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Neopedia : Hannah

Name : Hannah
Species : Usul
Age : She's certainly not telling
Occupation : Adventurer and treasure hunter extraordinaire
Hobbies : Spelunking, hunting for hidden treasure.
Quote : "Armin, don't touch that crate! It shoots arro-AHHHH!!!"

Brave and adventurous to a fault, Hannah is well-known throughout both Krawk Island and Terror Mountain for her ability to traverse the trickiest and most dangerous of places.

Before she was ever known as "Hannah the Brave", this fair Usul was just another serving girl at the Golden Dubloon. However (as luck would have it) she found an old book, which detailed the location of some hidden pirate caves that were filled with treasure.

Thrilled by the prospect of adventure and danger, Hannah left her meager life as a waitress and set out on her first in a series of treacherous adventures.

Within the depths of the Pirate Caves, Hannah learned to solve traps, avoid aggressive Pawkeets and skeletons, plus figure out puzzles that would lead her to secret shafts filled with gold and jewels.

Tales of Hannah's cunning and swiftness spread (mostly through her own word of mouth), and soon she was known in every tavern across the land as "Hannah the Brave."

Her second great adventure began when Kanrik, a Gelert from the Thieves Guild, got wind of her abilities. Through bribery and deceit, Kanrik fooled Hannah into helping him acquire a powerful ancient artifact (in the form of a sarcophagus), which had been hidden inside a cave in the Lost Desert. Upon opening the ancient chamber, Hannah was struck by a powerful curse. Kanrik left her in the caves to perish, taking the powerful artifact back to the Thieves Guild.

Hannah, however, had plenty of experience with caves, so she was able to escape and find help. The Usul adventurer made her way to Terror Mountain, which is where rumour had it that Kanrik was now heading. However, with her energy sapped by the powerful curse of The Bringer, Hannah collapsed in the snowy waste of Terror Mountain.

Hannah's adventures might have ended there, if not for the strange red pendant that she wore (which she'd found in the Bringer's Tomb). She was also greatly aided by a curious young Bori called Armin, who found Hannah and dragged her to shelter. Armin told Hannah that his species had been trapped in ice within Terror Mountain for a very long time. This had been done for their own protection, though, so that the Bringer could no longer harm them.

Shortly after meeting Armin, Kanrik appeared in the cave that she and the young Bori had taken shelter in. Confessing that the evil Acara, Masila, had tricked him into releasing the Bringer, Kanrik disclosed that he'd been chased away from the Thieves Guild. After a brief fight, the trio found a hidden path through the Ice Caves to the lair of the Bori.

There, with the help of Armin and Kanrik, Hannah reunited the jewel around her neck with the "Heart of the Mountain", which freed the Bori from their icy sleep. In the process The Bringer was destroyed, and the Bori celebrated Hannah as a true hero. However, the Bringer's curse raged on, and Hannah's life was slowly slipping away. To repay her for his deceit, Kanrik carried Hannah to the Snow Faerie, who was able to heal her.

Hannah has now returned to her old ways, plundering caves for treasure as she waits for her next big adventure.