and mud, thanks to frequent storms. Many castles have been built in Meridell's stern grey stone and all too often put to use in the skirmishes that erupt with the kingdom's neighbours. Meridell has descended into war twice with the Darigan Citadel; first over the theft of a magic orb. That bitter battle ended with the destruction of Meridell. Over time, the kingdom rebuilt, but when a new leader emerged on the Citadel to preach conquest, war broke out again. Oddly enough, historians from other lands claim that the Meridell wars with Darigan took place three hundred years ago, but as everyone involved in them remembers them like they were yesterday, some scholars have proposed the outlandish suggestion that the land exists in a permeable time warp.

Meridell War Room

Now that peace has returned, the good folk of Meridell have resumed their humble pastimes, from counting potatoes to telling jokes to the king. It must be noted that the ruler of Meridell, King Skarl, is not exactly the easiest to get along with. Nearly every would-be jester is turned away in disgust. Yet King Skarl has gathered a court of bold knights like Sir Jeran and the Green Knight and brilliant wizards like Lisha, Jeran's sister, and the clever potion maker Kayla the Sorceress. While it cannot claim to rival Brightvale's library of knowledge, the court of Meridell is prosperous and powerful in its own right.

Knights, nobles, peasants, and adventurers wander the shady fields and farms of this old fashioned land. It's easy to stumble across the mighty Petpet-eating Turmaculus as he lounges, resting after a monstrous meal, or take a turn firing the ballista at Ultimate Bullseye, where Meridellians train in case war should ever darken their antiquated kingdom again.

Places of Interest

Meridell Castle - White as the napkin that King Skarl tucks into his tunic for meals, Meridell Castle has withstood many sieges and, it is said, houses many prisoners in its dark dungeons. King Skarl keeps a rollicking circuit of jesters and joke-telling visitors cycling through his court, much to the amusement of his whole court. Unfortunately, the king himself is rarely amused...

Illusen's Glade Illusen's Glade - This gentle, wise Earth Faerie has lived in the forests of Meridell for as long as anyone can remember, tending plants and caring for Petpets and lost travellers alike. She frequently needs items for her magic, but cannot spare the time to search, so she offers quests to those brave enough to accept the challenge. Great treasures are said to be rewarded to her best helpers.

Meri Acres - This verdant region is covered in small family farms. Much of the food that supplies Neopia Central comes from here: grains for bread, potatoes and carrots and other vegetables, and a variety of berries. Indeed, the best food is sold off to pay the royal taxes, and the farmers keep the simpler, less elegant fare. You're welcome to come Pick Your Own berries, Guess the Weight of local giant vegetables, or dig through the Rubbish Heap (but watch out for the stench; it clings).