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Neopedia : Seekers

The Seekers Known Members: Professor Lambert, Hugo and Lilian Fairweather, Frostburn, Roxton Colchester, Professor Chesterpot, Tom Cotterpin
Motto: A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.
Suspected Involvement: Lost Isle expedition, War of the Obelisk

The Seekers are a close-knit society of scholars, inventors, and explorers dedicated to the study of Neopian science and arts, as well as anything else they happen to find interesting. They are happy to share the knowledge they acquire... most of the time. Some things are too dangerous for the world to know about.

"My uncle is the smartest Neopet I know!" Katie shouted back, her tiny fists on her hips. "He even speaks fluent Tyrannian!"

"Ooh, Tyrannian," the largest bully said with a sneer. "Ugg ugga ugh ug." He and his friends laughed.

The Kacheek pushed up her glasses and smiled. "You just said, 'I love wearing Step Out Shoes.'"

The bully's face drooped into a glare. "I did not!" His buddies kept laughing. "I didn't! You're just making that up!" He charged...

Research is important!

Perhaps half an hour later, as Gladstone set about bandaging her battered tail, Katie held a cold compress to her forehead and attempted a smile. "You should see the other guys," she mumbled. They were in her uncle's office; the smell of old books and fresh ink made her feel better already.

Professor Lambert sighed, looking at her with concern across his spectacles. "My dear niece, I have told you not to engage in brawls if you can avoid them. And why didn't you have Tiny with you?"

"He was recharging in the library," the little Kacheek said. The giant robot used a lot of energy, but could easily hold its own in a battle.

Gladstone nodded to confirm this, but the Ixi scholar wagged a finger at her. "A good scholar thinks how to win a fight before beginning his physical attack. You should always have a strategy."

"That's what Sandro's always telling me!" Katie exclaimed. "He loaned me his Philosophy of War last week. I'll do better next time, though. I have an idea for Tiny's programming that should make him twenty percent more energy efficient. Then I won't have to leave him behind."

Her Gnorbu uncle leaned back and folded his hands behind his back. His desk was piled high with research papers that needed grading, reports from scholars across Neopia, and not a few Neopedia articles that had yet to be approved. "Perhaps we should send you home to Moltara."

Her mouth opened in shock. "But you need me!" Moltara had such a limited library compared to the one here in Brightvale. She would wither from boredom if she had to go back. "Who will file everything if you send me home?" Katie grinned slyly, knowing how much Uncle Lambert disliked sorting books and scrolls.

"I'm sure the Brightvalian librarians will manage--" Professor Lambert began.

Just then, a Lutari with mechanical wings burst in, brandishing a blueprint. "My dear professor, it is beyond belief to think the airship will be ready in time -- oh, I beg your pardon." He frowned at Katie.

"I need it by tomorrow, Tom," Professor Lambert said evenly. "We must reach the obelisk before the battle is decided."

Katie had hoped just to stay in Brightvale and not be sent home, but now she saw her chance. She coughed to draw their attention. "It sounds like you need another technician. I know a little bit about mechanics!"