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Neopedia : Jacques

Jacques Name : Jacques
Pronunciation : (jahkes)
Species : Kyrii
Gender : Male
Age : 18
Hobbies : Piracy, getting his friend Garin out of trouble
Best Known For : Being first mate of the Black Pawkeet, and being captured by The Drenched
Greatest Moment : Offering to go alone and warn Talek and King Kelpbeard that the pirate reserves were being deployed
Quote : "Two swords are better than one!"
Also see : Caylis, Isca, Garin, King Kelpbeard, Captain Scarblade

Like his best friend Garin, though Jacques has a good heart, he is by no means an honest Neopian. He does, however, have an incredibly strong sense of honour and loyalty, which he demonstrates through his actions.

The number of times he has come to Garin's aid is far too great for most pirates to count. Luckily for him though, when Jacques was trapped by the Drenched, his close friend returned the favour.

Though it's not a good idea to cross swords with him, those who can recruit Jacques or put him in their debt (as Isca did when she aided in freeing him from the Drenched) are undoubtedly lucky; this brave Kyrii will fight to the very end for his friends.