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Neopedia : The Sway

The Sway Known Members: None verified
Favourite colour: Black
Suspected Involvement: Every major event in Neopian history, including War of the Obelisk

Who are the Sway? Are they even real? Are the rumours of elaborate rituals just smoke and mirrors, or do they serve some clandestine purpose? If they are real, how much influence have they had on events throughout Neopia? No one knows... But it's been said that if you mention the word "sway" to a Meepit, it will squeak in terror and chew through any cage to get away.

"I want to join the Sway." He was serious, the young Moehog, his face stubborn in the flickering candle light.

Lord Norheim was sceptical. Granted, the boy had a talent for snooping, but there was more to the Sway than eavesdropping on neighbours. The Sway were about maintaining order in Neopia, peace at the cost of free will – the free will of others, that is. It was a delicate balancing act, interfering just the right amount to produce the desired results for the good of all without disturbing the calm inattention the populace held.

"Perhaps," Norheim said at last.

"I can prove my worth," the Moehog added without prompting. "Give me a test, and I'll show you I can be discreet and useful." His front hooves gripped the brim of his hat, betraying nervousness, or perhaps zeal.

Yes, Norheim supposed the Moehog was all he claimed to be. And yet, the Sway did not accept volunteers. They chose new members, swooped down on them in the middle of the night and surrounded them with faceless commands and shadowy rituals until they were ready to understand more of the Sway's inner workings. This boy was upsetting the natural order, and if there was one thing Norheim hated, it was disruption of order.

He was about to pull out his amulet of hypnosis and make the whole incident go away when a thought occurred to him. "How did you learn about the Sway?" he asked instead, his hand easing back from the drawer where the amulet lay.

The Moehog smiled thinly. It chilled Norheim to see that smile on someone so young; it spoke of a hunger for power, of ruthlessness. "That's my little secret. I'm sure you have many secrets; you must allow me one little secret of my own."

The Sway meet in secret

Norheim's hand shot back to the drawer handle. Attempting to remain calm, he said, "Yes, but perhaps a test is in order. I--" He had intended to divert the boy's attention while he used the amulet, but they were both distracted by the arrival of a Crokabek at the window. It hopped inside and deposited its missive on Norheim's desk. Reluctantly Norheim let go of the amulet to read the letter.

It was the Duchess's handwriting, encoded of course, but easily translated. The Nimmo had spent years practising. It only contained two words.

Initiate him.

"Well," Norheim said, turning back to the Moehog with a smile he did not feel. "Never mind tests right now. Let us begin the initiation ritual."

Yet he wondered, as he rose to go down into the secret rooms underneath his castle, how had the Duchess known he was meeting with this boy?