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Neopedia : Captain Scarblade

Captain Scarblade Name: Captain Scarblade
Species: Lupe
Colour: Green
Age: Unknown
Hobbies: Terrorising ships on the high seas
Best known for: His hobby
Darkest deed: Attempting to destroy Maraqua, simply because it didn't stay destroyed the first time
Greatest moment: Easily overpowering the Black Pawkeet and Garin's crew
Quote: "I will send all ships who oppose me to the bottom of the sea."
Enemies: Caylis, Isca, Garin, Jacques, King Kelpbeard... and many more There are some evils in this world so vile and intense that people fear to even speak their names. One such tormentor is Captain Scarblade, notorious captain of the Revenge. Not much is known about his past, and no one dares to ask. The only thing the average Neopian wants to know about this particular Lupe is how to avoid him. Legend has it that his lair might lie somewhere on or near Scurvy Island, though no one has found it and lived to tell the tale.

His last conquest of Maraqua revealed his obsession with controlling the five seas of Neopia, both above and below the water. Captain Scarblade assembled an army of the fiercest pirates known in Neopia. They seized the Black Pawkeet and other ships for their fleet before diving underwater to strike at Maraqua itself. There, his army of pirates plundered the aquatic city before it was forced back. Captain Scarblade fought his hated rival, King Kelpbeard, but suffered a rare defeat.

The Maraquans knew the evil captain would never let them live in peace, so they prepared for the day when he would return to make sure Maraqua stayed destroyed. Though he has been driven back for now, no one doubts that Scarblade will one day return to finish what he started.