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Neopedia : Jhudora

Name: Jhudora
Faerie Type: Dark
Age: She's certainly not telling
Occupation: Striking fear into the hearts of Neopians everywhere
Hobby: Collecting items for an unknown malicious purpose.
Quote: "You are out of time!!! Grr... it's back to the easy quests for you!"
Hates: That goody two-shoes Illusen!

For as long as there has been light, there has been darkness, and for as long as there has been darkness, there have been dark faeries.

Some dark faeries are content with common mischief and evil deeds of lesser sorts. However, sometimes, just sometimes... a dark faerie's desire to do evil deeds and her lust for power grow unnaturally strong. Their bodies grow with the ambition contained in their dark hearts, and they become powerful faeries, capable of horrendous, dark deeds.

Usually, these powerful dark faeries are immediately recognized as a terrible menace and are brought down by other powerful faeries of different types. This way, evil is kept in check.

Jhudora, however, is a dark faerie who is wise to the downfall of others among her kind, and therefore hides behind a veil of moderate evil. Though she is known to be malicious and cruel, the other faeries cannot justify conspiring to defeat her, since those attributes are what define a dark faerie.

With full knowledge that Fyora watches her closely, Jhudora must be cunning and cautious, so that certain "mishaps" in Neopia are never associated with her. From her throne on a purple cloud that floats on the outskirts of Faerieland, Jhudora commands an army of minions who have sworn undying loyalty to her... whether it be by their free will or not.

In an attempt to cover her wicked deeds and convince her faerie sisters that she is a contributing member of faerie society, Jhudora offers quests for Neopets that are brave enough to visit her cloud. She asks them for items and rewards her servants well for their efforts. Many, however, have no doubt in their minds that these items are not going towards a good cause.

Some Neopets have reported that, in the dark of night, Jhudora's been spotted while chanting and dropping the items into a cauldron of bubbling green liquid. No Neopet, however, has ever dared ask her about it, and most likely, none ever will. Neopets who ask too many questions about Jhudora tend to... disappear.

It's rumoured that only one faerie has ever witnessed Jhudora performing a true act of evil -- something so foul and terrible that it would cause her sisters to immediately fall upon her. That faerie, it is rumoured, is Illusen. Though the gentle earth faerie cannot prove it, it is believed Jhudora's rage towards her is because she is the only one that knows.